Be who you aren't: 5 People Spill the Beans on Role Play

Be who you aren't:  5 People Spill the Beans on Role Play

When someone drops the whole roleplay idea, your first instinct might be to burst into laughter. Bad little boy getting spanked by the ‘teacher’? Total absurdity. Reenacting scenes and dialogues from your fave movie, before actually touching your bodies? Like, seriously, who has time for that?

I did some detective work, hit up a bunch of folks about the importance of roleplay in their relationship, and let me tell you, it is the real deal. It can actually fill your sex life with the glitter it needs. And guess what, I’m about to spill all that tea right away.

Let’s dive into some personal experiences of Role Play

Aria, 27, Queer :

“I was a business analyst and he was a tour guide. How did we meet? At a social networking event. We went all out, pre-studying conversation starters and dropping small bombs of interesting facts about our professions. A couple of drinks, laughing like hyenas, and doing the whole ‘accidentally brushing against each other’ dance set our scene. I then asked him if he wanted to come back with me, and he said yes. We didn't even book a hotel in advance. Talk about spontaneous, right?

Usually, we’re a super adventurous couple, but Mr. Tour Guide loved only passionate love making. Foreplay? Oh, that lasted longer than a line at the trendiest brunch spot. His hands, along with Salty were like poetry, moving around me in the softest ways imaginable. Romantic escapade level 1000, undoubtedly.

But the most special thing was the conversations we had. I swear, they could rival the ocean. We looked at each other with fresh eyes, after 4 years of dating. It was the kind of chatter we’d never had before and possibly, wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for these roles.”

The conversations you have with your partner during roleplay hit different. Especially if you start somewhere random and then take it to the sheets. You see your partner be someone else - a new name, a new perfume, new style. It brings you crazy close and makes you realize there's a whole undiscovered galaxy in your relationship. Mind. Blown.

Mayank, 24, Heterosexual: 

“My girlfriend has been in relationships before, but never tried role playing. While she wasn’t opposed to the idea, she was lowkey nervous. Well, when you do something like this for the first time, who isn’t?

That is why we started with a very simple, boss and employee relationship. She’d been showing up late to work quite often. She was ready to be punished for an entire night in exchange for not being fired - and out came my blindfold, a little smackaroo and clips (and ofcourse, coupled with a lot of aftercare). Fast forward - we role-play quite often, and guess who's the dominant boss babe most of the time? Yep, her.”

Here’s a sexy roleplay game tip : If you're new to this, go for the easiest combo ever. Keep it basic. We've all seen characters like bosses, students, employees in action, so slipping into those roles is comparatively a breeze. Slightly easy peasy.

Karishma shares some kinky games and roleplay ideas for all partners

Karishma, 34, Heterosexual :

Roleplay is my jam. Whether you say a wealthy socialite or a smuggler that has been caught. It's the best golden ticket to unleashing emotions in ways my regular social roles could never imagine.

The day I feel desire and lust, my partner transforms into a cyborg who touches, moves, licks or uses sex toys on me exactly as I order him to.  On those ‘bored outta my mind’ days, I become a librarian. Life's dull, but there's this hot reader in front of me. I decide to flirt – poorly, might I add – but this dude catches on, and suddenly, it's a masterclass in teaching me a thing or two about sexy roleplay games. That is also why I do not have a fixed dominant or submissive preference - it largely depends on what emotion I’m feeling that particular day.”

Our regular social roles might not always let us spill our true feelings. Couples Roleplay provides an outlet. It is the secret portal to accessing those emotions we usually stash away. Release your emotional beast (bonus points for the physical ones too, hehe)

For a detailed exploration into enhancing your intimate moments, delve into our blog- how to use candy massager - where we also reveal innovative ways to incorporate 'Candy' — our versatile sex toy — into your play, ensuring an experience tailored just to your desires.

More Hot Tips from people for a Successful Role Play Sesh!

Isha, 29, Queer :

“I've dabbled with role-playing in my previous relationships, it's been a blast. I’ve had crazy rendezvous in the most imaginary scenarios - a couple making out for the last time because it’s a zombie apocalypse or being a werewolf that a scientist is studying. Fast forward to my current scene– my partner has been slightly hesitant, even for simple, basic roleplay scenarios. After some amount of conversation and hearing my side out, she agreed to give it a shot. It got super awkward real quick, and we haven't revisited the scene since. Fingers crossed for a plot twist soon, though!”

Trying anything new for the first time is tough, and it can get intimidating. The sudden change from seeing a partner who always takes the lead to someone who desperately wants to get out of a speeding ticket can throw anyone off their game. Solution? Set the script. It helps avoid any “I didn’t see that coming at all.” Pro tip for a successful roleplay sesh, fam : Have these convos outside the bedroom. No one wants the pressure of turning into a whole new character on the spot. Chat about it over pizza or something. 

Mahek, 31, Heterosexual :

“I’ve a super demanding 9-to-5 job, so being a carefree 18 year old? Impossible. Being a prisoner, a photographer, or a college professor in real life? Also impossible. But guess what? This is my way of being all that, and more. It gives me a way to be everything I want to be, anyday I want to be. And that, honestly, is quite the thrill. It’s adrenaline. It’s fun. It’s a buffet of personalities, and I’m here for that buffet.”

It’s like the movie ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’, but make it sexual. Being people, having jobs and beliefs that actually aren’t yours is fun. It’s not only about exploring subconscious psychological needs or seeing who you’re within. Imagine that your personal belief screams monogamy, but your character is an advocate of never settling. Your favorite dish is butter chicken and naan, but imagine being at a bar with your partner, and saying, “Oh, I am more of a pasta gal.” Your partner will smile at you and you’ll have a great spaghetti. B-bye to everyday you, just for a bit!

Baby, shut your screen nowww. Go, write a script, Get a wig. A new fragrance. Cheering for youuu, and for who you aren’t ;)


About the Author 

Hemali (she/her) is an explorer of the realms of sexuality, intimacy, and dating. She talks endlessly about the evolving landscape of feminist narratives on the big screen and makes you reanalyze the portrayal of women in mainstream culture. If you're looking for alternative conversation starters, take your pick from: Biryani, Art Fairs, or Spoken Word Poetry.

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