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sassy self-care for 2021

sassy self-care for 2021

2020 has been a big pile of poo. Well, that’s an understatement.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to give you gyaan on ‘New Year. New You.’ resolutions. 

Instead, we’re here to share our sassy take on self-care rituals for 2021: 

  1. It’s okay to be okay with your body (and body hair).

  2. It’s okay to explore your body (and someone else’s).

  3. It’s okay to wear the clothes you’d like to (and not wear any at times too).

  4. It’s okay to get emotional (and talk about it).

  5. It’s okay to be happily self-partnered.

  6. It’s okay to not bake any banana breads (or sourdough, for heaven’s sake).

  7. It’s okay to not take trips to Maldives.

  8. It’s okay to do things at your own pace (or not do them at all).

  9. It’s okay to take a break (and breathe).

  10. It’s okay to fight for what you want.

  11. It’s okay to put yourself first.

  12. It’s okay to let someone take care of you.

  13. It’s okay to not be okay. 

We have a super simple mantra to happiness—be you and do you.