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Love…As We Know It (Or Don't)

Love…As We Know It (Or Don't)

POV: we’re in the middle of February, and Valentine’s day is here. Not to bore you with a history lesson, but let’s understand where the term ‘Valentine’ originated from (promise you, it’ll be fun). 

There are many versions of why and how this day is celebrated even today, but once upon a long time, a Roman priest named - no guesses there - Saint Valentine decided to play cupid (quite literally) for soldiers who were forbidden to get married under the rule of an emperor. He used to perform weddings and distributed cute, little hearts as a symbol of the love and devotion the couple would have for God. Simple enough? Well, not exactly. 

While various historical accounts explain this day as having a religious, emotional, or spiritual purpose, it’s important to understand its relevance in the modern world. Over the years, the media and pop culture overemphasized the idea of celebrating the 14th in a predominantly romantic, cishet, and ableist context. Add to that the patriarchal and commercial undertones of ‘ownership’: “Will you be mine?”, they asked. But, why would you want to be someone else’s on any day of the year? Love is as wholesome and fulfilling as can be, yet we’ve been taught that it’s a finite and conditional feeling. When it’s all red hearts and flowers around us, one can’t help but think of love and attachment in a unilateral sense. 

Every year around this time, the internet is divided into halves. On one end we have Team 'V Day Sucks, Let's Make Funny Memes', while their counterpart is all about the '10 Things You Can Do for Your Valentine’s’. Both the views eventually perpetuate the same mentality, that a) you are supposed to have a (romantic) partner and, b) if you don’t, you don’t exactly fit the norm. The pressure of being involved with people romantically can take a toll on one’s emotional health, and more importantly lead to terrible blues induced by a subsequent FOMO. It’s a new year, and we better step out of the boxes that trap us into such restrictive notions of love, intimacy, and pleasure. 

As a dynamic emotion, love can extend towards anyone or anything. It can be materialistic, or selfless; for one person or many at the same time. What is required of us in today’s time is to understand and normalize its manifestations and how different it can look for every person. For some love can exist in the form of their beloved furry friends, few might find love in the routine of being in a new city, and others might just feel that love for themselves. If we take a step back, we can view love as being an ecosystem, where it keeps on shifting and evolving for the same person—in the end, it’s the balance that matters the most. Since its inception, That Sassy Thing has always prioritized self-love and care through each of the products. Because we believe that love begins with you, your pleasure, and how you look after it. *boop*

Trying to pamper yourself and loved ones can be a bit of a task, especially when you don't know where to start. Don't worry boo, Aunt Sassy gotchu! Let's get to the basics, shall we? It's always a big decision, monthly shopping with you and your mom deciding on what body wash to buy. What if we told you we've got it under control? Meet Neat, our pH-balanced and all-natural cleanser that keeps skin supple and your huha happy! It contains the goodness of aloe vera and gooseberry extract that's all yum and no harm for your body and intimate area (vulva only, remember). Wait, what about your delicate lace lingerie that you want to get ready for a day of action? Try Clean Qween, our very own undie detergent, made with love and all things good for the best TLC your undergarments would have ever received! And hey, if you're thinking of talking bodies with yourself or others, don't forget to stock up our version of the Holy Trinity: the mind-boggling OG, the soul-numbing LIT and our ubiquitous DTF Lube to help ease your pleasure time! 

This Valentine's, smash those old-school ideas of love and make space for all the people and things that bring you true joy. And, don't forget to please your coochie mamma, after all, it's ‘V’-day *wink-wink*.

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About the author

Anuja Razdan

 Razdan (she/her) is a student/mental & sexual health advocate based in Delhi-NCR, who is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Being a queer cis woman who is aspiring to practice as a psychotherapist in future, she hopes to essentiate a queer affirming, intersectional feminist, pleasure-positive and kink allied approach towards mental health—on a personal & professional level. All-in-all, she’s your quintessential dog lady with a blue typewriter, living three blocks away, probably writing about you.