Here's Why You Need an Underwear Detergent

Here's Why You Need an Underwear Detergent

Did you know that there’s 1/10th of a gram of poop in the average pair of underwear? That means a huge chance of spreading E.coli, as per research. No, we don’t mean to scare you, rather we’re here to help you make the right choice for the TLC of your undies and invest in an underwear detergent that’s best suited for you.

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While you’re used to seeing all your clothes getting washed together just like in a typical household, keep your undies washing sesh distinct with a designated detergent for lingerie. And yes, most of you rightfully wash your intimates separately because not only do they hug your vulvas and tooshies, but they’re also at the receiving end of bodily fluids such as discharge, spotting, blood, etc. (completely normal). This is why a little extra TLC can go a long way to help your undies live for longer by washing them with the best detergent for panties

Why do I need a separate underwear detergent?

Regular detergents that are used to wash our clothes contain harmful chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, etc. The residue left on our underwear from such toxic chemicals could cause itches, rashes, and infections in the intimate area. This is why your detergent for panties needs to be mild and bare it all (when it comes to the ingredients) on its labels so that you can make the right choice. 

But isn’t a separate detergent for lingerie a little too much? We get it, and it’s human of us to trivialize our sexual and physical health, especially when ‘us’ is women. For decades, we’ve been shamed about what’s ‘down there’, including our undergarments. Our lingerie has either been ‘too sexual’ or ‘too intimidating’ to be even talked about openly. From keeping your underwear hidden from the rest of the clothes to whispering your undies of choice to a person who barely knows you, we’ve seen it all. 

Read more about lingerie shaming here.

Think about it: You might splurge on expensive lingerie now and then, so why not spend a little and get the best detergent for panties? Many chemical-based detergents contain synthetic fragrances, chlorinated bleaches, brighteners, and other potentially toxic ingredients that may leave residue in your underwear, exposing your intimate areas to itches, rashes, UTIs, and yeast infections. And, this is why using a separate underwear detergent can be the first step towards taking better care of your underwear and what’s inside it. Aunt Sassy has worked her sass off to get you the best detergent for panties, Clean Qween—a mild, all-natural fabric wash with antibacterial properties designed for your lingerie (and the most sensitive bits that touch it). Clean Qween is gentle on the skin and all fabrics, yet tough on stains, blood stains, body oils, sweat, etc. The fabric of your undies retains its softness and color with each subsequent wash. Its antifungal and antibacterial characteristics protect even the most delicate skin, preventing itches, rashes, and infections. Clean Qween is India’s first-ever, one-of-its-kind underwear detergent and is free from strong and harmful chemicals that act as bleaching agents that could irritate the intimate area.

What do you mean by ‘all-natural’ underwear detergent?

When we say that we have nothing to hide, we mean it. Our products are clean and we are transparent about each ingredient that goes inside. We bare it all on the back labels of our products too. You deserve to know what you’re putting in your body, babe! 

With a wide range of natural, qween ingredients, Clean Qween is the best detergent for panties. It has the goodness of aloe vera, which keeps bacteria at bay, loves your skin back, and keeps it free of irritation. It contains soap nut extract, which has antibacterial, anti-allergic properties to keep clothes germ-free and skin healthy—plus it’s a great fabric softener (brownie points, much?). Enriched with Neroli Oil, this underwear detergent is rich in antioxidants to keep you safe and infection free. With nature’s very own cleanser, Coconut Glucoside, this ultra-mild wash naturally and powerfully cleanses delicates.

For those wondering what the best detergent for panties smells/feels like, it’s citrusy and fresh and has a robust yet subtle scent like tangerine, thanks to Clean Qween’s range of all-natural ingredients. Because of its incredibly mild nature, Clean Qween is a great fit for those peeps who have extra sensitive skin that can easily react to harsh chemicals or surfactants. When it comes to choosing an underwear detergent, it’s important to take note of all of its constituent ingredients since they give a better idea of how and why that particular product can be useful. With Clean Qween, we have it all out in the open, we tell you exactly what we put in it so you can know what’s best for you!

Can I use this detergent for lingerie made with different fabrics?

YES, you can use Clean Qween with any fabric, including natural fibers. From lace thongs to cotton hipsters, whatever may be your panty of the day, our all-natural underwear detergent’s got you covered. Clean Qween has been designed to be super gentle on your delicates and other garments made with cotton, wool, silk, linen, etc. It doesn't wear out your delicate lingerie, unlike the harsh chemicals present in regular detergents, after all, it's the best detergent for panties for a reason! 

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When it comes to period underwear, our plant-based, mild detergent for lingerie is your savior in a bottle. It’s super tough on blood stains, and kind to your huha. After every use, rub and wash your period undies lightly with an undiluted solution of Clean Qween, and you’re good to go! 

Various mainstream laundry detergents contain synthetic bleaches and optical brighteners, which are synthetic compounds that make clothing appear whiter and brighter. These are toxic to the body since they are non-biodegradable and carcinogenic. A mild underwear detergent like Clean Qween, on the other hand, has plant-based surfactants instead of chlorine bleaches or optical brighteners to remove stains and filth while being kind to the environment and the body.

How do I use an underwear detergent like Clean Qween?

You can use Clean Qween detergent for lingerie just like you use any other liquid detergent (only that this one’s a lot more gentle on your skin). You can use it for hand or machine washing (but we recommend a hand wash to save water). Bonus: Clean Qween’s antifungal and antibacterial properties help keep the most sensitive skin safe and prevent itches, rashes, and infections.

For handwash/bucket wash (recommended due to the delicate nature of lingerie): Dilute about 10 ml (1.5 capful) of the underwear detergent in 3 liters of warm water, for up to 7 undies/bras. Soak for 30-45 minutes. Wash with cold water. 

For blood stains and other stains: Gently rub and wash lightly with an undiluted solution of Clean Qween.

For machine-wash: Dilute about 30 ml [4.5 capfuls] of Clean Qween for a 6 kg load. 

For tough stains: Apply directly on stains, rub & wash lightly with an undiluted solution of the best detergent for panties, let it stay for 10 mins, and wash.

Note: Always remember to use a mesh laundry wash bag to retain elasticity and prevent stretching or tearing Air-dry/hang undies/lingerie on a drying rack. 

Now that you’ve received a rundown on an underwear detergent like Clean Qween and why you need it more than you think you would, what’re you waiting for?

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