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The Undiscovered World of Sex Toys for Men

The Undiscovered World of Sex Toys for Men

What is the first thought that comes to your head when you hear ‘sex toy?’ Perhaps the word female? Or a vibrator?

Well, it’s not just you. I was talking to a bunch of friends about sex toys, and one of the guys actually said, “They should make something for us too!” Sadly, most people associate sex toys as products that are designed mainly for women. The truth is far from this. Our bodies are actually very similar to each other. This means that all of us, even guys, have nerve endings that will respond to touch, vibrations and other kinds of stimulation.

To the guys reading this, that was just the beginning of good news! I’m not going to leave it there. Let’s delve a little deeper into this new world, and understand the magic of it!

Why Even Use a Sex Toy?

Aunt Sassy asked me to REALLY make you realize how MUCH better life can get with a sex toy (or two) in your hand, so here we go!

Sex toys are one of the best ways to discover and understand your body. You slow start recognizing the sensitive areas and the stimulations that give you an erection. You can easily tell your partner what you like, and how you like it. They are game changers when it comes to spicing things up. No more usual routines, my friend. 

It’s not just the excitement part, sex toys help with serious problems as well. Various sex toys can help with erectile dysfunction, and most of them also are of huge assistance for performance anxiety.

Okay, how many types are there?

It’s not just ladies who get to have all the fun. Guys have a wide range of options too! I mean, seriously, there are so many types of toys out there that I could write a whole article just listing them all (there are over a hundred, quite literally). But let’s dive into the four main categories together, shall we?


Strokers are the hottest and one of the most commonly used category when it comes to massagers for men. These are sleeve-like gadgets that come in a variety of sizes and built, each promising a uniquely amazing experience boasting of features such as different vibration modes, temperature control, multiple stimulation points, etc.

That Sassy Thing is the first brand in India to have launched a stroker for men like no other in the sexual wellness market. Named TACO (you’ll know why when you catch a glimpse), not only does it have it all – 7 vibration speeds, special warming feature, dual massage points for tip to shaft stimulation – its design is so discreet, many of our customers shared experiences of TACO massager for men being mistaken as a high-tech ‘speaker’. 


Cock rings is one of the simplest go-to for anyone who is new to this world. You simply slide it onto the base of your penis (sometimes even around your testicles), and bam! It applies pressure that keeps that blood from rushing out of your dick too soon. The result? A longer-lasting, rock-hard erection that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear. Oh, and here’s the kicker : cock rings aren’t just about the endurance game.  They come in all sorts of textures and can even vibrate, taking your pleasure to the next level. Trust me, it's an up you don't want to miss!


Well, the name has already told you what this is going to do! These toys target your prostate, which is a gland located just below the bladder. This gland happens to be your body’s very own pleasure epicenter.  Yep, that's right, it's the male equivalent of the oh-so-famous G-spot. I've heard whispers that this is the crème de la crème of toys. It leads to creating a sensation in the entire body, it’s like an orgasm that you have never had before!


It’s time to give your trusty hand a little rest. Say hello to male masturbators! In a nutshell, male masturbators are mind-blowingly realistic replicas of a female’s most intimate parts: the vagina, anus, and mouth. They're crafted with materials that mimic the feel of human skin, so when you slide your penis in, you're entering a wild ride (pun absolutely intended). Whether you fancy some steamy vaginal action, mind-blowing anal pleasure, or a mind-bogglingly good oral experience, these toys have got your back (or rather, your... well, you know!). I promise you, your hand will thank you for this upgrade.

How do I go about a hush hush topic?

We often hear how orgasmic an addition is a women’s a sex toy - whether it’s letting the partner watch her or use it on her. How many times have we said the same for men’s sex toys? If not, why not?

Studies show a serious reason behind the start of this. When sex toys for men first hit the global market, the advertising particularly targeted gay men. The reason behind this was simple - the gay guys were shamed but were considered as a section that explores their sexual desires, since they’re so ‘different’. This created a sense of association between sex toys and gay men, which is a huge stigma by itself altogether.

The second reason is the perception of ‘men who are not actually getting laid have the need for such toys!’. I personally find this the stupidest reason, but at the same time, something that I absolutely see working in an Indian society. “How is he man enough if he can’t even get girls?”

Okay, one more reason might just be the design of sex toys for men. Sex toys for women look cute, and are available in several colours. On the other hand, sex toys for men look a little creepy - since a lot of times, they’re a replica of a woman’s vagina or other body parts.

This stigma is now reducing, in tiny baby steps. We have it in our hands to (pun intended) to change this at a faster rate. Talking about sex toys for men, the way we do for women - in pop culture, among friends, in the advertising world, will help us break this shame, in hopefully, bigger steps. This is why with TACO massager for men, the approach was to normalize while also keeping the fun alive (because what are toys if not your designated cheerleaders to take your to the land of unlimited pleasure).

How do I find the right one for me?

Sex toys are all about personal preferences, this is not a one-stop-fits-all scenario at all. While experimentation is one of the best ways to find the one that works best for you, there are certain things you can ask yourself before making this purchase. Answers to these questions will then help you look for the toy that might satisfy your expectations better :

  • First off, are you flying solo or planning to share the fun with a partner? This will help you narrow down your options and find a toy that suits your specific needs.
  • Are you looking for something that is USB chargeable or is your preference battery powered? With or without a cord? Determine your convenience and comfort.
  • What is the kind of sensation that you’re looking for? Is it heat? Vibrations? Do you not want vibrations at all? Keep this in mind while making the payment of what you’ve already added to your cart a while ago.

Your pleasure journey is unique to you. So take a moment, reflect on your desires, and then make a choice.

Safety first, always

You’ve gone through enough trouble in picking the right toy and overcoming the stigma, so let’s avoid any other hassles now! Clean your toys before and after, to ensure no infections around your genital areas. Use a lubrication to reduce any discomfort and to make the experience smooth overall, especially when you’re just getting started.

If you’re planning to introduce this to your partner, please have an open conversation about this first, make sure that they’re comfortable and double check that you have their consent throughout. Make sure that they’re enjoying the ride just as much as you are.

I hope that this has given you a nice, tight grip into the world of sex toys for men. So go ahead, start being creative and exploring more! But remember, it doesn't end with just exploring for yourself. It’s time to meet for dinner, swap stories and discuss the hottest sex toys in town. You have a bigger role to play in de-stigmatizing this, for yourself and for all the other guys around you! Go, make some noise, both inside and outside!

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