Your Guide to Vibrators for Women

Your Guide to Vibrators for Women

Vibes, vibrators, toys, or massagers–they’re known by many names and serve multiple roles, all directed at pleasure, intimacy, joy, and of course, relaxation. While the purchase of these adult products is legal in India, our society has widely stigmatized its usage for people across genders and ages, some more than others. In the land of the Kamasutra, selling sexual products online can be a gigantic task but with more brands sprouting in the sex tech and sexual wellness space, we are definitely seeing a revolution. 

When it comes to adult products such as vibrators, they’re truly a thing of beauty. There’s a common stereotype that a ‘vibrator for women’ is the only way to go about it, but toys are for everyone, not just vulva owners. There are various options for penis owners as well, from prostate massagers to bootie plugs, sky’s truly the limit when it comes to adult products for pleasure!

But, why use vibrators? Isn’t my partner enough?

First things first, your vibrator cannot replace your partner(s). In fact, vibrators can coexist with your partners to heighten your experience of pleasure during lovemaking. For people with vulvas who may or may not engage in penetration, adult products like pleasure toys can be a great aid for clitoral stimulation. This is especially important for a majority of women and people with vulvas, in order to feel pleasure and even achieve orgasms. Buying sexual products online can not only help in taking your sex life to the next level but has a lot of side benefits that are just icing on the cake:

  • They help you get there with a lot more ease and in a fun way.
  • They can get you to sleep better, and who doesn’t like slumber?
  • They’re BIG stress-relievers (an orgasm a day, keeps the stress at bay)
  • Adult products are often used as aids for sexual dysfunction or to alleviate bodily pains such as menstrual cramps.
  • They make you feel more confident and attuned to your pleasure, desires, and body.

Looking for sexual products online

As you navigate the world of toys online, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. For starters, your privacy comes first, hence while ordering adult products, ensure that you give out contact information that you have access to. Backtracking a bit, a vibrator for women is a useful investment but can feel intimidating. So, make sure you do your research thoroughly, and if you’re someone with a partner, communicate your needs and how you’d like to buy a toy for yourself or for you both to explore. Next, based on what you’re looking for and for whom, there are gender-neutral and body-safe adult products that you can choose from (Aunt Sassy takes great pride in their massagers). Finally, discrete delivery is a green flag for many brands in the sexual wellness space. This gives you full agency to know what’s in the package without any third-party interference. 

The Types: Vibrator for women

Some people who are inexperienced when it comes to vibrators may be surprised by the availability of a variety of sexual products online. Simply put: there's a lot more than you can imagine when it comes to adult products. Vibrators have many different kinds, each with its own set of features and functions. While most vibrators are silicone-based, the tech specs vary from brand to brand. The process of choosing the most suitable vibrator for women can be a little daunting. So, to make your sex toy browsing experience a little less overwhelming, we broke down all the vibrator types for you (or, your special someone). 

Here are the top three most common types of vibrator for women (and, everyone else) you should know:


  • Clit-sucking massagers
  • Clitoris-sucking vibrators have recently created quite the hype in the world of sexual products online. They brought about a monumental shift for many folx with a clitoris, some of whom have claimed to be able to orgasm in less than a minute. That's some good sucking, we must say!  To mimic oral play, these employ a mix of air and suction to envelop the clitoris while barely touching it, or even going hands-free! Aunty Sassy is all about getting LIT in bed and has the perfect vibrator for women in mind.

    Going beyond the clit, they may be used on penis heads, nipples, or almost anywhere—except your peach. This is why versatility is the middle name of adult products like sex toys. All it takes is a flair for creativity & imagination.

    visual of two pink and purple vibrator for women kept on a sheet with three oranges 

  • G-spot vibrators
  •  While we all know the myth of the G-spot and that it’s more like a luxurious apartment than just a spot, what we colloquially refer to as the G-spot is nothing more than an extension of the internal part of your clitoris that runs all the way down to either side of your labia, nestled around the vaginal canal. This area is acclaimed as the biggest hotspot for vulva owners, and there have been adult products designed for them, based on tons of articles and research that have discussed how to hit this ‘spot’. This is where OG comes in, one of the best G-spot vibrators in India.

    G-spot vibrators are designed for both internal and external use and are handy, penetrating vibrators for women, or literally everyone else to get some downtime with themselves or their partners. It may come with a flexible handle to reach those soft spots you wanna have a good time with. With multiple modes, frequencies, and pulse bands, G-spot vibrators are a blessing in disguise for everyone looking to explore, experiment, and get frisky! But, don’t let the name mislead you, adult products like G-spot vibes are a great means to experience heightened orgasms for penis owners too. Some of the best G-spot vibrators can be good to use when you’re feeling peachy (iykiwm), and hence are gender-neutral when push comes to shove (quite literally). Regardless of the hole or not, don’t get to lube up!

  • Wand massagers
  • Where there’s a will, there’s a wand. Wand massagers are in it for that longgg, steamy and intimate sesh with your special someone. While they're usually lengthy toys with a comparatively enormous "head" that vibrates, with the recent evolution in the market of sexual products online, they've started to show up in more discrete and subtle forms. Bottom line,  their efficacy is impeccable when it comes to getting an orgasm or two, especially for those who like things a bit more power-packed and intense in bed! They're rumbly adult products that can be revved up to different settings or pulse modes for people who aspire to a strong performer right in their side drawer, at all times. 

    Whether you're looking for partnered play or wanna go solo, wand massagers can be great, multifunctional adult products for all your needs. These allow you to experience targeted and powerful stimulation where it hits the spot! A vibrator for women like the wand massager is also suitable for penis owners, where you can take things to the next level by using it around the vulva during penetration for added oomph, moving it around the tip, frenulum, shaft, and even the perineum. When it comes to adult products such as massagers, there's no hard and bound way of going about pleasure.

    TLC for your massagers

    Once you’re a proud owner of a vibe (or, two- you do you), you should look after it like your baby (yes, it’s precious AF). What this does is, one, helps in maintaining the overall hygiene of you and your partner, and two, elongates the life of the massager itself. Maintenance & TLC keep your adult products safer to use and last you for a long (we’re talking years here).

    mint green spot vibrator for women being hand washed with soap bubbles and water

    But, how does one go about taking the best possible care of our favorite sexual products online? Well, lucky for you Aunty Sassy’s got you covered with these pro tips:

    • Always wash your massagers before and after every use with water and a mild soap/wash like Neat. Do ensure the soap doesn’t have any silicone additives (that may damage your silicone-based toy) and that your adult products are waterproof.
    • Invest in a water-based lube to have a fun and more pleasurable experience during seggsy times with your fave vibrator for women. Strict NO to using oil-/silicone-based lubricants that are not compatible with most toys.
    • While using a massager during periods, don’t forget to use a condom to protect it from staining. You can also use condoms while sharing the same adult products with your partner.

    In conclusion, most of us have never received the right sex/pleasure education in order to know that using toys for play is a healthy practice rooted in self-care and love. There’s plenty of misinformation and not enough resources to highlight the importance of being a proud owner of adult products such as vibrators or massagers. With the growing sexual wellness space, it’s about time you take the first step toward your pleasure journey, you never know what you may find!

    Now that you’ve received a rundown on the types and ways you can explore sexual products online, we highly recommend our huha-famous Sassy toys. *winkwink*

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