Rock 'n' Roll: What’s it with dancing and getting horny?

Rock 'n' Roll: What’s it with dancing and getting horny?

You feel the glance of their eyes on you. There’s electric charge in the air. Lips moving, bodies swaying, a lil’ touch here and there. Your heart's doing the cha-cha, and every inch of you is buzzing with excitement. You’re living your best life.

Now, close your eyes and picture that scene. What’s popping into your head? Yeah, exactly! The sexual tension in dance. Makes you think of both dance and desire, intertwined in a killer sexy routine, doesn’t it?

But when you really break it down, it's no shocker. I mean, think about it. Dancing is basically a full-body workout that gets your legs, hands and blood moving. It gets you pumping out feel good hormones, and boosts your mood like crazy.

This is just purely the physical (hehe) similarity between dance and sex. But what are the deeper correlations that run between the grinding on a club floor and a dance floor? 

So, why is there such a strong link in the first place?

Moving that booty makes you super aware of your own body. We’ve all been so caught up in the hustle lately that we forget just how bomb we are. It's your personal reminder - dang, you’re smokin’ hot.

Also, when you're bursting into romantic dances, you're not worrying about yesterday's drama or tomorrow's to-do list. You're living in the here and now, soaking up every ounce of your sensual dance style delicious moment. And being in the moment ain’t that far off from gettin’ down and dirty, right?

And the science behind your sexy moves :

Think of the last time you saw a nature documentary. You’ll remember seeing animals busting out their best moves to snag a mate.  Well, guess what? Humans are no different. When you're shaking it on the dance floor, you're basically participating in this primal, biological ritual to find your perfect match. According to the experts, dance is like the ultimate mating call.

And get this—studies have shown that women tend to sway those hips extra hard when they're at their most fertile. And hetero dudes were also found checking out those hips when a woman’s in her fertile window. (Yes, it hits Aunt Sassy and me just as hard as it hit you, but hey, how else do we drop these truth bombs? Gotta keep it real, even if it stings a bit.)

According to another survey, ladies love someone who can move and groove. 80 percent of women say that guys who can tear it up on the dance floor are also dynamite in the bedroom.

And it's not just the ladies getting in on the action. Turns out, guys with higher testosterone levels tend to bust out some seriously flashy moves on the dance floor. So, if you're out there like you're auditioning for a Broadway show, you might just be packing some extra testosterone in those veins, my friend.

So the next time you're getting close to a hottie on the dance floor, just remember—it's not just their charm, it's science, baby!

How does dancing actually help the sex(y) in you :

Being a dancer isn't just about impressing someone between the sheets. Nah, it's about forging a deeper connection with your own sexuality.

When you're shaking it in the club, you're not just moving your body, you're owning it. You're feeling every beat, every rhythm, and it's like you're getting cozy with yourself in a whole new way. You're shedding the layers of insecurity and stepping into your own power.

This power and confidence doesn't just stay on the dance floor. It follows you into the bedroom, where suddenly you're not afraid to let loose and show off your sexy moves. It's like you're tapping into this raw, primal energy that's been hiding inside you all along.

So, here’s a little extra tip for ya : next time you're feeling a little shy or insecure in the bedroom, just remember - dance it out, boo.

“When I’m dancing, I express my own sexuality. With my moves, my expressions, my lips. It makes me feel more myself sexually than anything else,” says Gargi from Mumbai.

What’s in it for your partnerrr :

“My partner is a dancer and a choreographer, and it shows. She does a little shimmy here and there, a small swing when we’re switching positions. It’s playful as heck. I love those tiny bits,” says Kaushik from Pondicherry.

When you're feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin, it's a magnet for your partner. Plus, you may pick up some new moves from your sensual dance style routine that come in handy during sexy time. This means that if you learn some chiggy-wiggy with your hips or a waist swirl from your dance class, you best believe that your body’s gonna bust ‘em out subconsciously when things heat up. Obviously, your partner is gonna be loving every minute of it.

Let’s groove to a bunch of sensual playlists Aunt Sassy whipped up just for us. She’s now waiting on you to add your own sexy tunes to the mix, so we can all have a blast with it. Let’s sync our dance and desire to this playlist like there’s no tomorrow.


About the Author 

Hemali (she/her) is an explorer of the realms of sexuality, intimacy, and dating. She talks endlessly about the evolving landscape of feminist narratives on the big screen and makes you reanalyze the portrayal of women in mainstream culture. If you're looking for alternative conversation starters, take your pick from: Biryani, Art Fairs, or Spoken Word Poetry.

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