Did you know these facts about doing the nasty?

Did you know these facts about doing the nasty?

You’re doing it, she’s doing it, they’re doing it. Everyone is in on the action. Here, there and everywhere. But you just wouldn’t believe how fantastically, hilariously, and downright wonderfully some people are getting their groove on.

We're about to blow your mind (and maybe a few other things) with some jaw-dropping fun facts about sex. From Tokyo to Timbuktu, people are getting freaky in ways you never even imagined. Buckle up buttercup, it’s going to be a ride on the veryyyy wild side. Ready or not, here we go!

Interesting Sex Facts for youu

Before we jet-set around the globe in search of interesting facts about sex, let's start right here in your own backyard. Think about you, your friends, and those secret little fantasies that dance around in your minds. Bet you've all at least entertained the idea of a threesome, right? Well, here's a shocker: statistically speaking, that dreamy trio scenario is also the one that tends to crash and burn the most. Why, you ask? Oh, there are more reasons than you can shake a stick at.  Maybe it's because everyone's got their own unique vision of how it should play out. It’s like trying to choreograph a dance with three lead dancers and no rehearsal. So, if a ménage à trois is on your bucket list, here's a pro tip straight from Aunt Sassy: communication is your bestie. Talk it out, set some ground rules, and for the love of all things spicy, make sure everyone's on the same page before you dive in headfirst. Trust me, it'll save you a world of awkwardness later on.

Snuggling In Love GIF by Chelsea Rugg

Now, hold onto your hats (and your socks) for another bombshell revelation: wearing socks for sex could actually be the secret sauce to amping up your bedroom game! Forget about fancy lingerie or silk sheets, the real MVPs are the ones hugging your feet. It might sound a tad bizarre, but trust me, this sex fact has a lot of reasons to back it up. So if you're looking to dial up the pleasure factor, slip on those trusty foot warmers and let the magic happen.

And now, what’s happening around the world?

Let’s take this trip. First stop: rural Austria. Women here perform a traditional dance, but with a twist. They stuff slices of apple in their armpits while they groove. And after busting their moves, they bust out slices of apple from their armpits and offer up these fruity underarm delights to their chosen man. And get this - if he takes a bite, it's supposedly a sign that he's all about that pleasure life, no matter what body part it comes from. Talk about a juicy tradition!

Now, let's jet off to Mangaia, the southernmost group of Cook Islands, New Zealand.

Their tradition will leave you grinning from ear to ear. The young boys here are supposed to have sex with wayyy older women. This is so that the older women can teach young boys the tricks to please their partners. That's right, these cougars are passing down their wisdom in the bedroom, teaching the young'uns the ropes on how to please their partners. Now that's what I call hands-on learning!

Whether you're saying wth or omg right now, one thing's for sure: when it comes to getting freaky, the world is your oyster!

Interesting Sex Facts from History -

And don’t you dare think that our ancestors didn’t do some pretty shocking nasty things themselves. Sex history facts are just as scandalous as the modern ones.

Let's kick things off with a little history lesson about everyone's favorite bedside companions: LIT clittoral stimulator and Salty mini wand massager. Believe it or not, these buzzing beauties weren't always intended for pleasure. Back in the 19th century, they were actually invented as a cure for "hysteria" among women. Spoiler alert: it didn't.

And here’s another tidbit - the first dildos were made of stone! Our ancestors were getting their rocks off in more ways than one! One of the oldest depictions of male genitalia ever discovered came from Germany's Hohle Fels cave, dating back a whopping 28,000 years. And while those stone cold dildos might not have been the most comfortable (or hygienic), later versions were upgraded with leather sheaths to add a touch of warmth. Talk about stone-age innovation!

And that’s just the innovation part - wait till you hear the hilariously bizarre world of their historical sexcapades.

If we time travel to 1500s France, you’ll find that divorce sightings were rare. But the ladies had one very strong dealbreaker - they could ask for a divorce if their husband couldn’t ‘get it up’. And get this - the proof was in the pudding, or rather, the courtroom. Picture this: a man, standing in a court, trying to ejaculate in front of a jury. Isn’t that a courtroom drama worthy of its own Netflix special?

It gets even better (or should I say, weirder). Let's hop over to our next destination - Ancient Egypt, where they had a slightly unconventional way of ensuring a bountiful harvest. They actually believed that the flow of the Nile was caused by their god of creation's ejaculation. And to make sure the crops stayed green, they'd ritually masturbate into the Nile. Can you imagine? How’s that for ‘going with the flow’?

Surprising Facts About Women and Vulva Owners - 

Of course Aunt Sassy has some special sex facts about women for you. First things first, let's talk about the big O what is Masturbation. You've probably heard the age-old myth that women take forever to climax, right? While it's true that women's orgasms can take a bit longer to build, they pack a serious punch once they hit. In fact, on average, women's orgasms last anywhere from 13 to 51 seconds, compared to 10 to 30 seconds for our male counterparts. And here's the best bit- unlike men, women and vulva owners don't have a recovery period. They can keep riding the wave of pleasure, round after round, if they're properly stimulated. Talk about a marathon, not a sprint.

And yes, you can place your finger on a slight upward hill on the top of your vulva - and know it’s your clit, right? But babe, that’s just the external tip of a huge iceberg, literally. The clit is actually an expansive network of nerve endings, with the majority of them hiding beneath the surface. Stretching a whopping 10 centimeters from tip to tip, it's shaped like a four-pronged wishbone, ready to deliver mind-blowing pleasure at a moment's notice.

Yes, you can very well learn body anatomy from the internet (cause let’s face it, no one else is teaching it). But what if I told you I have something that will help you beat the shame and guilt that comes with having more than one partner?

Kreung, a tribe from Ratanakiri region of Cambodia, have a beautiful ritual to ensure that young girls are in charge of their sexual agency. The fathers here build ‘Love Huts’ for their daughters, to give them personal space to sexually experiment and socialize with boys. There’s no concept of ‘being a pure woman’ or a ‘slut’ here. I can actually hear you think how badly you wanna live in a society that thinks this way. Me too my love, me too.

“Well, all this would never happen in India, Aunt Sassy,” you’d say. So chegg this out - The Muria people, an indigenous tribe in Chhattisgarh have a special sexual tradition. Young boys and girls here come together in a Ghotul, a mixed dormitory to spend the night. It starts at dusk with singing and grooving your thang, and as it gets dark, you enter the Ghotul in pairs. This night looks like a whole lotta talking, getting dirty, experimenting with sexuality and actually educating one another!

Let these traditions and stories help shatter any amount of shame or guilt you feel about (premarital) sex - it’s natural and beautiful, and somewhere in the world, we still have people who believe that.

Now that I’ve told you such crazy unknown facts about sex, I want your help in telling everyone about this amusing world of sex. Go shut the laptop, call a friend and tell them about the cool sex facts that left you smiling, or grossed out or straight up shocked. And if you wanna take one step ahead - try beating the freaky of our ancestors and other traditions from the world. Show us whatuuu got. 

Now, let's talk about maximizing your solo pleasure game. While the history of sex is filled with fascinating tales and traditions, let's not forget the modern-day tools that can elevate your personal experience to new heights. Enter vibrators and sex toys, your trusty companions in the pursuit of pleasure. Whether you're exploring new sensations or enhancing familiar ones, these devices offer a world of possibilities. And for those who are curious about exploring their kinks and fantasies, be sure to check out our latest blog discussing what is the meaning of kinks. From BDSM to role-playing, , there's something for everyone to discover. So, next time you're in the mood for some self-indulgence, don't hesitate to reach for your favorite vibrator or personal massager, and be sure to delve into the exciting realm of kinks on our blog. Trust me, you won't regret it!

FAQs on sex facts -

What are some surprising sex facts about women and vulva owners?

The clitoris exists solely for pleasure - it absolutely has no other function or role to play. It's there for one reason and one reason only - to bring you to blissful ecstasy. So why are we still not making the most of it?

Are there any unknown facts about sex that are particularly surprising?

In rural Austria, women dance with apple slices stuffed in their armpits. After busting their moves, they offer these fruity delights to their chosen man. If he takes a bite, it's a sign he's all in for pleasure, no matter which body part it comes from. Quite a tradition, isn’t it?

How can I use these surprising sex facts to improve my own sex life?

Well - one if you use socks while you have sex, for sure. Another simple trick is putting a pillow under your waist when you’re trying missionary. It elevates your angle and makes you feel more. (cue our sexyy soxs and UP, obviously)

Are there any common misconceptions about sex that these facts can help debunk?

The size of the clit is a major misconception - even among women. This is because we have never been taught the anatomy of it. Babe, remember that your external bump is just the tip and that it’s actually so much more!

About the Author :

Hemali (she/her) is an explorer of the realms of sexuality, intimacy, and dating. She talks endlessly about the evolving landscape of feminist narratives on the big screen and makes you reanalyze the portrayal of women in mainstream culture. If you're looking for alternative conversation starters, take your pick from: Biryani, Art Fairs, or Spoken Word Poetry.

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