Aunt Sassy's Guide to Pleasure Toys

Aunt Sassy's Guide to Pleasure Toys

Shush, I’m having a moment with my…best vibrator.

Ever since I started writing for TST, Aunt Sassy has made me try more best rated personal massagers than my nightstand could accommodate. And guess what? I'm living for it!

I mean, why shouldn't she shout from the rooftops about the best vibrators? They're like the ultimate multitaskers.

Let's break it down, starting with its physical perks. A vibrator isn't just a toy; it's like a crash course in self-discovery. It's about tuning into your body, your desires, and figuring out what really gets your motor running. And bonus: it amps up your confidence, making the spicy conversations with your bae a breeze.

But wait, there's more juice to squeeze! It's a total game-changer for shaking things up in the bedroom with your partner. It injects a fresh dose of excitement into your sex life, flipping the script on the same-old, same-old. Plus, it sparks those important convos about closeness and boundaries, building trust like nobody's business. Oh, and let's not sleep on how it can bring you and your partner even closer, turning solo sessions into a sweet, romantic rendezvous.

And hey, for those who struggle to hit the big O with just plain ol' penetration, no sweat. That's where the best rated personal massagers swoop in to save the day.

But here's the real kicker: every sex toy is a ticket to an adventure. Whether you're vibing with suction vibes (yup, they're LIT!), or you're curious about something totally new, there's a world of exploration at your fingertips - and all of this, with total safetyyy, no STD risks at all.

Understanding Aunt Sassy’s personal favourite vibrators


LIT personal massager is the lady that is living up to its name in every way imaginable, trust me. This baby will suck you like no other, and "lit" will be the only word you'll be moaning and remembering.

If you’re new to this, she is the one you should start flirting with. It isn’t intimidating at all, and only for external stimulation. It's got this unique, super rhythmic suction tech going on that makes you feel like you're getting the VIP treatment from a mouth, but it's way better than that. It starts off nice and gentle, but then BAM! You've got five godspeed levels to play with, and each one is a whole new vibe.

7/10 women orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and she is a pro at making that happen. No wonder that A from Lucknow says - “Don’t let the small size fool u! LIT is very strong in the sensations it gives. 10/10 recommend.”


I mean, why wouldn’t she Flex? She’s so bendy!

She's light as a feather but packs a serious punch with multiple modes up her sleeves. Just a touch from Flex body massager  gets me going, no lie. Plus, she comes with this sturdy yet totally moldable handle that can bend, twist and turn to hit all the sweet spots. And you know what I love most about her? That slender head that's perfect for both internal and external play, without being too thick. She's like your personal genie, granting all your wishes without a second thought.

Oh, and did I mention she's down for some shower action? Yeah, Flex is waterproof, so you can take your steamy sessions to a whole new level. Plus, she's like the perfect guide for both newbies and seasoned pros alike. Flex has got something for everyone, and she knows just how to make every experience unforgettable.

Given she’s sooo cool, it’s no surprise that C.S. says, “I never review products but holy smokes my flex massage is now my go-to! I didn’t know I was even physically capable of *word that rhymes with blurting* until now. Absolutely perfect in all ways.” 


Let's talk about Taco vibrating stroker , 'cause he's that smokin' hot guy stealing the spotlight at the bar. Everyone is making a beeline towards him, and you won't wanna miss out.

It’s the best sex toy for men to your tech brigade, and ultra-modern, mind you. An adjustable, open-ended ribbed sleeve that's just begging for you to get a grip. And once you do, you won't wanna let go. You might think that it’s innovative dual-stimulation is it’s A game max pro, but wait until it’s warming feature hits you for all the real feelllls.

Now, I understand that massagers for men are not something you’ve seen often. Hey baby, you’re not alone. V, from Mumbai, like so many others are with you. Here’s what he says : “The first time I used a product for male pleasure. A unique experience as I didn’t have to physically focus harder to achieve O. Taco took care of that from me. I didn’t have to fiddle, adjust for any positions.”


Alright, let's give it up for the OG internal and external massager, the original boss of best rated personal massagers, quite literally. This bad boy is here to get the O to your G, no doubts about it. And let me tell you, it lives up to its name in every sense - it hits those pleasure spots both inside and out, in all its flexible glory.

Step into the shower and let OG show you what it's made of with its game-changing features. With 10 different intensities and modes, it's like having a whole party in there. OG doesn't mess around when it comes to delivering those oh-so-satisfying sensations.

And when something is SO good, don’t we all recommend it to a friend? That’s exactly what D’s friend from Rajasthan did. “Got to know about this bad boy from my friend, and told all my friends to get it too! The texture is super smooth and feels so natural on the body - loved it. Pro tip - use lube with it for pleasure - level maxxxx”


Salty mini wand massager is that sneaky friend who surprises you by the crazy stuff they can pull off. This bad boy is a total powerhouse - high powered, a rumbling head and travel friendly like nothing else.

And bro, it’s so discreet, wait for it - it can legit pass off as a salt cellar or a  paperweight. But don't let its innocent appearance fool you. With 2 speeds and 8 patterns, combined with that high start intensity, Salty's gonna hit you like a blackout - in the best way possible! You won't know what hit you until you're in the middle of it all.

It’s my personal favorite - I have a BIG BIG smile everytime I hold Salty’s head against my clit and move it in rounds. And I’m not the only one. “Gifted to a friend. She had a big big smile the next time I met her,” says L from Uttar Pradesh.


Who doesn’t love candy, am I right? Especially when candy external massager comes with 12 different speeds and patterns to sweeten the deal even more. It's not just for external fun; with its well-rounded tip and ergonomic finger grip, it's perfect for internal play too. Talk about versatility!

Once you give it a whirl, you'll definitely be coming back for round two (or maybe even pairing it up with some of Aunt Sassy's other best sex toys, if you catch my drift)

”Seeing the size I didn’t imagine how powerful and good this could feel. The finger grip makes moving around all the more easier. 10/10 would gift it to all my friends!”

Whatuuu still waiting on this page for - go place an order for the best vibrator in India and cum thank Aunt Sassy later :)
PS : they come with a warranty!

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Best Sex Toys in India FAQs : 

  1. What are some popular types of personal massagers for women?

    While there’s a huge range of massagers that stimulate different sweet spots ; they are majorly categorized into two types : clitoral (external) massagers which stimulate the goddess of pleasure on our bodies and internal ones that slowly make their way to our G-Spot.
  1. Are vibrators safe to use?

    Heck yeah. Vibrators are like the safest wingman ever – zero risk of STDs, no strings attached. Just remember to give your vibe a quick rinse before and after each use to keep things squeaky clean and infection-free.

  2. Can I use a vibrator with a partner?

    Ofcourse, Aunt Sassy is all about it. Using vibrators with your partner adds a whole new level of excitement and fun to the mix. It's a secret weapon to level up your pleasure game together. So go ahead, spice things up and explore new sensations with your bae.
  1. Do vibrators come with warranties?

    Warranty terms vary depending on the brand you're rockin' with. While many brands offer warranty coverage, some might not. But hey, no stress here because ours definitely come with that peace of mind.


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