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  • Our Story

Hi! I am Sachee. I have PCOS (15 years and counting) and trust me that stuff is hard. Excessive hair growth in places that aren’t considered ‘normal’ for a woman, being big, bullying, painful fex, I’ve been through it all. After speaking to a gazillion (ok, maybe fewer) huha-owners about these shared health experiences (and obviously covering all my bases with a crazy amount of research), I wanted to change things.

A lot of women find it confusing and embarrassing to talk about our huha’s health. This really gets my goat, because I want us to own it! I want us to enjoy fex, not hide our body hair, undies, fex products and normalise all conversations around our pleasure.

Our bodies deserve some TLC, folks! So, no more using nasty personal lubricants that feel itchy, icky and not-so-pleasurable or are just meant to please (cis)men-folk (ref: BJs).
Let’s get curious and proactive about our huha’s health together, and have fun while we're at it! 

Sisterhood above all

I realised when it came to our bodies, so many of us shared similar emotions and notions—confusion, self-doubt, judgement, on many fronts (quite literally).

We believe—to create change, we all need to come together, have honest and open conversations and celebrate each other. Screw the shame.