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Double Up Your Pleasure: Meet Salty & Mushy

Double Up Your Pleasure: Meet Salty & Mushy

Ever heard of the double trouble? Well, your beloved Aunt Sassy just added a fun (and, intense) twist to it. While we couldn’t come up with a literal magic wand, we did come close enough with our newest power-packed, handy wands for yo’ pleasure that would most definitely pass the vibe check. Isn’t that wanderful?

Here’s introducing, Salty and Mushy Massagers.

Let’s be honest, you really thought these were paperweights, isn’t it? Or maybe, salt cellars. Just about anything but toys ready to roll for your pleasure. Well, that’s how discreet and unassuming these bad bois are. Their non-suggestive design makes them flight-safe and super travel-friendly, just ensure to drain them completely, keep them in your hand baggage (NOT your check-in luggage). 

They can hide in plain sight, and blend in the background but when it’s just you getting intimate with yourself or a partner, adult products like Salty and Mushy ensure to make their presence felt down there or in different hotspots of your body (you do you)! 

These handy wands may be small in size but are absolute cuties in the streets and total badass in the sheets. Both Salty and Mushy are made of body-safe, medical-grade silicone, and have 10 different frequencies, so you can set the vibe as per your mood. One of the many awesome features that stand out for Salty and Mushy is their high-intensity start speed, so you know exactly what’s cumming next *pun intended*. Despite the high-powered vibes, Salty & Mushy can be pretty quiet (just slightly louder than a faint whisper).

They are both ideal for external use, say the clitoris, labia, vaginal opening, and even the penis shaft, frenulum, or perineum. You can even explore gentle, penetrative action but DO NOT try to insert it completely. Use only the head to press lightly against the vag wall to get G-town rumblin’!

Now, it’s time to put our double trouble duo in their individual spotlights.

The Groovier One: Salty

Meet Salty, a high-powered handy lil' wand that checks all the right boxes for some textured, sensational fun. It’s super discreet to keep ‘em guessing! Slip it and zip it out of prying sight with ease, your pleasure is your own business. 

This personal massager has a vibrating top, while the grooves on the body can be used for gentle sensory play across your body, your neck, thighs, nipples, navel, or anywhere else you’d like! Salty’s design makes it perfect for a whole-lit (with a c) experience. The powerful spherical top has 10 different vibes and a run time of 1.5 hours. With its stable base and criss-cross grooves, Salty can be used for hands-free play as you squeeze it and roll it around your body or your partner’s. 

Discreet and non-suggestive, it comes in a soft, pastel color and is made of body-safe medical-grade silicone that is soft to the touch against the most sensitive parts of your body. 

The Well-Rounded One: Mushy

Mushy is a powerful, cuddly lil’ pleasure tool that looks like a soft spinning top. A toy unlike any other, it can be kept hidden in plain sight, until you wanna flick it or swish it *iykiwm*. Get a feel of its cushiness by rolling it between your fingers and thighs, or while holding it against your body. Like most wand massagers, Mushy has a bulbous top known as the head, that vibrates to the tune of 10 different intensities, with a run time of 1 hour. 

This full body massager can be used to stimulate various erogenous zones. Use Mushy to explore these and experience unbridled pleasure. 

Whether you’re new to exploring self-pleasure or are shopping around for a new sensation, Mushy’s your go-to partner-in-pleasure. If you’re concerned about your privacy and are keen to keep your sex toys away from prying eyes, then Mushy’s ergonomic and discreet design has your bases covered. It can be used safely by people of all genders, everyone deserves some good, unconditional lovin’. It is also wireless, which makes it highly portable and able to reach different parts of the body. Lastly, it is light enough for it to be used by almost everyone.

Now that you got that rundown, get yourself a magic wand (or, two) made for your pleasure here