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Going right, one step at a time

Going right, one step at a time

What did you do with that power bank that stopped charging?

Or your first smartphone that conked-off and was damaged beyond repair? Or that old laptop that even your younger sibling refused to use because it was too slow?

You must be wondering why we are asking you about your power banks, laptops and phones. Here’s why: Someone wrote to us a few days ago asking about, “What’s our policy for disposing of the battery operated massagers?”
Fair enough—we’d been trying to find an answer for this for a while. But the problem is, it’s hard to set up an e-waste policy for the category we exist in and at the scale we’re at. We’re not saying it’s impossible to set up a process that helps our customers dispose of their massagers—but do we have the resources at this point? 

Not at all.
Will we do something about it once we grow?
Hell yes!  

We’re a bootstrapped company trying to do things right—one thing at a time.
This shall follow too. Till then, we’d urge you to take the onus of disposing of all your battery operated devices that stop functioning (not just massagers), responsibly. Find the nearest e-waste recycling company that accepts all battery operated devices and add massagers to the list too. If you want to do it discreetly (which may be the right thing to do), you could put the silicone and inner plastic in your home recycling dustbin and send the batteries to e-waste management centres. Works? 

Thanks for your support and trust in us, we’ll get there.
Very soon. :) 

Till then, you could look up some resources here:  https://www.thebetterindia.com/186938/lifestyle-donate-ewaste-ngo-recycling-old-phones-electronics-india/

We’d recommend getting in touch with individual e-waste recycling centres/NGOs and checking their policies before proceeding with sending your stuff.