How to Use: Flex Personal Massager

How to Use: Flex Personal Massager

To help you traverse your pleasure landscape in an all-new titillating and ultra-flexible way, here’s introducing you to our recent launch: Flex Personal Massager. In every possible aspect, Flex is setting a new precedent in the world of sex toys. From its unobvious and innovative design that resembles a boomerang when bent, to the incredibly delicious settings that will set your soul on fire, Flex is an intimate massager that’s got you covered to experience the best of every world!

So, without any further ado, let’s take you down the rabbit hole of all things Flex – from the basics to the aesthetics, and safety to sexy bits. 

What is Flex Personal Massager?

Flex is a curvy and bendable personal massager that’s equal parts intuitive and impressive. Flex has been designed for both internal and external stimulation, has a flattened form, and is super lightweight. It consists of two ends – a sturdy yet pliable handle with a power button that you hold to control the speed settings and manage the angle at which you’d like to bend the Flex personal massager. Yes, Flex can be bent up to a 180° angle to target the different hotspots on your (or your partner’s) body including the clitoris, labia, vagina (G-spot, A-spot), scrotum, shaft, perineum, etc. The other end which is the star of the show, the slender massage head has a small bulb-like protrusion that provides targeted vibrations to the desired spot, whether on the outside or the inside. 

What makes Flex different from other intimate massagers?

The USP of Flex is its intentional design to help people of all bodies access their external and internal genitalia (including the G-spot) with great comfort. Flex has a curvy bendable body and flattened massage head that offers focused stimulation to the desired area. Best part? You can mold Flex in a way that sculpts your body and best fits your needs, and it will maintain the shape or the angle. 

Now, let’s compare Flex to our bestselling internal & external vibrator for women, OG Massager, which has been a total game-changer in the bedroom for many couples over the years. Since OG has a massage head that’s girthier, rounded, and broader in shape and form, and owing to its whippy design, the OG personal massager makes for a great choice for those looking at something more experimental, and a step ahead! 

This way, with a compact and slimmer head, Flex offers easy insertion, which makes it a great starter sex toy. And, there’s no compromise on the electrifying features – Flex comes with a power-packed combination of 10 different speeds and patterns and is water-resistant (in case you were wondering *winkwink*). 

What are the various ways one can use Flex body massager?

Whether it's your first-time nose-diving into the exciting avenues of pleasure with sex toys, or you have a been-there-done-that-seen-it-all kinda vibe around you, Flex personal massager is here to take everyone by surprise. With its ultra-flexible moves and body-friendly design, Flex has a freer range of movement, and allows easy insertion to cater to all your different erogenous zones! This is what also sets it apart from many mainstream massagers available in the Indian market. 

From solo play to partnered adventures, there's a wide array of opportunities to make the best use of Flex. Based on the feedback of some of That Sassy Thing's awesome gang of beta-testers, we're putting down a few ideas to get you started:

  • Cooch Cravings: For all our lovely folks with a V, it’s time to pay some extra attention to the different parts of your vulva. And, Flex personal massager helps you do that with utmost ease and fun! Start by placing the massage head on your clit, teasing it as you move along the labia. Flex is slender and long so it promises a cozy fit down there.

  • Put It In: If you’re looking to please yourself with some penetrative action, look no further than Flex to satisfy all your zones. Flex has a flattened body with a super compact head that can be inserted conveniently. It’s streamlined and flexible so you can bend it at an angle that best suits your body to hit all the spots with over 10 different vibe modes!

  • Time for a Mixer: Mix and match your other toys with Flex massager for the perfectly synchronized pleasure troupe! You may use a clitoral suction toy such as the LIT personal massager by That Sassy Thing alongside Flex to get a taste of multiple orgasms, say! The opportunities are endless, so go ahead and figure out Flex the way YOU want to! 

Is Flex a good sex toy for me and my partner?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Being such a versatile sex toy, the Flex massager can easily make its way into your bedroom and heart by bringing pleasure to not just you but also your partner in more ways, positions, and moves than one. Think of mutual masturbation with your Flex massager and TACO vibrating stroker for men and P-owners. Maybe season the usual BJ sesh by gently massaging their balls and perineum with your Flex massager. Eat them out like you've never before by coordinating your tongue and the Flex's amazing vibes. Place a vibrating Flex massager onto your partner's vulva, ask them to close their thighs, and watch them squirm and beg for more! 

Fun fact, you can even use the flattened side of the massage end for gentle spanking in between a fiery session to make it smoking hot! Now, that's a variety, don't you think? 

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Are internal vibrators for women such as Flex safe to use?

Your safety comes first, and we always prioritize the same at That Sassy Thing. All our massagers including Flex, have been designed with body-safe, 100% medical-grade silicone. They are free of any hazardous substances and are CE and RoHS-certified. We only launch the products that we first love to use ourselves and then are tried, tested, and loved by our thriving Sassy community. 

What lube would you recommend to use with Flex?

We highly recommend the use of our all-natural, pH-balanced, and water-based lube DTF with Flex or any intimate massager that you may own. DTF is both hypoallergenic (so it’s good for your skin) and compatible with most toys and condoms. 

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Is Flex a travel-friendly sex toy?

Yes! Flex has been discreetly designed to avoid prying eyes and unnecessary attention. Owing to its sneaky aesthetics and being ultra-lightweight, your Flex personal massager can easily slip into a cozy pocket (or, a duffel bag for an added layer of privacy) before you pack it in your hand-carry baggage. Kindly DO NOT pack your rechargeable massager in your check-in luggage since it’s an electronic device. We advise discharging the Flex massager completely before packing. And, don't forget to pack its magnetic USB charging cable along with your other chargers. 

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In case you’re flying internationally, kindly check the customs laws pertaining to the country concerning owning and using a sexual wellness product such as the Flex massager. 

How to clean and store Flex Personal Massager

You can always maintain and elongate the life of your personal massagers by following simple hygiene tips and best practices such as the ones mentioned below: 

  1. Charge periodically: It's important to keep charging your Flex massager every week or so (or, after every few uses) to help maintain the battery life and overall health of the massager. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the massager and it's recommended to fully charge it before the first use. 
  2. Wash regularly: We recommend washing your personal massagers with mild soap and water after every use.  You can pat it dry with a clean towel before storing it. Refrain from washing with or exposing your massager to corrosive cleaners like acetone, alcohol, gasoline, etc. They can damage the product. 
  3. Store carefully: Once washed, you can store your Flex personal massager in the cute carry pouch that comes along. It's advisable to keep the massager out of the way of direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place.

Now that you know (almost) everything about our Flex personal massager, give in to the temptations and order yours now! We're throwing in a sweetener for you with an easy, interest-free Pay in 3 EMIs offer, so hurry up and claim yours! Until next time, when we take you on another interesting tour of our awesome intimate wellness collection.

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