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3 Bedroom Essentials You Need to Set the Mood

3 Bedroom Essentials You Need to Set the Mood

Bedrooms are often more than just another room in the house. It can be a safe space for some or a comfort zone for partners where they can unwind, and get intimate with each other. So, what do the bedroom essentials that set the vibe right for your downtime look like? 

From a personal massager for women to a pleasure pillow for passionate lovemaking, here are the top three bedroom accessories you should invest in to make your intimate safe space perfect for your pleasure: 

  1. Full Body Massager 

A body massager is at the top of the list of must-haves for your bedroom. And, Aunt Sassy has your bases covered with not one, but four bedroom accessories that can add the much-needed spice to your sex life. From the clit-sucking LIT full body massager, G-town loving OG (the best body massager in town) to the latest sassy wand massagers, Salty and Mushy, toys can be a great addition to your life (and, bedroom) because you have gotta put your pleasure first!

  • LIT Personal Massager for Women

Our clit-loving body massager LIT needs no introduction. But, to put it into the words of one of our happy customers, “This little guy managed to make me cum twice in 10 minutes”! LIT full body massager works on suction technology, so it forms a soft seal around the clit. It is body-safe and comes with 5 different speed settings so you can pick the pace that suits you the best. It comes in two color options, hot pink and purple pop, that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but absolutely sassy. This personal massager for women is splashproof so you can give it a quick wash before and post every use with our all-natural wash, Neat. 


  • OG Body Massager

A G-town favorite, the OG full body massager ensures its rhythmic whirring takes you on the ride of your life. Whether you’re into some penetrative fun or just looking for ‘em good vibes around your vulva, OG comes with 10 different massage modes to cheer you up inside out! Made with 100% body-safe, medical-grade silicone, OG personal massager for women is waterproof if you’re into some under-the-water play, solo, or with a partner. It’s great to explore different sensations and spots and figure out what really gets you going. We recommend using a water-based intimate lubricant like DTF to make the experience smoother and more comfortable. We’re all about less friction and more fun, yeah?



  • Salty Full Body Massager

Salty is a high-powered handy lil' wand massager that checks all the right boxes for some textured, sensational fun. Cute and super discreet, the design of this personal massager for women keeps ‘em guessing! Is it a paperweight? A salt cellar? Slip it and zip it out of prying sight with ease. The powerful spherical top of this body massager has 10 different vibes and a run time of 1.5 hours. With its stable base and criss-cross grooves, Salty can be used for hands-free play as you squeeze it and roll it around your body or your partner’s. 



  • Mushy Full Body Massager

Mushy is a powerful, cuddly lil’ body massager that looks like a soft spinning top from your childhood days. A personal massager for women unlike any other, it can be kept hidden in plain sight, until you wanna flick it or swish it! Get a feel of its cushiness by rolling it between your fingers and thighs, or while holding it against your body. The spherical head vibrates to the tune of 10 different frequencies, with a run time of 1.5 hours. It can be used to massage different parts of the body. Mushy’s a great body massager for internal and external stimulation and is your go-to partner-in-pleasure. With its ergonomic and non-suggestive design, it can be used safely by people of all genders. 



What makes any Sassy toy the best body massager? 

In a society that has already stigmatized sex and pleasure, especially for vulva owners, the act of indulging in self-pleasure may come with feelings of shame, guilt, or mere awkwardness. Your pleasure is your own business, and you have every right to keep your biz personal. This is why our super cute Sassy body massagers go to great lengths to keep you happy while also being on the down low, blending in the background. We made a list of why each of our Sassy body massagers is the perfect fit for you:

  • Discreet and personal: Right from the design to the shipping, your best body massager is super discreet. With our latest launch, Salty and Mushy, we took being non-suggestive to a whole new level. These can easily pass off paperweights or salt cellars, only you know of the magic when the button is pressed! 
  • Travel-friendly: Our personal massager for women is a travel enthusiast, so it goes where you go. They’re safe to take on flights, make sure you drain out the body massager completely and pop it in your hand baggage (NOT the check-in luggage). And if someone asks, our full body massager can pass off as a neck massager (discretion at its best).
  • Waterproof: Shower play enthusiast? Get your full body massager on an extra wet ride with no 
  • Sensational and OOTB: Each of our body massagers passes the vibe check with flying colors. If you’re looking for some lit with a c action, you can gladly depend on our clit sucking vibe, LIT. Into penetrative fun? Our OG full body massager’s got you whirring with 10 different frequencies. And, if you want to indulge in something even more intense, we have Salty & Mushy to get yo’ covered.

2. Intimate Lubricant

Whether you’re a solo enthusiast or sharing the space with boo, lubes should be a part of your bedside essentials at all times. An all-natural intimate lubricant like DTF not only makes slipping and sliding exciting during sex but also keeps things smooth and irritation-free while you're at it. Many lubes often contain added flavors, fragrances, and glycerin—none of which are good for your huha health. Vaginal lubricants like DTF are water-based with aloe vera extracts to keep you wet and hydrated. Its pH-balanced, thick formula is a cherry on top, with all the fun you're about to experience, you don't have to worry about any itching or redness later on with this intimate lubricant. Now, that's the deal you'd wanna grab with both hands! 


As with most water-based lubes, DTF is compatible with condoms and a body massager such as LIT, OG, Salty, or Mushy (pick one, we dare you!). And, when your lube and toys are total besties, pleasure just follows. Did you know lubes are a great way to make sex safer? Lubes are widely known to get things slippery and smooth down there. This lubrication greatly reduces the chances of unwanted friction, thereby preventing injuries or cuts (the presence of which can be open grounds for STIs thriving). Moreover, condoms are less likely to break or fall off when using water-based vaginal lubricants.

Read all about vaginal lubricants here.

Intimate lubricants can be used by anyone (unless it’s specifically made for certain people or acts) and for a wide range of sexual activities—whether you’re going for a solo sesh or getting down and dirty with bae, lubes like DTF by That Sassy Thing are super versatile and suitable for people of all genders, ages, and sexuality. With a range of plant-based ingredients, such as tea tree, lemon, and flax seed extracts, DTF ensures you never have to compromise on safety and comfort while you look after your pleasure.

Just bend to the side, grab your all-natural & thicc DTF intimate lubricant and get, set, and go!


3. Pleasure Pillow

For people living with their partners, a pleasure pillow like UP can easily blend into your room and when the time comes, lifts you up and your pleasure. For those thinking about why need a separate pillow in the first place, we’ve got you covered. 


  • Using a high-resilience, foam-based pleasure pillow like UP designed specifically for your sexcapades can help with cushioning your body as you keep switching positions.
  • UP pleasure pillow is equal parts firm and comfortable to provide your body (and, that of your partner’s) the support you need to elevate your pleasure.
  • Having greater access to your partner’s genitals is the icing on the cake when it comes to UP, know how to hit their sweet spots better by getting the full-blown view!
  • UP can help in minimizing discomfort that may arise due to any physical disparities between you and your partner. Love comes in all forms, and you should never compromise on the same!
 Keep switchin’ em positions, our pleasure pillow UP’s got you!

The bedroom can be your sanctuary of pleasure, and our sassy range of products can help you build it with love! Get your bedroom accessories in place. 

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