5 Shows to Bingewatch with Your Girl Gang

bingewatch with girl gang

I’ll be honest—one of the fundamental ways I initially bonded with my now-besties is through common interests in pop culture. Be it bitching about the annoying character from your favorite show, or sharing playlists as a love language – I’ve found immense comfort in seeking connection through such mediums.

Pretty sure you’re with me on this, we all love ourselves a camaraderie based on coinciding (or, in some cases, contrasting) suggestions about genres, films, series, or music. In fact, now that it's hot girl summer, it’s all the more reason to get your girlfriends huddled up for a super chill pajama party (or, beach vacay if we’re aiming higher!).

So, here are some sassy picks from the world of OTT content that you can stream together with your beloved girl gang to channel some of that slay qween energy, cry in happy tears, and squish each other with some doting hugs. 

P.S. We have a little something for everyone here, so keep reading!

1. Sex and the City

With mimosas in one hand and shopping bags in the other, Sex and the City (SATC) is the OG entertainer and a must-watch with your girlfriends. What makes SATC so interesting is how easy it is to relate to the characters.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic like Cassie, a pleasure enthusiast like Samantha, self-sufficient like Miranda, or a cutie-patootie Charlotte—you’ll be instantly gripped to your screen, thanks to the witty one-liners. The show has been problematic and didn’t age as well in a lot of aspects (such as body shaming) but, if fun is what you’re looking for, SATC should be your pick!

2. Workin’ Moms

This popular sitcom was created by Catherine Reitman, who also stars in this series involving - no points for guessing - a couple of badass working moms. The offbeat comedy, the impeccable writing, and the realistic depiction of issues such as the wage gap, racial discrimination in the workplace, pregnancy, postpartum depression, maternity leave, etc., make for great ingredients to this wholesome recipe of a show.

I absolutely love how the show shines a light on how feminism can be flawed, and that there are no perfect feminists. Watch this one if you’re fancying something sassy and in your face!

3. Be Melodramatic

Any K-drama fans in the house? This one’s for you! Also known as ‘Melo Is My Nature’ (rough translation), the storyline involves three 30-year-old besties who have strikingly different trajectories when it comes to their personal and professional lives but are united by love and companionship for each other.

They know that despite all the curveballs life throws at them, they have a home in each other to come back to. And, don’t we all relate to that? The show is pretty holistic and raw in its depiction of love, relationships, and the in-betweens, making it a delightful watch with your girl squad!

4. Four More Shots Please!

Every girl gang knows about this show for how it radically changed the way Indian cinema has perceived, written about, and depicted female friendships over the years. The one thing that you would feel after watching Four More Shots Please! (4MSP) is how your imperfections are meant to be embraced.

From the single mother of a young daughter to the only child of a rich businessman, the individual storylines feed into the larger plot around reclaiming agency as a woman in a world that’s essentially misogynistic and patriarchal whether it’s about fighting back in the office, dealing with an ex-husband or navigating body shaming. 

5. Grace and Frankie

Your quintessential enemies-to-friends (and hopefully, lovers!) trope with an eccentric twist. When their husbands fall for each other, the partners Grace and Frankie find themselves in a confusing situation that over time turns out to be a friendship found forever. Grace and Frankie should be a go-to watch regardless of the mood for this one’s a jovial ride full of emotions that’ll have you wanting for more!

Now that you’ve got the power list, throw it back in your oversized tees, drinks in hand, binge-watching through the night with your girlies. Until next time, we’ll soon be back with another edition of #SassyRecommends ! *winkwink*


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