6 Ways to Use Salty Massager to Shake Things Up with Boo

Ways to Use Salty Massager

When it comes to pleasure, Aunt Sassy’s always working on new ways to level things up. One of the more recent storms that she’s cooked up, is the adorable lil’ handy intimate massager, Salty.

As usual, the main ingredients in the making have been: innovative tech and design to power your play sessions with oodles and oodles of TLC, and a generous sprinkle of shamelessness.

Some of you have already shared everything you love about Salty–from the yummy O’s it helps you enjoy, to how discreet it is, with its namesake salt cellar design that makes it double as a spectacular paperweight. In this guide, we want to get creative with how you can use Salty to season your bedroom adventures with your partner(s).

After all, the wand vibe does have quite a reputation for being a partnered play favourite. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Then make sure you continue reading! 

Unpacking the Magic Wand 

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with what a wand vibe is, here’s a quick primer. A wand vibe is a classic pleasure toy that people have been stocking in their toy cabinets since the 1960s, that usually comes with a tennis ball-shaped head and an extended body.

The large globe-shaped top is designed to stimulate a larger surface area–which makes it perfectly suited to use on the clit, which occupies so much of your vulva. This also makes it suitable for use on the penis, and pretty much anywhere else on your body that you fancy.

Although most wand massagers are not meant to be inserted, the deep vibrations that they offer often ensure that you’re feeling good all through. (*wink wink*)

What Sets Salty Personal Massager Apart

Salty’s distinctive looks make it such a unique piece to add to your pleasure arsenal, along with That Sassy Thing’s other wonders from the collection. The material is 100% body-safe and smooth medical-grade silicone, with grooves all over the handle, making it a delight to hold for anyone who loves texture.

The incognito design ensures that you can carry it with you on the go, whether it’s for a trip around town or if you’re flying internationally–all the while avoiding any unwanted comments or alarm bells.

Salty’s smaller size, as compared to other vibes, also makes it a more comfortable pleasure tool to manoeuvre during love-making sessions with your sweetheart. And with 10 different vibe settings, Salty can go high or low–you set the pace, babe.

Cookin’ Up the Heat with Salty 

Now let’s get to the real fun. Here are some ways that you can shake things up with boo, using Salty:

  • The Massage You Need

Savour your outercourse by indulging your lover and yourself in sensual massages. Before beginning your erotic session,  make sure your fav wand vibe is clean, by washing it with our all-natural body wash, Neat.

And of course, ensure that it’s charged and ready to get rumblin’ and tumblin’. Use Salty to give each other full body massages and play with your various erogenous zones–hold it against your nipples, gently glide it along your thighs, rub it over your genitals–your bodies are your playground.

Getting yourselves more aroused and relaxed, can be an amazing step to build your way to intercourse. If you’re looking to dabble in some peach play, holding Salty against your peach can help you loosen those tight booty muscles so you can get raunchy more comfortably. Also, squeeze out liberal amounts of our water-based lubricant so everything glides oh-so-smoothly.

  • Eyes Wide Shut 

If you and your partner are into sensory deprivation, Salty with its 10 vibe modes could offer a blissful experience. Have one of you wear a blindfold to cover the eyes, while the other person plays guide in your adventure of anticipation.

Just as with all other kinds of play, it’s important to be mindful of safe pleasure practices, so make sure to have a system to communicate consent before, during, and after your play session. During your play session, the partner with Salty in their hold can narrate where they’re going to use it on their partner, and at what intensity. *Ahem* It’s getting hot in here!

  • Next Level Oral

Whether it’s one of you going down on the other, or it’s two of you in a naughty as-ever 69, add Salty to the mix and take eating out to a greater level of gratification.

Be careful to ensure that your partner is aware of the speed settings of the wand vibe, so you can pay attention to their sensitivity levels. When using the wand vibe against your partner’s joystick, try techniques like rubbing it along the shaft of the penis while licking the balls, or giving a blowjob while holding Salty against the perineum–right under the balls.

For a partner with a vulva, you can play with holding Salty against the clit while dining at the labia and vajayjay. You’re both on your way to pleasure paradise! And if you want to relish a grand finish, just have your partner hold Salty against your sweet spots as you’re going to cum.

  • Hands-free while All Tied Up 

Salty can be used hands-free–just turn it on and go to town! Combine that with some bondage, by tying your lover’s hands together and it's going to get really steamy, real quick. To keep Salty in place, you can make use of a harness or rope, or simply place it where you want on the body, within innerwear.

Depending on whether more stimulation at the same time is comfortable, you can engage in a hot make-out sesh, or just lay back and watch Salty vibing away at your sweet spot. 

  • PIV (Peen in Vibration) 

Spice up your favourite intercourse positions like doggy style and rodeo, by using Salty in such a way that two partners can feel the rumbling vibrations. While you’re in doggy style, the partner who's penetrating can hold the wand vibe against the base of their penis or strap-on.

The penetrating partner can try the same technique during rodeo with the riding partner grinding on top of them. Are you going to finish together? Only one way to find out!

  • Edging Side-by Side

You know how sometimes the best person to get you off is yourself? But this doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! Invite boo to your self-love session and wank off together. One of you can use Salty, while the other uses another personal body massager like the OG–which is another one of our crowd-favourite toys–or their trusty hand.

With its multiple speed settings, deep vibrations, and 1.5-hour run time, Salty makes for an ideal edging tool. Move Salty between spots that take you closer to orgasm like the clitoris or nipples, to spots that aren’t as sensitive, like your inner thighs, to play with your levels of arousal.

Watching you take yourself to the brinks of pleasure again and again, is going to be an irresistible sight for your playtime partner to edge themselves to. And they’re likely going to think back about it and jerk off to it later as well. 

We hope we've got your imaginations running wild. Hit your boo up now, and share this guide with them, so the next time y'all get freaky with a wand vibe, you know exactly what to do. ;) 


About the Author 

Anna (she/they) is a queer, neurodivergent and disabled psychologist and writer. They have always been curious about pleasure and conversations around it (and wanted to found a condom company when they were 12, because of Global North misinformed panic that the climate crisis is a consequence of overpopulation–they’ve learnt better now). They wish to contribute to a world where everyone can enjoy access to pleasure, safely and shamelessly. 

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