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Hot off the press

Kinda the talk of the town *humble brag*

  • Times of India

    Making the industry inclusive & less focused on male pleasure.

  • Your Story

    Pocket-friendly and of the same quality as imported counterparts.

  • Vice

    Fuelling the movement that goes beyond sexual wellness products.

  • Forbes

    That Sassy Thing is a purpose-driven brand.

  • Vogue

    Making sex talk cool—for everyone.

  • Mint Lounge

    That Sassy Thing, a wellness brand, is dedicated to the needs of women.

  • Femina

    Female pleasure needs to be normalized. It is healthy, and its high time we considered sexual health and pleasure as a part of overall health.

  • Homegrown

    The double standard of sexual wellness and awareness is a concept devoid of equality—and That Sassy Thing aims to change just that.

  • Herstory

    With a vision to build a quirky yet bold brand, That Sassy Thing is working to engage the community to initiate conversations around sexual hygiene.

  • LBB

    The best part of this brand, apart from the amazing products? It’s women-led, and that means the person creating all these products, knows exactly how you feel, and what you need. She KNOWS. She is not a man in a suit making business decisions!

  • Open Magazine

    Some of the best sexual wellness brands in India that do not beat around the bush when it comes to having a healthy conversation around sex.

  • Money control

    Changing the narrative and fuelling the sexual wellness category in India.

  • Elle

    That Sassy Thing, a brand that not only makes products that are good for women’s sexual health and pleasure but also focuses on educating and empowering young girls to take charge of their health.

  • Hello Magazine

    That Sassy Thing created India’s first-ever water-based sexual lubricant that was all-natural, made out of aloe vera, and had a balanced pH level.

  • Popxo

    Celebrate her pleasure with the perfect offering from That Sassy Thing—a pocket-sized massager!

  • The Free Press journal

    If you are a feminist man then gift your love a massager that is all about guiltless self-care. So just get rocking and set fire to your Lit to relive the joys of the summer of ‘69 - no fex given!

  • Hindustan Times Health Shots Award for Innovative Entrepreneur

    @sachee22 is an entrepreneur who aims to normalise talking about women’s bodies & their sexual wellbeing. She believes that the sexual wellness category is super skewed towards men, ignoring the female perspective in terms of products, conversations and culture which led her to start her venture.

  • South China Morning Post

    Sachee Malhotra, founder of That Sassy Thing, an Indian intimate wellness brand, is mindful of  sustainability in all her brand’s products. They include DTF, a vegan, aloe-vera-based sexual lubricant that is free of petroleum derived ingredients, artificial flavours, fragrances and parabens.

  • DSSC Ideas Lab

    This brand wants women to have a comfier ownership of their bodies and sexuality and have a range of products to help remove the stigma around female sexual wellness. The products have no parabens or glycerin and have a really fun & informative blog on the website.

  • Your sex life will thank you.
    DTF checks all the right boxes, using ingredients that keep the vagina healthy from the inside out.