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How to Buy Your Partner His First Male Sex Toy

How to Buy Your Partner His First Male Sex Toy

As per a 2019 survey, India is the 5th most sexually active country in the world. Despite making it to the top 5, most Indians still struggle to navigate the realms of pleasure, sexuality, intimacy, and connection. Cut to post-lockdown where there was a significant 65% boost in the sale of sex toys in India. So, are people in India warming up to the idea of exploring their pleasure with the use of an intimate massager? Both statistics and testimonies support this hypothesis. 

While the current sex tech ecosystem in India is thriving with multiple options for women’s personal massagers, there hasn’t been a reliably efficient and good-looking product for male pleasure. More importantly, men have often been closed off to the idea of going beyond their ‘hand’ when it comes to self-pleasure; and some might feel threatened by sex toys for men in India given the conditioning of being “man enough”. 

To ease the load and take off the pressure, we’ve curated this holistic & fun guide with a few ways to have an open, supportive, and exciting conversation with your partner about investing in a spectacular sex toy. If you’re looking for a sex toy for your man, you have to check out our latest launch TACO - India’s first-of-its-kind ribbed vibrating stroker specially designed for his pleasure. 


  • Talk before you walk

  • Before you dive right in, prepare to communicate with words. Create a safe space for your partner to be able to express themselves with no fear of judgment. Ideally, you can set aside some time for you to sit, hold hands, talk, and even make a pros & cons list if need be! Remember to not nudge your partner and give them to get back, even if they aren’t ready to take the step.

  • Understand each other’s needs & desires

  • Many psychologists have discussed how aligning expectations and boundary-setting in relationships can be two important ways of addressing each other’s needs, desires, preferences, and limits. By opening yourself up to conversations around each other’s pleasure, you level the playing field. Getting a personal massager (for your partner) can be a way to make that happen!


  • Things to consider while toy shopping

  • If you’re all set to shop, grab a blanket, a glass of wine, and popcorn, and start scrolling! But wait, do go through the following list before setting your heart on a sex toy for man of your choosing.

    • Material:

      Always ensure that your choice of intimate massager is made of 100% body-safe materials that are durable and hypoallergenic. Our sex toys for men and women are made of medical-grade silicone that’s safe, soft, and feels good.

    • Special features:

      Whether it’s different frequencies or modes, having some extra hot features is always a bonus for when you’re picking a vibe for boo. May we suggest how our sex toy for men TACO has not just one or two but four mindblowing features! 7 speed modes, ribbed & open-ended sleeve, dual massage points for tip-to-shaft stimulation, and an extra special never-seen-before warming feature!

  • Variety in usage:

  • While you might be looking for sex toys for men that your partner can use for themselves, it won’t hurt to grab hold of a toy that can make everyone happy in the bedroom! Hence, our TACO stroker is the perfect match for both of your pleasures!
  • Budget-friendly:

  • How to get that perfect massager without burning your pocket too soon? At That Sassy Thing, you can choose to pay using 3 easy, interest-free EMIs. Now what’s better than that, eh?
  • Ways to spice up playtime

  • Once you place the order, it’s time to hold onto the moment in heated anticipation. Not for long though if you’re anywhere in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, or Bengaluru because That Sassy Thing offers same-day delivery every day in these cities. Here are some saucy play ideas to consider when you’re face-to-face with your lover and their personal massager:

  • Mutual masturbation

  • Get your partner to start stroking himself with TACO as you lie down and start touching yourself. Amp up the oomph by maintaining eye contact or looking in the mirror! 

  • Pulling a 69

  • A sex toy for men like our TACO in the hands of your partner while they go down on you and you go down on them? Sounds every bit like a dream come true, isn’t it? 

  • Handjob done well

  • Use lots of our all-natural water-based lubricant DTF to slip and slide TACO while going handsy on your partner!

    Now that you’ve gotten your hands full with the memo, it’s time to take the plunge and make your next move count! Worried about your cart? We're throwing in a sweetener for you with an easy, interest-free Pay in 3 EMIs offer, so hurry up and claim your sex toy for man! We’ll be back with yet another sassy guide to ease your intimacy journey and make it all the more hot and happening!


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