Creative Sexting Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships

Creative Sexting Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships

“I had a hot dream about us. Shall I tell you all about it right now?”
“You better not break eye contact even after you finish.”
‘I’ll tease you until you can’t stand it and beg me for more”

Feeling the heat yet? Buckle up, because today, we're diving headfirst into the steamy universe of sexting. From how to sext as a beginner, teasing games that'll leave you breathless, to sizzling sexting ideas for long-distance relationships, we're covering it all. So why wait? Let's slide into the world of digital seduction and turn up the temperature together. Ready? Let's get in (side, hehe).

Why Sexting Matters in Long-Distance Relationships

You're miles apart from your partner, craving that physical connection like crazy. This lack of physical intimacy can be filled a little with, “You can turn me on even from so far away.” But wait, there are so many other benefits!

While you talk about your wildest fantasies, dish out your quirks or crack the code on each other's turn-ons and turn-offs, you’re not just turning the heat up. You’re learning sexual things about each other, even without actually being together physically. You know how when you're in the same city, you can anticipate their every move in the bedroom? Sexting is like that, but with a GPS twist.

Sure, there's a risk involved – once those steamy texts are out there, your partner could easily show them to anyone. But that's the whole dealio: by stripping down both literally and emotionally, you're weaving a trust blanket that's cozier than ever. You’re telling your partner that you trust them with this, even though you have no way of checking.

Sexting Ideas: Igniting Passion from Afar

How do we spice up our game with better sexting ideas for long distance relationships?

Play 20 questions: 

Who said 20 Questions was just for road trips? Ask some seriously hot inquiries. Ask them to elaborate on their kinks and fetishes, or the kind of porn they’re watching right now. Trust me, things are about to get a whole lot juicier than "Guess the animal I'm thinking of."

Share a favorite erotic story:

Not quite ready to dish out your own steamy tales? No worries! Share a tantalizing erotic story from your favorite author instead. It's a great way to explore fantasies without feeling the pressure of personal disclosure. Plus, who knows? You might stumble upon some new turn-ons in the process.


Who says domination is only for in-person play? Get ready to take charge of the conversation with some hot and heavy phone domination. The dominant person can easily take charge of the conversation and action, giving commands such as “Tell me what you’re doing right now” or talking about how they’ll reward you.

After all, power play knows no distance.

Would You Rather:

Get ready to laugh, banter, and explore each other's deepest desires with a game of Would You Rather. Your questions could be kink-based such as “would you rather prefer an employer-employee roleplay or a nurse-patient one?” or a bit on the lighter side, “would you rather have sex with me dressed as a giraffe or a whale?”

Finish The Sentence:

Get creative and build a story of a sexual encounter or fantasy together. Take turns sending a sentence or phrase, letting your imagination run wild with each other’s contribution. Who knows where this storytelling adventure will take you

The Do's and Don'ts of Sexting

Aunt Sassy is going to make sure you've got all your bases covered (pun intended). So, here's a lightning-speed rundown of the dos and don'ts:

Sexting DOs :

  • Ease into it like a pro. Don't cannonball straight into the deep end; start with something subtly suggestive or flirty to gauge the vibe.
  • Communication is key.  Make sure you're both on the same frequency about what's comfy and what's a hard pass. Consent is hotter than hot!
  • Text foreplay is the name of the game. Take your sweet time, tease each other mercilessly, and crank up that anticipation before you hit the big leagues.
  • Timing is everything. Double-check your partner's schedule to make sure they're not knee-deep in work or out with pals before you drop that spicy message bomb.
  • Save yourself from the ultimate facepalm moment by triple-checking the recipient's number before hitting send. Trust us, the "oops, wrong chat" excuse won't save your blushes!
  • Stick to messaging apps or platforms that put privacy first. Look out for features like end-to-end encryption to keep your messages for your partner's eyes only.

Sexting DON'TS : 

  • Sexting isn't a quick band-aid fix for relationship woes. Using it to patch up trust issues or smooth over conflicts is like trying to fix a broken heart with a wrench – it just won't cut it.
  • Surprise is awesome, but not when it makes your partner uncomfortable. Always respect their boundaries and never push them into territory they're not cool with.
  • Repeat after me: Thou shalt not save sexts (especially photos). It's not just a trust breach; it's a risky move that could see those spicy pics land in the wrong hands quicker than you can say "delete."
  • Don’t just tiptoe around the subject. Get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about what gets your engines revving in vivid detail.

How to Start Sexting: A Beginner's Guide 

  • First off, trust is your ride-or-die. Before you even think about hitting send on that spicy text, you gotta trust your partner like your BFF. Sexting's intimate, so feeling secure in your connection is non-negotiable, capisce?

  • There are various ways in which you can establish boundaries, but if it’s your first time doing this and you’re confused about how to start sexting; you can start by making a simple yes / no / maybe sexual list together. This list does not have to only include physical boundaries but also things like "What's your take on exchanging sexy pics?" or how they feel about watching porn together

  • Feeling a bit jittery? Chillax, it's all good! Whether you're stressing over safety or just unsure how to kick things off, speak up.. Your partner should be there to support and reassure you every step of the way.
  • Oh, and when it comes to sexting, ditch the kiddie talk. Nobody wants to read "wee-wee" or "flower" in a steamy text – that's just cringe city. Keep it classy and use language that sets the mood without making you both roll your eyes.

  • Sexting's all about the tease, fam. Instead of spilling all the tea at once, leave a little somethin' somethin' to the imagination. Tease your partner with hints and let the suspense crank up the heat.
  • Autocorrect has a way of ‘correcting' words even when you don't want it to. You may have sent/received sexts that say "I want to 'duck' you right now' when that's not exactly what it meant. So, take care to not let autocorrect break your flow and kill the mood.
  • Getting the hang of the latest slangs will totally up your game! Dive into our blog about Gen-Z dating slangs for some extra fun insights.

Sexting Apps and Platforms: Exploring Your Options 

We tried to go deep-down and find options for y’all - and we’ve to be honest. All the platforms that claim to be private and secure, have other downsides, like maybe the interface or lag. But we didn’t want you to go through all that struggle - so here’s the classic way to go about it : Snapchat!

Snapchat  like the OG of the sexting scene – maybe not officially ; but we all knew what we were getting into with those disappearing photos and messages. Despite its evolution over the years, it is still holding it down as a top choice. With features like customizable visibility timers and screenshot notifications, it puts you in the driver's seat of your sexting experience. So, for those playful and flirty exchanges where you want a bit of control over the fate of your sauciest messages, Snapchat is still the go-to choice. Sometimes, you just can't beat the classics.

Taking Sexting to the Next Level: Audio and Visual Options

We’re all in for the wordsss, but how do we take this to the next level? How about making different stimuli enter your chat? Cue the visuals and voice notes for an immersive experience.

First up, visuals. There's a whole world of possibilities out there beyond just hitting send on some selfies of yourself. Consider spicing things up by watching porn together on platforms like Discord or using mobile sync apps for a synchronized viewing session.

And hey, don't forget about bringing in some extra fun with sex toys. Send a picture of LIT (our personal massager) and say “This feels so good on me, but I’d love it even more if you use it on me.”  Switch Salty on and keep it on the floor, and send a video as it rotates. For an unforgettable experience, explore our exclusive range of vibrators.

Now, let's talk about voice stimulation. You can totally drop some voice notes about what you're gonna do to them and throw in some moans, but why stop there? Take this to the next level. Add some layers with ambient sounds like the smack of a paddle or the snap of a rubber band. It's all about creating a sensory experience that'll have you both craving more.

Bonus Tips comin' at ya:

  1. Don't forget to add that personal touch:

    You can google sexting starters and you’ll see 100 starters popping up - like “I miss your hands on my body”. But how do we make this more personal? More about you and your boo? One simple trick - Add names. Sprinkle your partner's name into your commands or moans. It adds that personalized touch to even the most basic lines, trust.

    2. It’s okay to be goofy and fun :

    This tip ain't just for rookies; it's for the pros too. You don't always have to be all serious and strictly sexual. Embrace the goofiness and let your freak flag fly. Just make sure it doesn't kill the vibe; stay grounded and keep the flow going. 'Cause let's be real, a little laughter can turn up the heat and make the whole experience even more lit and memorable. 

You’re now completely, ekdum all set to just go, just send that text bby.


About the Author 

Hemali (she/her) is an explorer of the realms of sexuality, intimacy, and dating. She talks endlessly about the evolving landscape of feminist narratives on the big screen and makes you reanalyze the portrayal of women in mainstream culture. If you're looking for alternative conversation starters, take your pick from: Biryani, Art Fairs, or Spoken Word Poetry.

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