Top Sexual Fantasies Indians Have

Top Sexual Fantasies Indians Have

With over 1.3 billion of us running around, it is no wonder the realm of Indian fantasies is as vast as the Ganges. Gone are the old days of whispering secrets in the dark! We're flaunting our sexualities and biggest fantasies like its nobody's business, and damn right we should! Because until we shake off that old repression, we ain't gonna see no respect or normalisation.

So, I decided to take on the difficult task of narrowing down the top Indian fantasies that get us Indians hot and bothered. After chatting up with my folks, checking all pop culture articles, sex surveys, and even delving into those saucy Reddit subs, I've come out on top with the crème de la crème. But hey, if your fantasy didn't make the cut, fret not!. Embrace your uniqueness and shoot us a message – maybe we'll come up with a juicy part two for you ;)


You know, they say the more you try to bury a seed, the more it will sprout. Well, the same goes for emotions and feelings. In our oh-so-repressed society, we just can't resist showing off our wild side, but only when we can hide behind a screen, of course. Those Reddit Gone Wild subs? Total beacon of our craving for attention while keeping it anonymous.  And Boudoir? That's just another manifestation of exhibitionism, which is easily one of the top Indian fantasies for both male and female. So many people now have a private Insta account flaunting their hot bods through boudoir photography. Sure, the internet makes it risky, but hey, at least it is convenient, right? But remember, exhibitionism is a kink, and like any kink, it is all about consent and respect. 


This takes me back to that one Lust Stories episode called The Mirror directed by Konkana Sen Sharma. You know, where the maid gets down and dirty in her employer's bedroom, and the boss just can't help but watch? Yeah, that's voyeurism for you – getting off on watching other people getting it on. We Indians are already known for being nosy, so it is no surprise that voyeurism comes naturally to us as a sexual fantasy. But just like any fantasy, voyeurism is a bit of a grey area. So, tread carefully and respect those boundaries.


Ah, the good old threesome – a favourite in sex surveys and dating app conversations alike. It tops the list of biggest male and female fantasies. Whether it is with a stranger or someone you kinda sorta know, threesomes are all the rage. There are legit apps for that now, catering to your wildest Indian fantasies. Some prefer the classic two girls, one guy setup, while others are all about two guys and a girl. It is all about personal preferences. Additionally, incorporating water-based lube into your threesome experience can heighten sensations and ensure smooth and comfortable interactions for all parties involved.

Adult Breastfeeding (ABF)

Okay, hear me out – it might sound a tad bizarre, but it is a legit fantasy for some folks. Just take a peek at Google's search history if you don't believe me. In 2017, Google showed that the number of searches on how to breastfeed a baby was almost equal to the number of searches on how to breastfeed an adult man. Seems like as long as women's breasts have been sexualised, there have been men fantasising about adult breastfeeding. Freudian explanation, anyone? Hey, I'm just saying. Oh, and there's even a term for it – lactophilia. 

Doing it in a Public Place

The thrill of getting down and dirty in public! Whether it is joining the mile-high club or sneaking into a public restroom for a quickie, Indians know how to spice things up. We might not all have the luxury of private spaces, but we sure know how to make the most of what we've got. But hey, there's risk involved as public nudity and obscenity is a punishable offence, and you should be mindful of the law and others’ boundaries.

Being Dominated

Some guys love it when their partner takes charge, and vice versa. One of my male friends even said being a slave to his woman was the hottest thing ever. And for some ladies, nothing gets them going like an alpha male taking control. And hey, BDSM? It is on the rise! Handcuffs, ropes, you name it – you can now even find them at your local shop, if you know where to look. Additionally, incorporating massage oil candles into your BDSM play can add a sensual element, providing both relaxation and arousal during intimate moments.

Doing it the Desi Way

Uff, the allure of embracing our desi-ness between the sheets. Whether it is dressing up in traditional Kamasutra inspired Indian attire or setting the mood with some thumris in the background, celebrating your culture in bed is a fantasy for many. And let's not forget about the rising trend of regional language adult content – India's adult industry is booming! From indulging in dirty talking in your regional language to experiencing orgasms to the tune of some classical music, going desi can be hotter than a summer day in Mumbai for some.

Sex with a Celebrity

Well, who hasn't fantasised about getting it on with their favourite celebrity? Whether it is SRK sweeping you off your feet or Priyanka Chopra whispering sweet Bollywood nothings in your ear, the idea of getting down and dirty with a famous face is a common one. And let's face it, in a country where movie stars are practically worshipped, it is no wonder this fantasy is as common as chai at a roadside stall. So, if you've ever found yourself daydreaming about a steamy encounter with a celeb, you're not alone!

Kinky Role Plays 

Slipping into a different persona and exploring new dynamics in the bedroom can be incredibly hot for many. Whether it is playing the boss and the secretary, the teacher and the student, or even something more adventurous like a historic royal figure and their muse, Indians might just get a kick out of stepping into someone else's shoes for a night of passion. Who wouldn't want to escape reality and indulge in a little make-believe? 

So go ahead, people, don’t be shy in exploring things that make your sex lives exciting. But before you get too carried away, always remember the golden rule: respect and consent are non-negotiable. Trust me, there's nothing sexier than mutual understanding and enthusiastic consent!

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Biggest Indian fantasies FAQs

1. How do you have a fantasy about someone?

A: Let your imagination run wild. Close your eyes, think about them, and let your mind do the rest.

2. Is it wrong to fantasise about someone?

A: It is only wrong if you're acting on it in a way that breaks trust or hurts others. Otherwise, let your mind wander guilt-free.

3. Is it normal to fantasise about other people when you are married?

A: As long as those fantasies stay in your head and don't disrupt your commitment, it is as normal as dreaming about winning the lottery.

4. What are the most popular Indian fantasies?

A: Oh, the classics: role-playing, threesomes, and getting it on in unexpected places. But hey, everyone's got their own flavour of daydreams.

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