How Pleasure Toys Can Help Couples with a Pleasure Glow-Up

How Pleasure Toys Can Help Couples

Do you feel like your bedroom games with boo have become a bit predictable? Have you been pondering what grand erotic gesture could make them swoon again, right out of their pants? Or maybe your night time routine of petting the kitty has lost a bit of its thrill? Having to rediscover intimacy might feel like you’ve hit a roadblock, but Aunt Sassy would like to reassure you that it just means you're on your way to finding more pleasure!

And in this guide she’s taking you through how a pleasure toy can help rekindle the spark. Be sure to check out our self care products so you can have your pick of good vibes to amp it up and keep things naughty!

1. Keepin' it Fresh 

Just when you think you know yourself and your partner(s) inside out, adding a new pleasure toy to the mix can bring surprises. With a variety of toys to pick from and sensations to play with, you can expand your intimate playground with so much fun.

Our personal body massager OG, is flexible and comes with 10 different vibes–the perfect tool to start mapping out new erogenous zones and new touches to make you quiver with pleasure. So hit refresh on your playtime today and get ready to unwind with some fresh vibes! 

2. Just the Right Touch 

While skin to skin contact undeniably has its unique sex appeal, there are also sensations that the body can’t replicate, like pulses and vibrations. These sensations when offered by an intimate massager are targeted and rhythmic which intensify your arousal.

LIT, our personal mini massager, kisses your kitty–and wherever else you please–with its rhythmic suction technology. So next time you’re getting off, give those pretty fingers a rest, or rub them all over your body as you let your sex toy play cat whisperer. 

3. Werking that Pillow Talk

To bring back the magic in the bedroom, communication is key. And getting frisky with toys can help you do just that, by opening avenues to discuss fantasies, fetishes and boundaries. Figuring out which toy you’d like to get can rekindle the passion, as you paint a picture together of the dirty adventures you could be having.

By serving as a medium for you to share if you want it tighter, faster, or to stop, pleasure products can encourage healthy conversations during playtime. Understanding your own body better through solo play encourages improved communication with a partner as well, allowing you to guide them to your toe curling climax. 

4. Ease In, Enjoy

When it comes to getting intimate, there's often this huge weight of expectations – nailing it, having a blast, and making sure your partner's totally satisfied. Introducing intimate toys can be a game-changer. They're like your wing-person, stepping in to boost your confidence and elevate the experience. Instead of fretting over whether you and your sweetheart can reach the O-zone together, using a toy can guide you to the happy endings that you desire.

With its playful and inviting salt-cellar design, and multiple power-packed modes, our personal intimate massager Salty is a vibe you can vouch for for peak pleasure. The rumbling sensations and grooved body also make it a great toy for exploring sensory play. 

5. Tap into That Sexual Healing 

Adult toys can also aid with conditions like vaginismus, erectile dysfunction (ED) and chronic pelvic pain. By providing carefully calibrated stimulation, they can help sooth tension and increase relaxation. The more relaxed you are, the more you'll be able to allow pleasure in. Do take caution to consult a professional about using pleasure toys while managing a condition, just so you can be absolutely safe. 

6. Infusing Intimacy with Connection 

Renewing intimacy in a relationship takes trust, and using pleasure gadgets helps build this by fostering patience and acceptance as you figure out what rhythms work best for you. This helps build a playful pathway to rediscovering each other, nurturing not only pleasure but also understanding and closeness in your relationship.

By embracing solo play with toys, you're not just elevating your arousal, but also deepening your connection with your own body. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out our water based lube DTF, which only adds to the fun with its thicc texture that makes everything slip and slide just how you’d like it. 

So there you have it, a roadmap to reigniting the flames of passion and connection in your relationship, with the treasure trove that is pleasure toys. As you embark on this adventure, keep in mind that there's no "right" or "wrong" way to navigate intimacy. So, celebrate the twists and turns, the laughter and the vulnerability, and most importantly, the pleasure that comes from embracing the unknown.


About the Author 

Anna (she/they) is queer and neurodivergent. They have always been curious about pleasure and conversations around it (and wanted to found a condom company when they were 12, because of Global North misinformed panic that the climate crisis is a consequence of overpopulation–they’ve learnt better now). They wish to contribute to a world where everyone can enjoy access to pleasure, safely and shamelessly. 

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