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Pillow For Pleasure: Introducing UP

Pillow For Pleasure: Introducing UP

*POV*: You’re all ready to get frisky with boo. 
Psst, did that super soft mattress suck you right in, again? 
Wanna try out different positions in bed but worried about the discomfort?
Are height differences coming in the way of a good lovemaking sesh?

Well, before you rush to get your basic pillow, here’s everything you need to know about our newest launch, UP: a pillow for work & play

Sex, intimacy, and all things in between should inherently be comfortable and pleasurable. But, we all vary in terms of our bodies, how we experience pleasure, who (all or not) we do it with, and even where we do it! Enters UP, the latest addition to our sassy squad, a pillow for play, designed specifically with high resilience foam, to add extra pleasure to your sex game. Whether it's holding a position for prolonged periods of enjoyment, deeper penetration or mixing things up in the bedroom, UP has got you (and boo) covered!

Decoding the user experience

Just like our bodies, pillows for pleasure come in all different forms such as the ramp, wedge-shaped, half-moon, or even crescent-shaped. While doing our research, we went all in to get things right: from the right foam used inside the pillow (so you don't sink right in while experimenting), to the angle, the texture, the fabric of the covers, the gorgeous yet discreet colour, and presentation of the pillow, we ensured safety, comfort and pleasure (a lot of it), in all possible areas so you can explore all the fun, sensual experiences with boo. 

Just like our massagers, UP is super discrete in appearance. For curious on-lookers, it is an orthopedically-safe, high-resilience foam-based pillow that is both supportive and relaxing, just like a self-care Sunday with your bestie! Rest your laptop or yourself, or burn calories with yoga or in bed with your partner 😉, the multi-utility nature of UP makes it perf for mutual pleasure and comfort. UP’s ergonomic design covers several and diverse use-cases, bodies, and positions.

For added convenience, it comes with a removable and hand washable cotton, emerald green outer cover that's both aesthetically pleasing for the prying eye and resourceful. Moreover, the high-quality breathable inner cover also allows you to keep it clean, and ready for your next use! UP instantly becomes a part of your lifestyle while also allowing you to take things to the next level (when no one’s watching of course)!

Pillow for sex

Making Pleasure Accessible & Judgement-free

UP is made in India, for all our desi folx wanting to spruce up their intimate lives. As an Indian brand empowering & educating people to own their pleasure, we consider inclusivity as the building blocks for introducing different products. Our goal is to make sexual wellness a realistic possibility that is enjoyable, personal, and approachable for anyone and everyone. With a shame-free and fun approach, we design all our products with the primary intention of helping you reclaim pleasure and being your sassy best.


By normalizing the coexistence of pleasure and sex, we are trying to bring a sexual wellness revolution in India, one happy bod at a time. Pleasure tools like massagers and pillows are a great way of understanding how you can mix things up in the bedroom and explore with your partner(s). To explore more, take a deep dive into the world of Sassy.