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Popping Up at Magnetic Fields Festival 2022

Popping Up at Magnetic Fields Festival 2022

Thank you, India needed this”—we heard that constantly from people when we popped up with all our vibes at the Magnetic Fields Festival 2022, held at the magnificent Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan from December 9-11, 2022. 

That Sassy Thing went all out spreading good vibes and pleasure as part of the Souk at the Magnetic Fields Festival, which hosts a range of homegrown Indian brands every year. This was another opportunity for us as a brand to build a community on-ground that, in real-time, helps people experience the products themselves and meet the people behind the brand.

From our super friendly neighboring brands to each and every Mag Fielder who showed up, we were overwhelmed by the copious amount of love, warmth, and awesomeness we experienced from day to night. To begin with, the highlight of our time there was the best surprise visit from the sweetest and charming
Kiss Nuka, and Team TST just couldn’t stop fangirling (I mean, can you even blame us?)! We loved how modest, fun, and sassy AF she is, going gaga over our huha-famous massagers and talking about all things bodies, pleasure, intimacy, and more.

Getting LIT with @kissnuka

What really stood out was how keen men were to openly and unabashedly prioritize female pleasure, and even check out our coolest toys. It was pure joy seeing them normalize the use of sex toys, and our fave was this one man who went out, loud and proud holding our OG massager in one hand, saying, “This [sex toy] is not a competition, it’s a companion”, and we couldn’t agree more! In fact, people from all around the world showed up in huge numbers, appreciating the design of our Sassy personal massagers and how amazing it is to see an Indian feminist brand like ours shamelessly advocating for the use of pleasure products in a country that has always been hush-hush around matters of sex or intimacy

The groovy tunes and magical melodies really added to the vibes (that we had plenty of) and made it all the more enjoyable. We even started to foot tap our way halfway through and couldn’t stop! Speaking of, we caught all the curious onlookers smiling and giggling, whispering to each other, “Are these sex toys..?”. We screamed, “YES THEY ARE”! Literally, no one could keep their eyes off our very pop, neon signage that read, “Where money CAN buy happiness”, and don’t you think it’s apt AF? *winkwink*

Gifting is a love language that brings together people, and our Mag Fielders were all about giving back some much-deserved love to their significant someone. Our sex toys made for the perfect present for partners, cousins, nieces, and friends and we were more affirmed than ever how the ultimate gift is indeed that of pleasure. The delight on their faces, and a lovely thank-you was all we needed to feel warm in the freezing cold. 

Boozy moods, music in the background, love in the air, and an overflowing, neverending supply of good vibes—Mag Fields 2022 was truly a dream cum true (quite LITerally) for That Sassy Thing and with all the smiles we spread around, we’re sure this is just the beginning of the sexual wellness revolution we’re trying to bring about through each of our products, conversations and comprehensive sex ed, one day at a time.