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5 Raunchy Ways to Up Your Foreplay Game

5 Raunchy Ways to Up Your Foreplay Game

We’ve often heard the colloquial, ‘foreplay before sex’. But, did you know that according to research, women are more likely to get turned on by the idea of foreplay than sex? Before we break the ice and get things heated up, let’s understand what foreplay really means, and what makes it unique AF!

While foreplay itself constitutes any and all activities apart from penetration or intercourse, we’ve often been misled that foreplay precedes the main event or the actual play. Let’s get one thing straight: Foreplay is sex. For the same reason, many folx prefer using the more inclusive term ‘outercourse’ over foreplay to highlight the fact that penetration/intercourse alone doesn’t define sex, sex can be anything you want it to be!

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The art of seduction takes time to master, and the more you’re wary of your partner’s needs and what brings them sexual satisfaction, the closer you both get to the threshold of pleasure potential. Talking seduction, here are a few *pro* tips when it comes to foreplay, teasing your partner, and making them melt away in passion:

#1 Be the giver you’re destined to be

The rule of thumb when it comes to all things foreplay is to be a gracious giver in bed. Whether it’s about taking the time to titillate your partner’s hotspots or adding a body massager to the mix—explore all the ways you like to please your special someone. Talk is definitely not overrated so discuss what moves, actions, or positions your partner may like or which brings them sexual satisfaction. Consent is most important at any given point during sex, ensure you take regular check-ins while indulging in foreplay.

#2 Traverse every inch of their body

If they like their breasts to be fondled or their handles to be caressed, get all touchy and worship them in their full glory! Maybe your partner has a thing for kissing and nibbling and the sweet, sensual seduction that follows. Often overlooked or neglected, your mind is just as important to sex as the body. The feeling of sexual satisfaction, desire, or arousal is as psychological as it is physical (sometimes, more)! Hence, notice how their body responds to every move you make, from the embrace to the tickles. Anticipation of what your partner is about to do next feeds into the tension you’re building during foreplay

Find what you love about sex, and do it all over again. 

#3 The S in sex stands for ‘sensory’

Think touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing and you’ll be defining sex too. All of our senses are super heightened and extremely receptive during foreplay, which is why it’s crucial to make it as immersive of an experience as possible. You can take things to the next level by blindfolding your lover or being mindful during sex. Sexual satisfaction looks different for everyone but the key is to be able to enjoy every single moment with your partner so that the shame, awkwardness or even guilt don’t overwhelm you or ruin the experience.

#4 Spice it up with pleasure products

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#5 Catch some rest midway

It’s natural for us to feel there’s a finish line when it comes to sex, given how most of our ideas around pleasure are related to orgasm, which is touted to be ‘the end goal’. Be it foreplay, or any other sexual play you’re into, orgasms may or not be a part of your experience and that’s okay. Cumming isn’t everything, but pleasure sure is. So, huddle up with your partner and take a five (or, more). Use this time to talk, hydrate, laugh, engage or simply connect with each other peacefully. Sex gets us all riled up with fiery intensity and a crucial part of foreplay and seduction is to know when to pause and check in with each other. Love may make the world go round but adequate rest, comfort, and connection are what keeps us afloat.  

From going down and dirty on bae to spooning like there’s no tomorrow, from obsessing over each other’s tongues to taking the rough ride—there’s a distinct and unique way with which people experience foreplay, and that’s what makes it so special and an indispensable part of sex. Get raunchy, and channel the freak in you if that gets you going with our sassy range of premium adult products, made with love for all your intimate moments.