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How to Use: TACO Massager for Men

How to Use: TACO Massager for Men

When it comes to male pleasure, there is a need to come up with more innovative and efficient gadgets to appeal to Indian men and their sexual preferences. Enter TACO, a first-of-its-kind ribbed vibrating stroker by That Sassy Thing, specially designed for tip-to-shaft stimulation. Packed with some amazing features, TACO is equal parts discreet and intuitive and can easily pass off as a Bluetooth speaker!

Before we get into the specifics of how you can make the most out of TACO, we’ve got all your questions answered in this detailed guide about everything you need to know about our latest massager for men. Let’s get started, shall we?

What's a stroker? How's it different from other toys?

While the current market for male pleasure products does boast some good options, from fleshlights to prostate massagers, one of the most versatile and beginner-friendly picks for men is a stroker. As the name suggests, strokers are sleeve-like toys that help men and people with penises experience stimulation along the length (including the tip and shaft). While they differ in sizes, builds, and the features each offers, strokers pretty much have the same action mechanism—you glide it along the penis in a stroking motion (or hold the toy in one place for focused stimulation). 

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A ribbed vibrating stroker such as TACO gives you the best of everything. Each of its features caters to a particular need, preference, or desire and hence makes it the perfect companion for every man who fancies a little fun in their solo routine. The open-ended sleeve ensures that size is no bar, and everyone has an equal opportunity to have a fun-tastic sesh with TACO, in their own unique way. Next up, the revolutionary dual massage points (one targeted towards the shaft and the other for tip stimulation) make TACO unbelievably awesome and the best out there for men. With 7 electrifying speed modes and an ultra-special warming feature, the TACO massager for men makes for the perfect gift for the special someone in your life!

Is TACO massager for men inclusive of all sizes? 

While introducing TACO, we at That Sassy Thing wanted to ensure that size is never a concern that should limit anyone with a penis from enjoying this heavenly stroker. To give you the math, TACO is 5.2 inches long with a circumference of 2.5 inches and weighs about 240 g, so it’s super handy. This stroker is easy to hold with an ergonomic grip, and its open-ended design makes it a great fit for everyone, whatever size you may be.

While TACO may or may not cover the Shaft entirely, it isn’t a need to make the most of this stroker. Of course, each person’s body and penis size are different, but TACO is all about pleasuring the desired part that gets YOU going. You can glide, squeeze, and stroke TACO along the length based on what sensation feels right for you.

What are the various ways in which TACO stroker can be used? 

Good news: there’s no one fixed way of using TACO as this stroker promises a variety of raunchy situations you can get yourself into! Contrary to popular notions around massagers for men, you can explore different positions, techniques, and possibilities of sprucing up a mundane jack-off session or raising the stakes during a hot and heavy partnered sesh. Whatever rocks your boat, you do you!

TACO is waterproof with a runtime of ~1.5 hours so you can hop in the shower for a quickie after coming back from work, or kick-start your day on a high note by stroking the stress away with TACO. 

Can TACO stroker be used during partnered intimacy?

A BIG YES to that! TACO is a versatile massager for men that can be used for both solo and partnered play. While many men may often feel intimidated by their partner’s intimate massagers, by introducing TACO, you can level the playing field and bring about pleasure equity in your bedroom and relationship! 

Whether you’re in the mood to indulge in mutual masturbation or make TACO do the work during a handjob, there are more ways than one to TACO-ing dirty with your partner. Don’t forget to practice safe sex by following proper hygiene practices and using plenty of all-natural, water-based lube like DTF for less friction, and more frolic during playtime.

Is TACO massager for men safe to use?

Your safety comes first, and we always prioritize the same at That Sassy Thing. All our massagers including the TACO stroker, have been designed with body-safe, 100% medical-grade silicone. They are free of any hazardous substances and are CE and RoHS-certified. We only launch the products that we first love to use ourselves and then are tried, tested, and loved by our thriving Sassy community. 

What lube would you recommend using with TACO?

We recommend the use of our all-natural, pH-balanced, and water-based lube DTF with our TACO stroker or any other massager for men that you may own. DTF is both hypoallergenic (so it’s good for your skin) and compatible with most toys and condoms. 

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Is TACO stroker travel-friendly?

Owing to the discreet design of the product and tech gadget-like appearance, our stroker TACO shouldn’t grab any unnecessary attention during security checks while traveling domestically. Please bear in mind that like any other electronic device, TACO should be packed carefully in the hand-carry baggage only (and NOT the check-in luggage). It’s advisable to discharge it completely before packing. And, don't forget to pack its magnetic USB charging cable along with your other chargers for a seamless check-in experience. 

In case you’re flying internationally, kindly check the customs laws pertaining to the country concerning owning intimate wellness products such as the TACO massager for men. 

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How to clean and store TACO Massager for Men

You can always maintain and elongate the life of TACO by following simple hygiene tips and best practices, such as the ones mentioned below: 

Charge periodically: It's important to keep charging your TACO stroker every week or so (or after every few uses) to help maintain the battery life and overall health of the massager. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the massager, and it's recommended to charge it before the first use fully. 

Wash regularly: We recommend washing your massager for men with mild soap and water after every use.  You can pat it dry with a clean towel before storing it. Refrain from washing with or exposing your massager to corrosive cleaners like acetone, alcohol, gasoline, etc. They can damage the product. 

Store carefully: Once washed, you can store your stroker TACO in the discreet carry pouch. It's advisable to keep the massager out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.

That’s all, guys; you’re all set to TACO and make the next move. Worried about your cart? We're throwing in a sweetener for you with an easy, interest-free Pay in 3 EMIs offer, so hurry up and claim yours! We’ll be back with yet another rendezvous of our incredibly amazing intimate wellness collection, so stay tuned!

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