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6 ways my PMS makes me go WTF

6 ways my PMS makes me go WTF

This one is for the 75% of our sisters who go through PMS. We feel you. This shit is worse than my best friend’s IG persona.

I have PCOS so the period tracker on my phone is as clueless as me when it comes to knowing the exact date I’ll get my period on. There have been times my cycle has been delayed by a week and times when it's been 10 days, so my period always comes as a surprise. Even though my tracker isn’t as accurate, my body does throw me off–prepping me up in its own strange ways. 

  1. My very sore boobies are a telltale sign of Aunt Flo's visit. Those days all I want to do is sit topless at home. Zero f*&@$ given. My boobs are rock solid and nipples get really hard. And when pressed hard, they hurt like a b*&^$. Not the best times to indulge in any foreplay, ladies. 
  1. If someone sees my RBF, they know it's because all that water in my body is making me feel as bloated as a hot air balloon. On a serious note, reducing salt intake, exercising and drinking plenty of water helps keeping the water retention in check.
  1. We all have mood swings occasionally, ain’t nothing special about ‘that time of the month’, except that you don’t know what to expect, AT ALL. So everything you read on ‘what to expect when you’re PMS-ing’ is a BIG FAT LIE. Mood swings hit me like a roller coaster; you know it’s coming but you have zero clue about how it will make you feel. 
  1. You wake up one morning and ta-da! acne all over the forehead! Even when you try not touching it, your hand will inadvertently go to your forehead. But nothing says PMS worse than a huge ass pimple on the nose. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, it will always be in your vision. 
  1. The inevitable wait of getting my period. Checking my underwear every 10 minutes as I get that feeling of blood gushing, only to know that the period fairy is still miles away. And then she comes charging at you when you least expect it. Ugh! 
  1. The mother of all cramps feels like there’s an apocalypse right around the corner, waiting to unleash itself on me. (Kudos to all the women who go through labour!) At first the pain is sporadic until it gets unbearable like a bulldozer destroying me. I stopped popping pills long back and switched to the sassy natural soothing stick instead. It’s super easy to apply on-the-go while I’m at work. The menthol and eucalyptus oil seeps deep into my muscles to ease the pain and the minty fragrance definitely calms me down. Check it out here: https://thatsassything.com/products/period-roll-on

If you ask me, it’s not a great feeling when you have to go through a week full of PMSing before you go through a solid 4 days of bloodshed from your uterus. But then, there is pizza!