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Top 10 Positions to Spruce Up with UP Pillow

Top 10 Positions to Spruce Up with UP Pillow

For most couples, one of the primary ways to add a little spice to the bedroom is to experiment with sex positions. Whether that is a raunchy twist of the classic missionary or giving the doggy style a new rapport, sex positions help in getting the best out of penetration and maximizing pleasure by catering to each of the partner’s different hotspots. 

Just like Samantha from Sex and the City, we take your pleasure very seriously at That Sassy Thing. This is why we came up with India’s first-of-its-kind sex pillow, called UP. As innovative as it may be, the UP Pillow is equal parts handy and approachable, making it the perfect first night gift for wife. It is a firm, high-resilience foam-based supportive pillow that allows you to play around with different positions during sex without any discomfort. 

We’ve put together this super saucy and elaborate guide to take you over the top ten most popular positions and how to level up the fun using the UP sex pillow. 

10. Eating Out/69

What: Oral sex is touted to be one of the finest acts across the foreplay universe. The best part is that oral play is enjoyed and preferred by people of all genders. Despite being a mainstay, oral stimulation does require practice and constant communication to ensure you and your partner have a great time. Or, as Ariana Grande likes to put it get that 34+35 (=69) fun! 

How to use UP: To get better access to your partner’s genitals for your fingers and mouth to steal the show, use a pleasure pillow like UP propped against the belly of your partner (with a V) as they let their tooshie rise and shine. This way you could access the G-spot and the clitoris with equal ease and a lot of excitement! 

9. Scissoring

What: For our sapphic couples, spice up your scissoring routine by adding a new dimension to your pleasure with the UP sex pillow. Cross-legged and getting it on in the heat of the moment is great, but you can explore an all-new way of making it more comfortable, especially if you and your partner wish to navigate size differences. 

How to use UP: You can place the pillow right under the back of the person at the bottom. This ensures sufficient elevation for the person on top to ride their way to heaven. Since the pillow doesn’t dip or lose its shape, it can even handle the weight of your partner’s body. 

8. Coital Alignment Technique

What: Coital Alignment Technique or CAT is a famous position highly recommended by sex therapists and educators alike for how it offers clitoral stimulation alongside penetration. The idea is to align the genitals in a way that partner on the top can stimulate the clitoris externally through rubbing and humping during penetration. 

How to use UP: Place the UP pleasure pillow beneath the back of the partner at the bottom and let the person on top align their body in a way that makes the genitals meet. 

Pro Tip: Use a water-based lube like DTF to ensure a slippery smooth playground. If you’re feeling freaky, line up an intimate massager like Flex for a sensational experience. 

7. The Pinballin’

What: Also known as The Bridge, this position demands a lot of strength from the partner at the bottom (experiencing penetration). Because the position may feel uncomfortable if maintained for longer periods, it’s recommended to use a sex pillow like UP for extra cushioning and support. 

How to use UP: Place UP somewhere around the upper back where your weight might be centered in this position. This will ensure that with all the happening thrusts and strokes, you’re able to be in the moment at ease! 

Pro Tip: Let your partner hold the LIT personal massager on your clit to bring on those toe-curling Os!

6. Pretzel with a Dip

What: As opposed to The Pinballin’, this one requires stamina and effort on behalf of the partner on top (who’s penetrating). To ensure a smoother (and amazing) sexual experience, use the UP sex pillow! 

How to use UP: Place the UP pillow underneath the thighs of the partner at the bottom or sideways along their body to create a push-up and make penetration seamless.

5. The Lotus 

What: One of the most intimate and passionate positions out there, The Lotus involves both the partners facing each other while one partner sits on top of the other. The partner on top (usually a woman/vulva owner) has more control over the thrusts and thus requires support to rest the body weight. 

How to use UP: UP can be placed under the hips as the partner on top sits right on it (the elevated side facing away from their partner). This will create a height and ensure freer movement for the partner on top as they hop in ecstasy!

4. Reverse Cowgirl

What: This iconic position is known for giving woman more freedom of movement and have control over their pleasure while engaging in penetration. 

How to use UP: You can either place UP underneath the hips of the partner at the bottom to lean towards their legs. Alternatively, you can even place UP pleasure pillow somewhere between the two partner to fill up the empty space and have a firm base as you bounce around!  

Pro Tip: Add dollops of India’s favorite all-natural, water-based lube DTF to ensure a friction-free and super-fun ride! 

3. Cowgirl

What: Ready to yeehaw your way to the best climax of your life? While cowgirl itself has many variations, this position is a hit for many couples. Having said that, it’s important to make sure that both partners feel comfortable and relaxed and that there are no mishaps or awkward moments in between! 

How to use UP: Place the pillow right below the hips of the partner on top to offer a more supportive base.

2. Doggy

What: This one’s a no-brainer and needs no introduction! Doggy style is on top of the list of every person ever and offers direct G-spot stimulation while you also get a little kinky with spanking or biting the tush! 

How to use UP: UP can be placed beneath the belly of the partner at the bottom. The placement depends on how deep you’re planning to go or the angle at which your body is comfortable enough to bend. 

Pro-tip: Stimulate the clit with a body massager from our awesome collection at That Sassy Thing!

1. Missionary

What: No brownie points for guessing, the good ol’ vanilla charm of the Missionary position isn’t unknown. From first-timers to pro-explorers, everyone tends to come back to missionary for the feel-goodness and affectionate touch associated with the position.

How to use UP: Prop UP against the back of the partner at the bottom and make their world go round!

There you have it, 10 terrific positions and 1 sex pillow that has got all your bases covered! So get this first night for your wife and surprise her with the sexiest moves in bed! We're throwing in a sweetener for you with an easy, interest-free Pay in 3 EMIs offer, so hurry up and claim yours! Until next time, when we take you on another interesting tour of our awesome intimate wellness collection!


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