How to Use Lubricant (Lube) During Sex

How to Use Lubricant (Lube) During Sex

In physics, we use the term ‘lubricant’ to refer to any substance that helps reduce friction between surfaces in contact with each other. What we often forget is that our body too has a surface. Talking bodies, did you know that vaginas can naturally produce lubrication? This happens especially during arousal to make sexual play more comfortable, lessen the chances of irritation or chafing and limit the force of friction. 


However, it’s not just about the vagina when it comes to sex, is it? The penis and anus like attention too, but they don’t have the same lubricating mechanism as a vulva/vagina. In fact, many vulva-owners themselves might experience dryness down there or would want a smoother experience. For all these reasons and more, people can make use of artificial or personal lubricants, AKA lube, to have a more fulfilling time while engaging in sexual activity. 

What is Lube?

Lube (or, personal lubricant), is a liquid or gel that can be applied to the vulva, penis, or anus for a wetter and better sexual experience. The best part about a sexual lube is that it is pretty versatile, and can be used for:

  • penis-in-vagina (PIV) penetration, 
  • oral sex, 
  • anal play,
  • using sex toys,
  • going solo and masturbating 

Whether you’re with a partner or by yourself, lube can be the savior in disguise to help you reach that seventh heaven. Not only does a lubricant make any form of sex more pleasurable, but also helps many vulva and penis owners to have minimal discomfort and pain. Not sure where to start?  Know all about what lube works best for you!

How to lubricate the vagina

Types of Lubes

Good newsthere is a variety in the types of lubricant gel or liquid that you can choose from. Let’s explore the basics. 

  • Water-based: Most flexible (covers all bases), fuss-free, and skin-friendly; best for use with both condoms since they avoid breakages, and/or sex toys — but may dry up quicker compared to other types. Not the best choice for your sex marathon, or water play/shower sex (as it will easily be washed off). What’s more, they feel close to home as they mimic your vaginal lubrication. Find your ideal water-based match with the DTF Lube.
personal lubricant
  • Silicone-based: Lasts longer than water-based lube and is less sticky; even though it can be used with most condoms, it’s not the apt choice for sex toys or diaphragms made of silicone. Ideal for a longer sesh, anal sex and requires less reapplication.
  • Oil-based: Great for sex involving skin-to-skin contact; however, unsafe to use with condoms (as the latex can break down leading to its ineffectiveness) or sex toys. Not to mention, post-sex clean-up becomes a hassle! But, they can be great for sensual massages. 

Speaking of which, did you know we have a body/pubic hair oil to nourish them pubes and calm your post-sex aura? Find it here.

Pubic hair oil

Best Lubricants

A million-dollar question, but is there really one ‘best’ lube? The simple answer is yes, and no! Depending on your needs, and what every brand and type has to offer, the best personal lube is the one that works for YOU. 

When using a condom, you may opt for water-based lubes since they bode well with latex. Rule of thumb: avoid oil-based lubricants in this case at all costs! As a matter of fact, water-based lubes also work magically with sex toys and can be a great choice for essentially any activity you can think of. Except for when you are feeling adventurous and want to have fun with water. In that case, silicone-based is your best bet. 

Speaking of water, while not all sexual lubricants are similar, the water-based ones get the prize for being the most flexible. They can be used in practically any activity you can think of, even ones involving silicone toys. Moreover, they feel the closest to natural vaginal lubrication and are a safe choice for first-timers

So, are all water-based lubes well for my wetland? 
Well, not exactly...

Natural Lubricants 

Your body is a wonderland, and rightly said so! While a lot of brands often include ingredients such as glycerine in water-based lubes, this can increase your chances of getting a yeast infection or an irritable coochie. Hence, the ingredients in your lubes are of utmost importance when choosing the right lube. And, what’s better than going all-natural?

This is why we have designed the DTF Sexual Lube — a non-sticky and non-irritant water-based formula made in India, that is healthy for both your huha and pleasure! With wholesome, natural ingredients, we assure you’re in good hands, boo. 

Natural lubricant
  • Aloe Vera: Enhances natural vaginal lubrication and prevents yeast infections.
  • Flax Seed Extract: Reduces inflammation and keeps skin moisturized and smooth.
  • Tea Tree Extract: Reduces dryness and itchiness.
  • Lemon Extract: Helps balance pH levels and avoid infections.

All this and more, but we hide nothing from you. Because you deserve to know what’s best for your vulva. 
Wait, did we say vulva? Well, here’s a news flash: the DTF lube is perfect for penis owners too! 

Yes, you read that right! You don’t have to rely on those body lotions lying in your house. Let us take care of your needs (hehe). And not to forget, our lube is edible and unflavoured too! Get yours now here. 

Confused about how to use lubricant during sex? We’ve got you.

How to Use Sex Lubricant 

First things first, there is no one or right way to use lube. However, you can always keep a few things in mind while using your personal lubricant.

Solo Play

Just a few pumps of lube can go a long way in making your solo sesh a lot more fun and teleport you to that happy place. Icing to the cake is the supple and moisturized hand, thanks to the skin-friendly ingredients in our DTF Lube. Even for sex toys (especially silicone ones), water-based sex lubes can bring your A-game! 

For vulva, just take 2-3 pumps onto your finger, hands, or palms (OR, howsoever much you need to lubricate and feel at ease, you do you). Gently rub in any motion you find comfortable and cover as much area as you’d like. Insert a finger or two to your liking, or toy around. Spread, slather and let it slide!

how to use sex lubricant

For penis, start with a few pumps on your hand and fingers and rub it around your penis in any motion you like (be careful if you have foreskin) and once you’re content, keep moving baby! Throw in a toy or do it old-school, you deserve the best only!

Partnered Play

Whether you’re into penetration or not, using sexual lube can help make sex with your partner a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Applying a lubricant before or during penetrative sex can smoothen the process and be extra fun. 

With condoms, water-based lubes can be applied on the outside after putting on the condom or using some amount inside the tip of the condom. Feel free to slather some on the penis before you roll the condom on for better play! Similarly, rub some lube around your sex toy for game-changing results. 

The point being, when it comes to the ‘sex lubricant - how to use’ guide, there’s no specific amount. Be liberal while applying lube, and if need be, reapply and enjoy! 

partnered sex

What sexual lubricants are best for sensitive skin? 

Having sensitive skin can be nightmarish, especially when the majority of brands out there load up on ingredients that might not suit your needs. When we introduced DTF, our main concern was to help you achieve the best possible care for your vulva. Ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree, and flaxseed extracts in our lube help nourish your skin down there while you’re getting some. The goodness of such natural ingredients can work well for sensitivity. Our lube is also unflavoured. How is that helpful, you ask?

Many flavored lubes can often react and irritate genital skin. These added flavors or chemicals can really play around with your coochie. Now that won’t exactly be a walk in the park when it comes to having fun. Invest in your own pH-balanced savior.

Should I use saliva as a lubricant?

It may seem like a harmless practice to use saliva for lubrication. It’s always there and available for free, isn’t it? Well, your vulva will happily disagree. 

    • STIs can be transmitted through saliva. Yes, and it is strongly recommended to not use saliva while having sex, even if you’re going down on your partner. If you have no knowledge of your partner’s sexual history, or they haven’t been tested, it is important to avoid the risk.
    • You may get a vaginal infection. Saliva contains some specific bacteria and enzymes that can bother your vaginal ecosystem. This may make you susceptible to yeast infections, etc. 
    • It just doesn’t do the job. Keeping the STI and infection risk aside, saliva is not supposed to be used for lubrication because it innately doesn’t possess any such qualities.

Bottom line, saliva as a lube? No thanks, please! Invest in a personal lube as per what you’re looking for.

Can coconut oil be used as lube?

There are mixed opinions when it comes to the idea of including coconut oil in your sexual routine. 


  • On the whole, coconut oil is safe to use when there is skin-to-skin contact or while trying to conceive. 
  • Since it’s natural, it doesn’t react with the genital skin and also feels good to use.


  • Coconut oil, however, cannot be used with condoms as it will break the latex leading to inefficiency. Water-based lubes such as the DTF Sexual Lube is compatible with both latex and silicone!
  • In fact, when push comes to shove, coconut oil being antibacterial and antifungal, may lead to your vaginal pH getting disrupted. This may cause yeast infections to develop. DTF being pH balanced can keep you at bay from any infections or irritation messing up with your huha’s peace (wink-wink). Buy yours now.

More importantly, penetrative sex without protection may put you at risk for STIs, and who wants that, right?

Is having vaginal sex without lube painful?

Experiencing pain during sex is common, but it doesn’t have to be normal. There can be many reasons for the same, ranging from hormonal imbalances, menopause to conditions such as dyspareunia or vaginismus, or even emotional issues. For some, it’s easier to have their natural lubrication at work but that doesn’t mean they have to depend on it. Using lube can ensure pain-free or some relaxation while you wish to attain pleasure. 


Can water-based lubes be used with menstrual cups?

A BIG YES! Water-based lubes are safe to use with menstrual cups. In fact, you can use our DTF lube with your menstrual cups. Simply take some onto your hands and rub it around your vaginal opening and the cup’s rim. Gently position yourself for easy access and insert the cup using any fold you find convenient! Using a lubricant puts you and your vaginal walls at comfort so that the menstrual cup can make its way up. 

Can lube cause UTI? 

Lube itself doesn't contribute to a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). So, let's understand the basics. UTI is caused by bacteria. How lubes enter this discussion is when their ingredients meddle with the natural pH of your vagina. This may eventually make you more prone to contracting a UTI if you're already at risk. 

When it comes to our DTF lube, we kept things safe for your vaginal flora. It's pH balanced, and hence no itching or unwanted rashes and infection for you! 

Can lube help prevent STIs?

Regardless of whether you have oral, vaginal, or anal sex, using condoms and dental dams is the best way to prevent STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Even though lubes don’t play a direct role in the same, they can help to make sex safer

With the increase in friction during sexual activity, the chances of skin irritation and cuts are more. Even the tiniest tear in your genital area is enough for an STI to pave its way. Condoms too are prone to breaking if friction takes its toll. A lubricant keeps things nice and easy while ensuring smoother sex; reducing the probability of getting an STI.

Are there any side effects of using lube?

Fundamentally, most lubes do not cause any side effects. But, it’s a possibility to have an allergic reaction due to some ingredient in the lubricant. Immediately see your trusted doctor if you notice any symptoms such as: 

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling in any part, especially of the tongue, face, or throat
  • Developing hives, rash, or experiencing itching
  • Getting yeast infections more frequently, after the use of the said sex lube (this is why our DTF lube is pH balanced, designed specifically for all our humans with vulvas!)

Where can I buy lube in India?

You can buy sexual lube in India across many online platforms or in your local pharmacies. You can also gain easy access to our natural lubricant here

Prevent UTIs

Lube is great, but am I not enough?

Due to the endless stigma and lack of conversation around sex, we have been subjected to distorted standards of sex and how it should be. The mainstream porn culture pointed out how vulvas are supposed to be ‘dripping wet’. We tend to believe that whatever we have is enough and if not, we should accept it and move on. But, that’s where we need to put work. 

There is nothing shameful about using personal lube for having an enhanced sexual lifestyle. Even though it was once touted to be a product for menopausal folks and countering vaginal dryness, lube has now been widely encouraged for sexual use across varying ages, genders, and sexualities. You have every right to own your pleasure, and this is our guiding force at That Sassy Thing.

Lube is great, and so are you. Get your hands on India’s first all-natural sexual lube

Want to treat yourself? We have a range of products designed with love for people with vulvas. Visit us to explore the all-new world of sassy! 

Natural Lube
Body oil
Period cramp care

About the author

Anuja Razdan

Anuja Razdan (she/her) is a student/mental & sexual health advocate based in Delhi-NCR, who is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Being a queer cis woman who is aspiring to practice as a psychotherapist in future, she hopes to essentiate a queer affirming, intersectional feminist, pleasure-positive and kink allied approach towards mental health—on a personal & professional level. All-in-all, she’s your quintessential dog lady with a blue typewriter, living three blocks away, probably writing about you.

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