6 people Share Fictional Characters Responsible for their Sexual Awakening

6 people Share Fictional Characters Responsible for their Sexual Awakening

I read something really lovely recently, and it totally clicked with me. 

“Someone asked, “how long does it take for you to fall in love?”

I replied, ‘a couple of pages’

Haven’t we all been there with fictional characters? Whether it is from a book, a movie, or a show - sometimes these fictional characters just wrap us up in comfort and warmth like nothing else.

As an introvert, I've had countless moments growing up where I found myself head over heels for fictional characters. Instead of dismissing them as mere fantasies, I found solace in imagining myself part of their world, rubbing elbows with my favourite protagonists.

But it's not just about escapism. These characters are our silent mentors in a way. Some show us the power of kindness, others illuminate the path to love, and a few become our guiding beacons in times of darkness.

Sad Book Reaction GIF

There are no limits to the emotions they evoke. Who among us hasn't had a crush on a character from a movie? They teach us about friendship, about love, and sometimes, they're the catalysts for our first taste of sexual awakening too. This is when I thought, ”hmm, wouldn’t it be interesting to know from people which character made them go weak in the knees, and gave them their first taste of adult love and lust ? 

So then I had some interesting conversations with my folks with varied sexualities and preferences, delving into which fictional character ignited that spark of sexual awakening within them for the very first time. Maybe you’ll find your first crush in the list too!

S, 26, Male (Gay)

For me, it was John Abraham’s character Sam from Dostana. As a gay man, it was the first movie in the mass cinema genre where I saw a gay man. The scene with him on the beach in trunks, with a little bit of his butt-crack revealed, was single-handedly responsible for my sexual awakening. This was released when I was 10-11 years old. So these were these factors combined - that a big accessible piece of cinema was made available to me exactly at a time when sexual awakening starts happening for people. It was also presented in a very sexual way and John looked absolutely smoking hot! Dostana also happened to be this one mainstream film where two guys are hinted at kissing each other, of course, they didn't actually kiss, but it seemed they were. Those moments were also the first time in my life when I was made aware of the word ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’. I couldn't take my eyes off of John, and later my mind! 

M, 31, Female (Bisexual) 

I will say Kim Possible from the animated series with the same title. I loved how a woman kicked asses and looked super cool doing it. I also later came to realise that there was definitely a rage-filled sexual tension between her and her nemesis Shego. I almost now think they were hate-fucking each other lol. With those orange hair, a sexy crop top, and toned stomach, she looked like a dream even in animation. She was a total redhead baddie. I also got my hair coloured red in my early twenties once, which I now think could have been a decision subconsciously inspired by her.

S, 25, Male (Heterosexual)

It was Mili from Rangeela for me. There was something about her childlike innocence, her 'fuck-me' eyes at many instances, her ambition for what she wanted to achieve in life that made me go crazy for that character. I was 11, I think, when I first saw that film, and I wasn't even aware of the concept of girlfriends, but I remember thinking - I want her to be my girlfriend. Rangeela’s "Haye Rama" song has been my proud guilty pleasure for many years now. Her and Jackie Shroff’s chemistry is off the charts! Thanks to Ram Gopal Varma's gaze for giving us something as charming and alluring as a character like Mili through Urmila Matondkar.

U, 22, Female (Lesbian

Kim Possible Hair Flip GIF

Oh, definitely Alex Danvers from Supergirl! I mean, she's just this badass, confident, and caring character. Plus, she's portrayed by the stunning Chyler Leigh! Watching her on screen, navigating her identity, her relationships, and kicking butt while doing it, it was like a light bulb moment for me. Seeing her embrace her queerness and strength, it made me feel seen and empowered in a way I hadn't before. And those moments with Maggie Sawyer? *Chef's kiss* Alex Danvers awakened something in me, not just sexually, but emotionally too. She showed me it's okay to be who I am, and that's pretty darn powerful.

chyler leigh supergirl GIF by The Paley Center for Media

N, 34, Female (Heterosexual)

Well, it's not really a particular functional character, but a fictional piece of work that made me aware about my sexual desires and fantasies. It was Taslima Nasreen's "A French Lover." This novel really shook me to my core, particularly the character of Amina. Amina's journey of self-discovery, her courage to break free from societal expectations, and her unapologetic pursuit of love and passion awakened something deep within me. Seeing her challenge the norms and embrace her desires, even in the face of adversity, inspired me to do the same in my own life. Amina's story made me realise the importance of authenticity and living life on my own terms. It was through her character that I started to seriously think about exploring my own sexuality and embrace my desires without shame or hesitation. So, in a way, Amina from "A French Lover" was the catalyst for my sexual awakening journey.

S, 21, Transwoman (Bisexual)

It has been a bit of a new journey for me, because I am in the process of just coming to terms with my sexuality. I have seen some representation of queer characters on screen, but nothing made me gasp for air like Biba from the movie Joyland did. She is a trans woman, a dancer, who is also a badass person and is unapologetic about who she is. I love how raw and honest her character was portrayed. As a transwoman, I have also had instances when I have felt confused about my sexuality. I am in the middle of physically transitioning from a man’s body to a woman’s body, and being sexually attracted to both men and women, it evoked questions within me whether this was the norm. Whether, as a woman in future, I could still be attracted to both men and women. Watching Biba own her sexuality just made that easy for me. Alina Khan really owned that character. I felt so seen when I saw her! I wish films like Joyland were made earlier when I was a teenager. 

Well, regardless of our gender identities or sexual preferences, we've all navigated our unique paths of sexual awakening, and some are still on this journey. Finding resonance in a fictional character can be profoundly validating. So, embrace your uniqueness and revel in your love for your favourite character because it's all part of the beautiful journey of self-discovery! To understand more about self love check out our complete guide on what is masturbation its facts, tips and myths

Written by Disha 

Bio: Disha (she/her) believes she's half therapist because people spill their guts to her with ease. But for now, she's writing sassy pieces on the internet about all things fun and pop culture. With a flair for wit and a curious spirit, she is all about digging into the saucy details of human intimacy. 

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