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Seduction 101 for the Introverted Soul

Seduction 101 for the Introverted Soul

If the world of modern dating has had you questioning your flirting game, you’re not alone. With the rise of dating apps and online intimacy, it’s been harder to always put your best foot forward, especially when your phone screen lighting up is the *only* way you know if the person is interested or not. So, how does one master the subtle art of seduction?

The struggle is super real for all the wallflowers out there, AKA the introverts, who may find it difficult to be socially active in normative ways, let alone be savvy with all the tricks of this trade. If you’re someone who can relate to bugging your besties to send that perfectly crafted response to impress a crush, or getting lost while decoding the digital cues of dating, we bring you some useful flirting and sex tips to channel your inner seduction-ist! 

From swiping to sexting

We’re living in a dating era where there is order to the chaos. It’s almost mechanical how we jump from swiping right on an app to getting each other’s Instagram, and then finally taking things forth, till it works out, or it doesn’t. So, how does one break through the clutter and initiate the conversation as an introvert? Here are a few handy tips to make your seduction game on point:

  1. Being frank about your intentions goes a long way. If you want something more meaningful, or simply long for a one-night stand, communicate the same to your interest.
  2. If you think you’re a call person, and texting is too much, let them know so you can plan a cute conversation instead!
  3. If you’re entering the sexting avenue, and want to bring your A-game, test the waters, go with the flow and see if you enjoy that.

Meet-cutes are passé, plan your dream encounter

Too many rom-coms have hyped up the idea of having that memorable meet-cute. But, who said you can’t plan your first meeting? Move from the virtual and think about some out-of-the-box first-date ideas that might set the stage for endless conversations, neverending laughs, and a few intimate moments you’d both remember as you look back. 

Throwing in some awesome ideas for you to get started with your list:

  1. Plan a pretty picnic in a quaint lil’ corner of a park.
  2. If you have a place, invite them over for quick cuppa coffee and blow them away with your skills!
  3. Plan a Netflix marathon of films from your favorite genre(s) and pull an all-nighter.

Seduction doesn’t always have to involve sex, you can even have 

If you’re shy and you know it, let them know too

Speaking of Netflix & chill, if you sense horny in the air and wanna take a more intimate dive, let your partner know what exactly you are or will be comfortable with and what might also get you going. If you wanna take things slow, maybe kiss and cuddle? And, if you’d like your crush to take things forward while you follow their lead, that’s completely fine too! We often feel this pressure to end the date with sex because of mainstream pop culture representation in the form of films, songs, and books, but that’s really not how it needs to be. YOU decide what and how you’d envision your date, where and how far you want to take things, and what boundaries you’d like to set for yourself. If it doesn’t work out, you always have your fave personal body massager to come back to before you get back out in the game! 


Whether you’re socially awkward or out there, single or mingling, it can be challenging to find your way through the dating scenes. But, with open conversation and wholesome intentions, you can make your way through someone’s heart if you’d like to! That sweet sense of seduction doesn’t always have to be sexual or physical, it can be intimate in ways that are best understood and felt by you and the one you like.