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Only recently did I discover how sensitive my vag is to things it absofuckinglutely loves and the things it ragingly hates. I’m in a good mood today so let’s talk about the pleasant things, as I see my vag smiling at my tits and in turn my face, from down under.

  1. Each of the senses have a major role to play when it comes to how your body reacts to it. It’s the ‘watching and staring deep’ that does it for me. My partner’s eyes glued on to my vulva, trying to see how I take my finger to rub it continuously, thrusting back and forth, gasping for breath. The plain act of watching him gaping at my clit is a major turn on. Thinking of how much he wants me to cum. 
  1. How could I not mention the one thing that makes my lady parts wetter and better: Lube! Aha! It slips and slides through the driest spots, making its way to my ‘door O’ super quick. It does everything for me (and my vag), that manic making out isn’t able to, leaving so much more room for experimentation with the big deed. 

(P.S.: Even better with DTF: Our water-based, all natural lube with aloe vera, flax seeds and tea tree extracts. It’s unflavoured, non-sticky and pH balanced, avoiding annoying rashes, itches or UTIs: https://thatsassything.com/products/lube)

  1. Let me break it to you, ladies—healthy vagina does not smell like a bed of roses. And if it does, then you’re definitely not using products that are good for your body. My vagina has a sour odour, much like pickled onions topped with gooey mozzarella. I actually love both! The odour feels real and normal, as it should. 
  1. Nothing beats that fuzzy feeling of warm water splashing your vag during cold Delhi winters. And no, my shower doesn’t work so I when I say this–it’s literally how my parents bathed (or still do it)–with a classic Indian ‘balti and mugga’. Oh, that feeling! Do try it out desi style. It brings a sense of calmness and warmth to the Indian body. (Disclaimer: Your back will hurt like a b!$@*)
  1. When the vagina feels lonely and doesn’t want all that male attention, it’s time for self-care, babes! That’s when I turn to my bedside table drawer and let my vibrator do all the talking (and fucking!). As my sister Jane Fonda from ‘Grace and Frankie’ says, ‘Look sister, start that sucker up, and get to it!’ 

(Pro tip: Slapping on lube reaaaally does wonders!) 

  1. There’s nothing a good old massage can’t fix! Phewww. Now I’m tempted to get one tonight. 

Okay, now imagine that feeling of oil slowly dripping, touching the outer labia, that sensation of going from nothing to “Fuckkkk, I am losing it” in seconds. That tingling feeling as it moves deeper in….need I say more? 

  1. Saving the best one for last, I ooze with love (horniness to be totes honest) when his finger touches the tip of my clit. Oh and that feeling when he stops suddenly after the first touch, drives me nuts! That rush reminds of the first time I had drunk-makeup-sex with my boyfriend.

Time out! Enough of the sexy talks now, it’s got me feeling naughty. 

And you? ;)