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Sassy's Elaborative Guide on Squirting

Sassy's Elaborative Guide on Squirting

My oldest memory of being introduced to the word ‘squirting’ was when a guy I was sexting with asked me if I had ever squirted. Full disclosure, just like many of you, he too got his ‘lesson’ from mainstream p*rn, which depicted only one side of a half-cooked story. So, what’s with the hype?

Squirting is a pleasurable act when a milky-white or translucent liquid is expelled from a person’s urethra or vulva area at great velocity, especially when they’re having an orgasm. One way to look at squirting is that it’s an exaggerated form of female ejaculation because it’s not similar.

While most people with vulvas may ejaculate small amounts of discharge from time to time, more so during sexual arousal, squirting takes the experience a few notches up because of how immersive and great it feels (the mess aside, which we’ll get into a little later). 

To answer some of your hottest questions about the basics of squirting, who can squirt, and how to go about it, we’ve put together this elaborative guide with some super helpful tips and insights from well-known experts in the sexual wellness space. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Pee or Something Else: What is Squirting? 

One of the most common misconceptions about the squirt is that it’s pee. Spoiler alert: While the ejaculatory fluid that comes out of your body if you have a vulva, may contain extracts of urine, it also contains some substances that are similar to semen (in the case of female ejaculation, it’s the Skene's Glands that is responsible for this release).

So no, squirting and peeing are two different acts although they might come out of the same hole for some women and people with vulva. 

Can Every Woman Squirt?

Sakshi Tickoo, a Mumbai-based Occupational Therapist and Sex Educator weighed in on one of the most brewing questions on every woman’s mind regarding squirting: Can everyone do it?

Although every person with a vulva CAN squirt, not everyone does, and that’s completely normal. The squirting potential of every person differs and so does their overall experience of this phenomenon. Some might squirt each time they get sexually aroused or excited while others may only experience it occasionally”, she said.  

Even though there is no conclusive research that can establish a pattern, the bold claim remains that if you do have a vulva, there is a chance you could learn how to squirt. That being said, it’s okay if you practice it or try it and aren’t able to go through. Squirting or not, what matters is how pleasurable your experience was and how much fun you had by yourself or with a partner! 

Down to Business: How to Squirt?

Indulging in self-pleasure is extremely important because you get to know your body better, and masturbation helps with that”, shared Dr. Esha Chainani, who’s a Gynaecologist based in Mumbai and founder of Premaa, a non-profit helping pregnant women based in underresourced communities in India to seek medically-accurate resources.

It’s not unknown how in most cases, women and people with vulvas happened to discover squirting while going solo. 

Adding to this, Sakshi lends her input, “One of the most important things about squirting is that this practice requires you to be aware of your body, and how things work down there for you.

Fundamentally, the more you masturbate, the more you understand your body which can eventually pave the way for you to engage in squirting if you’d like. 

Sakshi also shared some handy tips you can keep in mind while helping yourself learn or practice how to squirt:

  1. It’s crucial to not put pressure on yourself. It may result in performance anxiety that can hinder your overall experience. 
  2. While practicing squirting, remember to relax and take your moment to figure out what techniques or moves work best for you.
  3. The key to getting those squirts on is to build enough arousal, as much as you can. Squirting is a very unique experience and comes from a place of intensely pleasurable stimulation. 
  4. Try dual stimulation, which means focusing on both external or clitoral play and hitting the G-spot or the internal hotspots that get you going. This combined sensation should take place in a more synchronized manner for someone to squirt, and that of course comes with a lot of practice. 
  5. Sex toys are a great aid for exploring squirting. You can use a clitoral suction toy, like our LIT personal massager, that comes with 5 different speed settings and makes for an ideal starter sex toy. And, you can even add a G-spot vibrator like the OG body massager to the mix for some intense internal stimulation.

    Don’t forget to lube up well for a super smooth, efficient, and wild ride down g-town as you slowly and steadily build up your sexual appetite. An all-natural water-based lube like DTF Personal Gel makes for the perfect choice because of how gentle it is to the skin and compatible with toys.

    Can You Squirt with a Partner?

    Absolutely, yes! Having shared experiences in the bedroom with your partner helps in promoting intimacy and connection. Dr. Esha added to this, “A lot of couples bond through physical intimacy in addition to its various iterations. Having those intimate moments in bed can really help in improving communication and general well-being of the partners and their relationship.”

    If you’re looking to try squirting with your partner, do ensure that you’ve practiced the same before so that you’re familiar with what sensations and at what spots get you hot and bothered.

    Communication is a must, and try to be present in the moment with each other. It’s okay if you don’t feel it coming, what’s important is to experience pleasure fully and immerse yourself in the euphoria. 

    Another important aspect of squirting as discussed by Sakshi Tickoo is how you can experiment with different positions. “The idea is to align your body in a way that works against or is assisted by the pull of gravity so that you can experience the desired climax.” Here’s where bedroom accessories such as a sex pillow come in handy. Using a specially designed firm support like UP Pillow by That Sassy Thing can elevate your partnered sesh and fire up your routine like no other. 

    Now that’s all been said and done, please note that there’s no sure shot method that can guarantee you being able to squirt. Squirting is an effortful activity and to be able to holistically experience it, you should be able to take time, give space to your body, and focus on building up arousal and maximizing pleasure. So, even if you’re not able to go through with squirting, the quality of your orgasm can significantly improve! Over to you to take the next step in your squirting shenanigans!


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