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Why should Young Girls have All the Fun?

Why should Young Girls have All the Fun?

Who says young girls get to have all the fun? Aunt Sassy does not subscribe to that belief at all. Today, she’s going to shake things up and show you how the joy of living (i.e. orgasmss) knows no age limit. Let’s talk about sex baby, regardless of the number on your birthday cake!

Understanding Sexuality in Older Women:

First things first, where does the whole idea that older women do not enjoy the bedroom fun so much even cum from? Well, it could be because once you hit menopause, things can get a bit tricky in the orgasm department. And somehow, that got twisted into the notion that older women just aren't into it anymore. This assumption might have eventually made them and their partners stop prioritizing sex completely, which just strengthens the myth.

But hold up, have we even bothered to figure out why old ladies and sex is not a usual combo anymore?

Challenges Faced by Older Women in Enjoying Sex:

Aging ain't always a walk in the park, especially for the ladies. It brings a whole bunch of physical and emotional hurdles, and you better believe it affects old ladies in the sex department too.

Once you hit your 40s or 50s, your hormones start doing the cha-cha. Estrogen levels start dropping, making everything down there feel like a desert. Your vulva and vaginal tissues get thinner and drier. To top it off, your vagina’s acidity decreases, leaving you more prone to irritation than ever. Not exactly the recipe for a wild night, right?

And it's not just those regions feeling the effects. As your body starts aging, other physical problems increase. Imagine dealing with arthritis or constant knee pain – how can you even enjoy a steamy romp with that? What can the game plan for old ladies and sex then?

Tips for Older Women to Enjoy Sex:

Let’s start with solving the problem first - how do we deal with our vagina being dry now? Surprise surprise, water-based lubricant gel are around to save this day! They combat dryness, ease irritation, and basically make the whole experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

Another amazing way is to kick things off with a little oral action. Not only does it get the party started by giving your clit some love, but it also provides some extra lubrication without any hassle for your vagina. It's like a win-win situation all around!

Problem-solving mode for old women sex: check. Now, let's spice things up a bit, shall we?

It's time to broaden your horizons and redefine what gets you going. Sex isn't just about the ol' in-and-out. Touching your partner, locking lips is also a form of intimacy that you can still enjoy. Don’t let foreplay be something you do before sex, let it mean sex to you. Who says you can't have a blast without going all the way?

Another important bit : communicate. Couples, especially in desi households, stop talking about sex as they age. As we get older, the silence around sex can get louder, thanks to the whole "you're too old for that" mentality. But here's the truth bomb: when the convo about sex with older women dries up, so does the physical affection. Open up to your partner about what's going on down there. If penetrative sex is feeling like a pain, share it with them! Make it a safe space to talk about everything, from erectile hiccups to other bedroom hitches. Once you lay all of that out on the table, sex becomes less about pressure and more about connection. It's all about those touchy-feely moments, without the race to the finish line.

It’s also the time to dish out preferences again. What floated your boat back in the day might not be doing it for you anymore, thanks to those lovely changes happening in your body. So, spill the tea! Share with your partner what's tickling your fancy now, what gives you those warm fuzzies, and what you're expecting after all these years of rocking the casbah together.

And now, for spicing things up even more  - pull out those sex toys! I know what you’re thinking - “she suggests sex toys as a solution to everything!” Well that’s because most of the time, these babies are. OG vibrator will work according to what you’re comfortable with and cater to your needs whenever and wherever you need them. And hey, let's not forget about those solo missions, and how LIT suction vibrator always ensures that you have a good time - regardless of your age!

And here’s another hot topic : positions. With your body going through some changes, certain positions that used to be a breeze might now feel like a pain in the ass (and not in a good way). But there are ways to maximize your comfort. For example - Pop a pillow under your back during missionary for some extra support and voilà, instant comfort upgrade! Standing positions also start feeling more comfortable, compared to positions that involve being on your hands and knees. Another amazing way is to be on top - so that you can control penetration, which may be beneficial if you’re experiencing increased pain during intercourse.

Reminder though : Just because you've hit the big 5-0 doesn't mean you're immune to the risks of STDs or AIDS. It's a common misconception that once you're older, you're out of the danger zone because, well, who's getting busy at that age anyway, right? Wrong!

Fact check: older folks are sometimes even at a higher risk. Why? Because as we age, our immune systems might not be as robust as they used to be, making us more susceptible to all sorts of nasties. Stay safe babe, always.

Healthy Aging and Sexual Well-being: Sex with Older Women

Keep that bod movin’ and groovin’, as much as you can. Any movement of your body will make you physically feel better, and thus enjoy sex more. Next on the agenda: catch those Z's like it's your job. When the other areas of your life are in check, you're primed for some stress-free, blissful bedroom action.

But most importantly - attitude is everything, my friend. Once you embrace the sexy in saggy breasts and wrinkles, that sexy seeps into your sex. Confidence is the best thing in the room, no matter your age.

Take, for instance, the quirks that come with age, like a little urine leakage. Instead of letting it cramp your style, why not laugh it off? Sex involves all sorts of fluids anyway, so welcome pee to the club with open arms!

Now that you've got all the spicy secrets in your arsenal, it's time to wave goodbye to the fear of a dull, sexless aging journey. So strut your stuff, own your sexy, and Aunt Sassy trusts you to rewrite the script on what it means to age with style!

You've gained valuable insights into the joys and challenges of sexuality for older women, why not continue expanding your sexual knowledge? Explore our blog on 'What is Kink' and ‘What is Masturbation’ to delve deeper into various aspects of sexual exploration and pleasure

FAQs On Older women and sex:

Can older women still enjoy sex?

You bet they can! There's always a solution if you're willing to seek it out. So, if you're keen on keeping the passion alive until you're rocking your nineties, go for it!

Is it normal for my sex drive to decrease with age?

Yes - but this is a result of multiple hormonal and physical changes. But guess what? There's a whole world of solutions out there for every possible hiccup if you choose to stay sexually active.

What can I do about vaginal dryness?

The easiest way to tackle vaginal dryness is lubricants, like the one here!

How can I talk to my partner about my sexual needs?

Remember talking to your partner about your sexual needs when you were young? It's the same deal now. It just feels tougher because of society's silly stereotypes! Grab that hammer and smash 'em to bits!

Is it okay to be in a relationship with a younger man?

Yes, absolutely. A lot of young men even prefer sex with older ladies. As long as it’s consensual, there’s no right or wrong here!

What if I'm not interested in sex anymore?

That's cool too. But don't let those little moments of joy slip away. Whether it's stealing a kiss or holding hands, cherish those bits.

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Author Bio :

Hemali (she/her) is an explorer of the realms of sexuality, intimacy, and dating. She talks endlessly about the evolving landscape of feminist narratives on the big screen and makes you reanalyze the portrayal of women in mainstream culture. If you're looking for alternative conversation starters, take your pick from: Biryani, Art Fairs, or Spoken Word Poetry. 

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