How to Travel with Sex Toys in India

Travel with Sex Toys in India

With the holiday season kicking in and those long vacations away from work finally turning into reality, a lot of you might be prepping for the travel back home, or maybe somewhere away for a sweet, romantic getaway.

And, while you’re working on that list of all the things that need to be packed, here’s a gentle reminder that your beloved personal massager is a part of your absolute must-haves, regardless of the purpose of your visit (cause, why should pleasure be put on hold?). 

If you’re wondering how on earth you can carry your sex toys with you on a flight, this article is about traveling 101 with your cute AF full body massager. And, if you’re someone who has already been there, and done that, we’ve added some pro tips and handy suggestions that you can make use of while taking your sex toys out for another (sex)capade! 

Are sex toys legal in India?

First things first, yes, sex toys are legal in India. We reached out to Vinshi Jasoria*, an Advocate based in New Delhi, to clarify and address certain touchpoints when it comes to the legality of a personal massager in India.

She says, “While there are no specific toys which are prohibited to this day as there is no explicit prohibition on traveling with massagers/toys as disclosed as ‘general massagers’. However, the law states that one should not deal with anything ‘obscene’ in public.” This is why discretion plays a huge role in the sexual wellness space, right from the make and build of sex toys to their packaging and delivery.

Discreet sex toys = perfect travel buddies

To put it plainly and simply: Yes, you can easily travel via flights with sex toys or a personal full body massager within India. Vinshi states, “Generally, there is no embargo to travel in any mode with the general massagers. The applicable law states nothing should correspond to obscenity.” And, since there are no clear laws currently pertaining to the use or possession of say, a full body massager in India, discretion matters a lot when it comes to the design of said sex toys. But, that’s not the only reason why a lot of premium intimate wellness brands in India such as That Sassy Thing, are committed to consciously introducing pleasure toys that are super discreet and non-suggestive. 

Sachee Malhotra, the founder & CEO of That Sassy Thing elaborates on the same, “Culturally in India, that [discreet aspect] is something that people are more comfortable with. Secondly, a lot of people often get turned off/feel intimidated by products that seemingly resemble a phallus. I know, I would. As a brand, we believe in offering beautiful, discreet, and functional products to enhance one’s bedroom experience. Furthermore, to normalize the idea of using sex toys, they should look as cute as any other products we use, blending into the bedroom, and their lifestyle; products that make people feel comfortable and good when they see them, and those that don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Think of it like this: We buy smartphones, laptops, clothes, sneakers, etc. that look sexy and are well-designed. Then, why not adopt a similar approach while introducing sex toys too?

And, with the recent additions to the Sassy family, the Salty & Mushy full body massager, that are totally unassuming, approachable, and travel-friendly, India is surely moving towards a sexual wellness revolution with more high-quality, premium pleasure products made accessible to Indian adults who’re all about the good loving! 

Packing game on point

Sachee admits how every now and then they receive a query from a frantic customer along the lines of, “Should I keep them [the toys] in the check-in luggage or carry-on bag during air travel?”. Fret not, we broke it down for you—starting from the basics of packing right to the dos and don’ts of traveling domestically with sex toys in India.

  1. Before you get to packing, discharge your discreet personal massager completely. You may simply turn it on and leave it till it runs out of battery.
  2. Once fully discharged, place your toys carefully in a pouch/Dopp kit as part of your hand-carry luggage, to keep them safe from unnecessary contact during the security check. If you own any full body massager from That Sassy Thing, you get a cute lil’ discreet pouch with it that does the job!
  3. Rule of thumb: Always ensure that you pack compact and non-suggestive toys that ideally won’t catch the attention of the officials during the security check. When asked about the same, you can describe it as a “full body massager” and demonstrate it on your hands (if need be).
  4. Don’t forget to put in the USB cable (for a rechargeable personal massager) and keep it separately.
  5. All liquids under 100ml are permitted as part of the cabin baggage, so in case you want to carry an intimate lubricant, ensure that it’s packaged discreetly and is within the limit mentioned above.

We also condensed our two bits on everything travel related when it comes to sex toys into an Instagram guide (feel free to save this). 

Of sex toys and security check

It all comes down to the security check, which might feel like the rite of passage for your personal massager for a safe transition to another geographical location. To help you understand how you can have a smoother, hassle-free experience at the security check, we asked Vinshi about some of the non-negotiables of domestic air travel with sex toys in India, and here are her inputs: “It may please be noted that the massagers are not explicitly prohibited, therefore, are permitted within the premises of the airport. Having stated the foregoing, I would advise the following safeguards keeping in mind the applicable laws:

  • If the massagers are battery operated, then as you may be aware that there are general restrictions on such items, and are not to be carried in your hold baggage, and should be carried in cabin baggage; and

  • Furthermore, as the massagers come under the category of general body massagers, therefore, on guidance or inquiry on the nature of the device by security officials [during security check] or generally, these can be disclosed as ‘general massagers’.

Lawyer-turned-sexuality educator, Apurupa Vatsalya laid out the pointers on the A-Z of domestic travel with sex toys in India in this really quick and fun YouTube video

In conclusion, while traveling with sex toys in India is very much possible, in the end, it’s important to ensure that the pleasure toys are discreet and travel-friendly so as to help with that added layer of safety and privacy. This is why That Sassy Thing is dedicated to bringing forth pleasure products that are fun, user-friendly, approachable, ergonomic, and of course, sassy AF! Check out our wholesome pleasure collection. 

* Vinshi’s Disclaimer: All views are personal. Additionally, nothing contained in this article shall qualify as a legal opinion.

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