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All You Need to Know About Vaginal Lubricants

All You Need to Know About Vaginal Lubricants

While getting it on in bed with your partner, it’s only normal for most women to feel wet down there—thanks to the natural lubricant (basically, a fluid) that your body produces, especially when you’re sexually aroused. This fluid is one of the many physical responses to sexual stimulation and helps in reducing friction during (penetrative) sex. 

As a population that has grown on the ideas of sex that have been propagated by mainstream porn over the years, it's likely that the concept of lubes felt foreign to you. If you’re reaching out for a lube during sex, it feels like an anomaly; like something is wrong. The way sex (read: penis-vagina intercourse) has often been depicted in pop culture too is an example of how essentials such as condoms and vaginal lubricants are left out of the sexual scripts you've learned. 

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The question remains: When there is an evident gap in your understanding of what pleasurable and comfortable sex can look or feel like, how can you learn about lubes and which ones are better suited for your needs? Let's take a closer look at what an intimate lubricant is, the benefits and types, how to use one, and choose vaginal lubricants that are good for you and your huha. 

Basics first, what are vaginal lubricants?

Lubes can be liquid or gel-like in consistency and texture and help in lubrication by eliminating unnecessary friction. Vaginal lubricants can be a great addition to your sex life as they heighten the sexual experience and offer novelty. Contrary to popular belief that intimate lubricants are like an ‘accessory’ during sex, it’s important to view them as essentials that can make any and all sexual acts a lot smoother, pleasurable, and exciting for all partners. 

For a lot of folx with PCOS, or those going through menopause, hormonal changes, etc., vaginal dryness is a common experience. This means that people with vaginal dryness need intimate lubricants that can mimic the role of the natural lubricant and prevent unwanted friction, irritation, or discomfort down there. Lubes are a total game-changer in the bedroom and can be extremely beneficial to level up intimacy with your partner.

Here’s a quick DL on lubes and how they can enhance sexual experience by one of India’s top sexuality educators, Apurupa Vatsalya:

 A friend with many benefits 

Vaginal lubricants such as the all-natural, water-based DTF 2.0 is your bedroom bestie that has not one, but many pros. Going beyond the lubricating purpose of lubes, DTF is very close to the natural lubricant produced by your huha so that the experience down there is seamless and fuss-free.

  • Intimate lubricants can literally be used by anyone (unless it’s specifically made for certain people or acts) and for a wide range of sexual activities—whether you’re going for a solo sesh or getting down and dirty with bae, lubes like DTF by That Sassy Thing are super versatile and suitable for people of all genders, ages, and sexuality.
  • Lubes enhance pleasure by not only minimizing friction during sex but also making things a lil’ extra wet for smooth slidin’ & ridin’. They come in different forms and there are a variety of vaginal lubricants to choose from, each having its own merits and demerits (we’ll come to it soon).

  • Did you know lubes are a great way to make sex safer? Intimate lubricants are known to get things wet and slippery down there which greatly reduces the chances of unwanted friction, thereby preventing injuries or cuts (the presence of which can be open grounds for STIs thriving). Moreover, condoms are less likely to break or fall off when using water-based vaginal lubricants.

  • Vaginal dryness is as real as it gets for many vulva owners and if you’re someone who can relate, you might be familiar with the experiences of feeling out of place during sex, uncomfortable and/or painful intercourse, and not being able to enjoy during any or all sexual acts, all too well. Enter, lubes. 

While vaginal lubricants play a significant role in pleasurable sex, there are many types, each having its own merits and demerits. From the most flexible options to the fancy ones, there is a lot to explore when it comes to the neverending world of lubes.

Are there any side effects of using lubes?

Fundamentally, most lubes may not cause any side effects. But, it’s possible to have an allergic reaction due to some ingredient in the lubricant. Immediately see your trusted doctor if you notice any symptoms such as: 

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling in any part, especially of the tongue, face, or throat
  • Developing hives, rash, or experiencing itching
  • Getting yeast infections more frequently, after the use of the said sex lube (this is why our DTF: Personal Gel is pH balanced, designed specifically for all people with vulvas!)

Types of intimate lubricants

Given the plethora of options you have, while picking lubes that are most suitable for you, it’s imperative to narrow down your choices based on your requirements. To begin with, there are three main types of vaginal lubricants:

Water-based lubes: Most flexible (covers all bases), fuss-free, and skin-friendly (depends on the composition). These may feel the closest to your vaginal lubrication.


✓ Compatible with both condoms, and sex toys

✓ Feels lighter and suitable for a number of sexual activities 

✓ Unlike oil-based lubes, they won’t stain your sheets.


⨯ May dry up quicker only when compared to other types

⨯ Not suitable for water play/shower sex (can be washed off)

⨯ Glycerine-based vaginal lubricants can be harmful to your huha

Oil-based lubes
: Heavier than water-based alternatives, oil-based intimate lubricants can be used for various sexcapades.


✓ Great for sex involving skin-to-skin contact

✓ Ideal for sensual massages

✓ Doesn’t require frequent re-application


⨯ Not suitable for use with condoms (can break down the latex) or sex toys

⨯ Should be avoided if you’re prone to yeast infections

⨯ Post-sex clean-up can be a hassle

Silicone-based lubes
: Lasts longer than water-based lubes, and since silicone is hypoallergenic, silicone-based vaginal lubricants are a good choice for people with extremely sensitive skin.


✓ Compatible with most condoms

✓ Ideal for shower sex

✓ Silkier and thicker, so lasts longer


⨯ Can damage silicone personal massagers

⨯ Residue is harder to clean-up post-sex

⨯ Not ideal for oral sex

There are many variations present within and across these broad categories, offering a wider range of sensations, experiences, and acts. There are flavored lubes, warming-cooling intimate lubricants, and an all-natural lubricant (with a plant-based formula such as our huha-famous, DTF 2.0), among many others. 

It’s important to note that not all intimate lubricants have ingredients that are suited for our vaginal flora & fauna. For example, many lubes come with artificial colors, flavors, and fragrances, that might cause irritation or infections. Similarly, some vaginal lubricants have glycerin as the main ingredient which is a no-no down there. So, picking the kind that’s an all-rounder, all-natural and vulva-friendly can be a gigantic task. Here’s where we introduce you to our in-house, aloe-based personal gel, DTF 2.0—or as some like to call it, thiccer, wetter, better. 

How to use lubes during sex? 

First things first, there is no one or right way to use lubes. However, you can always keep a few things in mind while using your intimate lubricant.

Using for solo sesh:

Just a few pumps of vaginal lubricants can go a long way in making your solo sesh a lot more fun and teleport you to pleasure town. Icing to the cake is the supple and moisturized skin, thanks to the skin-friendly ingredients in our natural lubricant, DTF 2.0. Even for personal massagers/sex toys (especially silicone ones), water-based sex lubes can bring your A-game! 

For vulva owners, just take 2-3 pumps onto your finger, hands, or palms (OR, howsoever much you need to lubricate and feel at ease, you do you). Gently rub in any motion you find comfortable and cover as much area as you’d like. Insert a finger or two to your liking, or pull out your fave personal massagers. Spread, slather and let it slide!

For penis owners, start with a few pumps of a natural lubricant like DTF 2.0 on your hand and fingers and rub it around your penis in any motion you like and feel comfortable in, and once you’re content, keep moving baby! Throw in a toy or go old-school, you deserve the best only!

Using for partnered sex:

Whether you’re into penetration or not, using vaginal lubricants can help make sex with your partner a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Applying a natural lubricant before or during penetrative sex can smoothen the process and be extra fun. 

With condoms, water-based lubes can be applied on the outside after putting on the condom or using some amount inside the tip of the condom. Feel free to slather some natural lubricant on the penis before you roll the condom on for better play! Similarly, rub some lube around your sex toy for an out-of-the-world experience. 

The point is, when it comes to using lubes during sex, there’s no specific amount. Be liberal while applying intimate lubricants, and if need be, reapply and enjoy! 

Picking your go-to intimate lubricant

A million-dollar question indeed, but is there really one ‘best’ out of so many lubes? The simple answer is yes, and no! Depending on your needs, and what every brand and type has to offer, the best intimate lubricant is the one that works for YOU. 

The first step is to look for ingredients that are good for your intimate area. Some water-based vaginal lubricants can often include ingredients such as glycerine, that can increase your chances of getting a yeast infection or an irritable coochie. Hence, the ingredients in your lubes are of utmost importance when choosing the right lube. And, what’s better than going au naturale?

This is why we have designed the DTF 2.0—India’s first all-natural, pH-balanced, water-based intimate lubricant, that is healthy for both your huha and pleasure! Its non-sticky, thick formula makes it the absolute best pick for some ridin’ action all night long and doesn’t create a mess after (minus the messy sesh you thoroughly enjoyed). 

With wholesome, qween ingredients coming right from nature’s lap, you’re in good hands: 

Aloe Vera: Enhances natural vaginal lubrication and prevents yeast infections.

Flax Seed Extract: Reduces inflammation and keeps skin moisturized and smooth.

Tea Tree Extract: Reduces dryness and itchiness.

Lemon Extract: Helps balance pH levels and avoid infections.

And not to forget, our natural lubricant is edible, unflavoured, and has a pH between 3.8 and 4.5, compatible with a healthy vaginal pH of 4.0. 

Further, while water-based lubes with all-natural ingredients can be the most versatile (perfect for condoms and personal massagers), intimate lubricants have their own limitations such as not being ideal for shower sex. In the end, multiple factors can determine your lube of choice, but it should never be at the cost of your comfort and safety!

There is nothing shameful about using personal lubes for having an enhanced sexual lifestyle. You have every right to own your pleasure, and this is our guiding force at That Sassy Thing.

Lube is great, and so are you. Get your hands on the best natural lubricant.

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