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Get Pillow Talkin’- 6 Positions to Pleasure UP

Get Pillow Talkin’- 6 Positions to Pleasure UP

Quite often, when we think about spicing things up with our partners, we might tend to focus on our bodies and how we could perform better. Popular notions about what it means to be good in bed can add a lot of pressure and take the fun out of having conversations about getting frisky(er). Fortunately for you, Aunt Sassy wants you to own your pleasure and has got your back (and your neck, and your legs, and your…) and brings to you the all new, pleasure pillow, ‘UP’!

Designed for play (and for work, but let’s talk about that later), this guy's here to take you to new dimensions (and depths), with ease. As Esther Perel, one of the most influential relationship psychologists of our time says, “play is the infinite testing ground for creativity”. And with a firm yet soft to the touch, conveniently angled testing ground like the high resilience foam-based pillow UP, get ready to get your freak on with boo, with a little boost. Here are 6 positions that you can level UP in the bedroom (or elsewhere if you’re feeling adventurous):

1. Saddle UP


Being on top is generally favoured by people with vulvas as it enables them to control the rhythm, depth, and angle of play. And, as fun as it may sound, riding for long may often tire you out. Prop UP under the bottom of a partner with a penis or strap-on. This instant lift can make way for deeper penetration by angling the hips suitably for longer periods of straddling or bouncing. Setting the stage for some lit (with a C) stimulation, feel on top of the world (not just boo) by rocking your huha back and forth and showing your ride a good time *wink*. The support that the pillow provides also makes it easier on the hips, thighs, and knees. By helping the partner with a penis to last longer, UP helps in extending your playtime and elevating pleasure. Unlike your average pillow, UP is firm and can hold weight, ensuring a smoother ride. (Yeehaw!)

2. Missionary with a Mix


Take the classic missionary to new heights by placing UP under the hips of the partner on the bottom, to angle their pelvis for more lit (with a C), A-spot, P-spot, or G-spot stimulation, depending on how your bodies are aligned and what y'all are in the mood for. Experiment and explore all the ways you can play around with this position for gusto: placing their legs on the shoulders, around the neck, or on the chest of your partner on top. Having UP underneath can give just the right elevation, without any need for stacking as you would with regular pillows. You and your lover can rely on its safe and supportive cushioning, as you head to pound-town together.
Be sure to use lube for some smooth lovin'. Try our DTF 2.0, if you haven’t–it’s thicc for added pleasure.

3. Princess Peach


The Princess Peach can be a delight for anyone who's into peach-play. With one partner’s hips resting on UP, the other can focus on pleasuring their booty orally, going manual or using toys (whatever rocks your boat). Think rimming with some hand on the peen action, eating pussy while fingering the tushy…the world's your playground. For partners with vulvas, simultaneous stimulation of the booty-hole and the lit (with a C) using OG or LIT (our massagers and crowd-pleasers), can take those toe curling O's to the next level!

While there can be concerns about A-play because of fewer conversations around it, following safe practices like using a dental dam and enough (and more) lube, getting tested regularly, and ensuring all partners are comfortable, can help ease the experience for everyone and make it more gratifying, like with all other forms of s-e-x. 

4. Everyday is Hump Day


In this position, one of the partners lies down on their stomach, with the pillow placed under their hips, providing a slight elevation. They can lie down with their legs either pressed together, or spread apart, as the partner with a penis lies on top of them, propping themselves up with their hands or elbows, as they take a deep dive.

Like Saddle UP and Missionary with a Mix, this can even be a fun option for dry humping. Dry humping is a form of outercourse that involves partners grinding against each other while being fully clothed or in their underwear. Rubbing against each other’s body can be incredibly arousing and can lead to sensational orgasms, with stimulation of the lit (with  a C), the penis, and other erogenous zones like the neck and the ears, which are in close proximity for some extra nibbling and licking.

5. 69 + UP


If you and your partner(s) are in too much heat to wait your turns, 69 + UP can add more fuel to the fire. While it can usually get somewhat uncomfortable to reach your partner(s) while being in this position, with a little support from UP, either by providing a headrest or raising the hips, you can bring your mouths closer to each other’s genitals and really get your head in the game. Dig right in, babe!

6. Watch Me Go Down


Masturbation can be a great way to build connection with our partners and to learn about what pushes each other’s buttons. Take a seat on the comfy UP, with your crotch in full view and put on a show for yo’ someone special. Guide their hands (or mouth and tongue) where you want to be touched, giving them cues on how you usually get off when you’re alone and thinking about them. Add some dirty talking to the mix and you’ve got a dedicated student.

(Examples: “Do you want to feel how wet I am right now?” “I think you should try that with your mouth”)

Once you and your partner in seggsy time are finished and are enjoying your moments of ecstasy, you can lay back and revel in it without worrying about the dirty mess you might have made. ;) UP comes with a removable outer cover, which allows you to wash it by hand, using a mild detergent, such as
Clean Qween. When using it with different people, it is recommended to use fresh covers for each use. 

Now that you’ve got all this lowdown, what are you waiting for? Shop UP here and get pillow talking, now. 


About the Author 

Anna (she/they) is queer and neurodivergent. They have always been curious about pleasure and conversations around it (and wanted to found a condom company when they were 12, because of Global North misinformed panic that the climate crisis is a consequence of overpopulation–they’ve learnt better now). They wish to contribute to a world where everyone can enjoy access to pleasure, safely and shamelessly. 

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