What is it with underarms?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re curious about underarms. Maybe you’ve got a soft spot for those charming pits or maybe someone's given your underarms a second look. Whether you're mildly curious or head over heels for underarms, we're here to share the lowdown on the delightful world of armpit allure. So grab a seat and let's explore the underarm wonder together.

Before we go any further, we just want to make a quick clarification: there’s a difference between being turned on by something and a fetish. You see a fetish is when you’re *literally* sexually obsessed with an object, material, or bodypart. So if you prefer underarm sex (where the underarm is penetrated) to traditional sex, chances are you’ve got an underarm fetish. Wheras if smelling or licking armpits gets you going during traditional sex, well then you’re turned on by them!

And look, whatever it is, as long as you’re all about underarms, we’re all about you. We just want you to know where in the underarm-attraction spectrum you or your partners falls.

What is it about the pits?

So, what is it about the pits that really turns someone on? Well, of course, the answer differs from person to person: some people say it’s because being attracted to underarms is taboo and the rebel in them loves that, some like how soft underarms look and feel, and some don’t really have an answer.

But the most popular reason? It’s the smell, or more specifically body odour. As we all know, underarms are where we smell the most–a significant amount of our body odour stems from the sweat that emerges in our armpits. And that’s what most armpit-aficionados love about them, they give off the natural, unique smell of a person!

So, turns out, the deo and perfume ads were kinda lying to us. Like, not just in the “spray our deo and get the girl/guy/non-binary person” kind of way but there are people who love us for exactly how we smell – sweaty, stinky, and everything in between!

Then the next question is: why? What’s there to like about body odour? Well, that’s where pheremones come in.

The role of pher-oh-moanss

Pheromones are chemicals our bodies secrete along with our sweat and they basically act as a natural sexual attractant. In simpler, sassier words, pheromones are the are like the Cupid's arrow of attraction that your body organically gives off, drawing the people around you, towards you!

Now buckle-in, cause we’re about to take you through some fun research about pheromones. In 2013, a study uncovered that the pheromones in sweat, especially from the underarms, can elevate the mood in queer men and women when sweat is licked! Basically, there’s a particularly frisky pheromone called androstadienone (don’t worry, we don’t know how to pronounce it either) that has this subtle way of grabbing attention. That’s why it’s commonly found in male fragrances, it’s rumoured to be the secret tool that increases sexual attraction! So maybe, the Axe body ads weren’t completely lying to us.

How to have THE talk with your partner

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of underarm fetish/attraction, we know the next and probably the most painful anxiety is speaking to your partner about it. Whether you’re the one who’s really digging the pits or the one whose pits are being dug, it can still be an awkward conversation to navigate simply because fetishes/kinks aren’t something we as a society talk about openly. It takes a great deal of vulnerability to open up about our desires or even try to understand our partner’s desires.

So, what’s the best way to bring it up? To explain or to listen? Well, let’s role-play both situations, shall we?

Scenario One: You like underarms

So you’re the one who likes to get a whiff and taste of your partner’s armpit in bed, and/or would like your armpit to be worshipped. Or maybe, you even wish to penetrate your partner’s underarms and/or have yours penetrated.

Before having a conversation with your partner, it’s a good idea to give little signs, through action, in bed itself. Now, we don’t mean just grabbing their hand, raising it, and giving their underarm a long, loving lick. No, more like, during foreplay as you explore your partner’s body, maybe make a small, non-invasive pitstop at the armpit. Or if you want your underarm played with then, gently encourage them to explore that area or if they happen to without your encouragement, show your enthusiasm for it. These are just small but significant ways in which you can ease your partner into understanding your sexual preferences. 

We also strongly encourage you to have a good understanding of your fetish/kink before sitting down to speak about it with your partner, especially if it’s new to you. Try learning more about it through articles or online forums with likeminded people or even through some experimental solo-play. All this will just better equip you to have this conversation.

Which brings us to the next, most important step: the talk. We can’t give you a script because how you decide to broach this topic depends primarily on the relationship you share with your partner and your sexual history. All we’ll say is that go into assuming your partner has never thought about your fetish/kink, and you’ll find it easier to explain yourself. Also, expect that they’ll have a lot of questions or may need time to mull over this and accommodate them as best as you can. Last but not least, explaining what this means to you and why you want it will really help them understand better.

Don’t fret, you’ve got this!

Scenario Two: Your partner like underarms

So you’re in bed and you notice your partner has been spending an unusual amount of times on your underarms? Or they’ve been moaning like a pornstar if you even graze theirs? You wrote it off the first few times it happened but now, it’s a little strange.

Well, the first thing you should do is speak to them. Don’t jump to conclusions, even if you have a strong suspicion, don’t try to immediately learn more about it because everyone’s preferences and fantasies manifest differently.

Pick a time when the two of you can really talk and approach them with a lot of kindness and empathy. It’s best to make it clear right off the bat that you are merely curious and aren’t here to judge them. Tell them what incidents have particulary stuck out to you and gently ask them if this is something they’d like to speak about more with you? If they do, that’s great! But if they need more time, give them that as well. It takes a lot of courage to speak with your partners about more “taboo” desires.

When they do open up about it, listen with empathy. Let them do most of the talking, you just need to absorb everything they’re saying. And of course, when they’re done, follow up with whatever questions you have. The main goal here is to really understand your partner and of course, to also guage what you’re comfortable with. If you find that you’re not ready to try just all the things they want yet, let them know. Find the mutual spot where both of you are comfortable and take it from there. Nothing has to be decided in just one conversation.

So, there you have it – the underarm adventure, where sniffing, licking, and maybe even a little penetrating might be on the menu. Whether you're the armpit aficionado or the one with the irresistibly attractive underarms, remember, communication is key in this journey of intimacy. Embrace the uniqueness, laugh a little about the quirks, and savor the sweet scent of connection. So, go ahead, explore, communicate, and revel in this delightful desire!


About the Author 

Vidisha is a screenplay writer who also loves writing the occasional blogs. She's smitten by all things funny, sassy, and creative. And has the penchant for cracking the odd joke. She also wrote this bio. 

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