The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Personal Massager for Your Needs

Finding the Best Personal Massager

From unwinding after a tiringly long day, to adding the much-deserved zing in the bedroom, personal massagers have emerged as the ultimate tool for promoting relaxation, enhancing pleasure, boosting intimacy, and maintaining sexual (and, overall) well-being.

Sex toys for men and women, as they are colloquially known, have become increasingly popular in the recent few years in India with the rise of the sexual wellness market, and adult toys in India. Thus begins the journey to find the perfect match to suit your individual needs in the big, bold, and beautiful world of intimate massagers.

We at That Sassy Thing, have curated this super fun, elaborate yet snappy guide to help you (and your partner) navigate the variety of options available in the market and how to pick the personal massager that caters to all your desires and preferences while ensuring comfort and satisfaction. Let’s dive right into this sassy guide.

Understanding Personal Massagers

Personal massagers, intimate massagers, sex toys, and vibrators—even though these are known by many different names, these tools or aids are designed to provide targeted stimulation for elevating both sexual pleasure and overall mood. Going beyond this obvious benefit, here are three ways a personal massager can positively impact your health and wellness:

  1. Using a sex toy such as a vibrator for women, can greatly reduce stress and boost your happy hormones, thus contributing to better mental health.

  2. Including personal massagers as part of your sexual repertoire can empower you about your body and what works (and doesn't work) for you in bed.

  3. When used with a partner, vibrators for men/women can be wonderful companions to improve connection, and communication and bring you closer with them than ever before.

Sex toys for women

While exploring personal massagers, you should consider the diverse range available. Sex toys for women and people with vulvas include options such as clitoral stimulators, G-spot vibrators, massage wands, etc. Sex toys for men include a similar variety, from prostate massagers to strokers for men. When you know your options better, it's easier to make informed decisions about the best personal massager that's right for you.

Assessing Your Needs

Now that you know how vast and fun-filled the world of sex toys is, the next step is to do a quick check-in with yourself regarding your needs. It's not unknown how many of you might be dynamically navigating your intimacy and pleasure needs. Similarly, identifying the reasons for purchasing a personal massager can be a helpful way to streamline your choices and pave the way for the sex toy of your dreams! 

Here's a list of criterias you could consider: 

  1. For exploration & experimentation: You can choose from personal massagers that help you open up to novel experiences and sensations. Do check out Salty intimate massager and TACO vibrating stroker from That Sassy Thing.

  2. For partnered intimacy: Personal massagers that have been designed for mutual pleasure can be a great fit.

  3. For self-care & relaxation: Soothing female personal massager such as LIT by That Sassy Thing is one of India's first, most-loved clit suction toys. 

Types of Personal Massagers

In today's times, you have a wide array of personal massagers, each equipped with its own set of unique features and functions catering to a variety of needs, desires and bodies. Let's look at some of these types in this section: 

  1. Clitoral Massagers: These are focused to stimulate the clitoris, the pleasure powerhouse in women and people with vulvas through different action mechanisms such suction-based or vibrations. 

  2. Internal Vibrators: Internal, or G-spot vibrators are one of the most widely known sex toys and desired by both solo explorers and for coupled adventures. These are usually sleek, long and flexible to reach the most coveted hotspots internally.

  3. Strokers for Men: When it comes to strokers, you have a plethora of options. From ribbed to vibrating, male strokers are a game-changer when it comes to men/penis-owners and their pleasure. And guess what? We just launched India's first-ever ribbed vibrating stroker for men that's loaded with multiple features – from 7 speed modes to dual massage points and an extra special warming feature that's never seen before! Brownie points on the coolest name: TACO

    vibrating stroker
  4. Fleshlights: When one thinks of sex toys for men, fleshlight is the first word that may come to mind, given their history and prevalence. They are designed to simulate the feeling of engaging in penetration. 

Power Source and Portability

Rechargeable massagers are the most commonly available, followed by battery-powered ones. While rechargeable massagers are more handy to use and also more powerful in the long run, it's important to take into consideration the battery life being offered by the personal massager you pick. In one go, about 1-2 hours of runtime after a single charge is pretty decent, since on most days you wouldn't even need it for that long, thanks to the amazing work it does!

Next up, discreet and travel-friendly options are the icing on the cake, especially when you're an adventurer yourself. Compact, handy, and non-suggestive toys such as the Salty intimate massager is a great pick if you're looking for a cute companion on your work/leisure/romantic trips! 

discreet massager

Speed and Intensity Settings

Customizable speed and intensity settings are one of the most popular factors considered when finding the perfect personal massager. Nowadays, sex toys for men and women come with a multitude of speed settings and intensity levels, making it possible to personalize your experience as per what's pleasurable for and fancied by you and your partner.

Design & Material 

Over the years, intimate massagers have evolved aesthetically to blend seamlessly into the bedroom, thereby ensuring discretion and comfort. These sex toys may resemble everyday household items, so as to not garner any unnecessary attention. Another important aspect is how ergonomic, or easy to use and handle the vibrator is and how durable and long-lasting it is.

A massager's durability is directly associated with the quality of the material. Body-safe and hypoallergenic materials such as silicone make for a good choice while making a move on your next sex toy. In general, personal massagers shouldn't stand out like a sore thumb but comfortably become a part of one's intimate experiences.

In fact, with That Sassy Thing, you get a 120-day warranty period on each of our massagers from the date of purchase, unlike any other Indian intimate wellness brand! 

Budget Considerations

Affordability is a challenge when it comes to personal massagers, given how competitive the sexual wellness market has become over time. We would recommend you have an estimate of your budget while toy shopping solo or with a partner so that you can find your perfect match.

To make things slippery-smooth just like our best water-based lube, we, at That Sassy Thing, also offer a special Pay Using EMI option on our website. This is to ensure that you don't feel the need to delay your pleasure, and can go through with the purchase by paying in 3 easy, interest-free installments. 

Picking the Right Personal Massager in a Nutshell

Selecting the intimate massager best suited to your personal needs is such a uniquely subjective journey that demands careful consideration of your sexual needs and preferences. Hence, we hope by now you have a diverse understanding of the different forms of personal massagers available and how you can empower yourself to have a satisfying and fulfilling intimate experience that promotes relaxation and overall well-being. 


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