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6 Men Share Their Experiences of Using Sex Toys

Sex Toys for boys

So, sex toys. Have you ever used any?

I asked this question to six men coming from varied walks of life, and I was amazed at how all of them couldn’t stop giggling, blushing, or expressing their excitement about their experience. Before hearing them out, I did my due diligence in terms of the toys pre-existing in the market for men (and, penis owners), and even couples.

This was so I could understand what’s really out there when it comes to male sex toys, or sex toys for couples, and it was a blast! I also realized how these five guys absolutely cherished the time they spent using their partner’s massagers and wished that they too could have toys as aesthetic-looking as their lovers’!

Bombastic”, “kinky as f***”, and “once in a lifetime experience” — these are some of the highlights from the fun, awkward, and super engaging responses I got from them about their experience of using sex toys, so without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

#1 It’s the first-time tickles that get you!

Advait | 25 | Straight

Engineer, Noida

“I’ve only used sex toys once in my life, and I don’t think words can do justice to that feeling. I went on a date with this girl and later that night we went back to her place. She was living with her best friend and we all hung out together, so wholesome. Then, we both got in her room and we immediately started making out with each other.

It was impossible for me to keep my hands off of her. I recall that we were right in the middle of doing it, and she asked me if it was okay to use a vibe. Honestly, I was a bit nervous, but thrilled nonetheless. And, as I was entering her, I could feel her insides vibrating! Like woah, it’s the first-time tickles that get you, and I could see how turned on she was. One of the best experiences I ever had.”


#2 I used a vibrator and it was a defining moment for me.

Vishal | 24 | Straight

Associate, Mumbai

“So, on my last birthday, my partner gifted me a prostrate massager. I’ve always wanted to own a toy for myself, but I felt a bit awkward about it given how I couldn’t really understand what would work best for me. So, me and my partner were just sitting down one day talking about how she’s planning to get her first-ever vibrator.

During that conversation, I must have mentioned this vibrator I was eyeing and she got it for me! It was all a ploy to get me talking. That image of me using a vibrator was a defining moment for me.”

#3 Took some time getting used to, the sensations were too intense for me

Jay | 27 | Straight 

Psychologist, Lucknow 

"I'm extremely sensitive down there, so I usually take things slowly, whether it's masturbation or if I'm having sex with someone. I've been really insecure about it for the longest time, but been trying to engage in more laidback, less intense sessions.

This one day, one of my partners got me into the idea of trying her sex toy. Don't get me wrong, not that I didn't like it, I just took some time getting used to since the sensations were too intense for me. So, we paused every few minutes and that felt very pleasurable."

couple sex toy

#4 I don’t like sleeves on my fits but for my P? Yes, please!

Samarth | 29 | Gay

Teacher, Delhi

“I proudly own a masturbation sleeve, and it’s been a year since I’ve been using it for solo pleasure. I have tried to use it with a few partners, but I realized I feel more chill and focused on jerking off in my own time. I am not even exaggerating when I say that having this sex toy for myself has been The most bombastic friggin’ decision of my life, zero regrets.

I love experimenting, always have, and remember stalking Reddit accounts, watching men use different toys like Fleshlights and all, and yeah, that’s what got me wondering. I mean I don’t like sleeves on my fits but for this baby? *points to his crotch* Yes, please!”

#5 Was already so hard, then she pulled out her toy lol.

Mohit | 31 | Straight

Content Writer, Bangalore

“You know edging, right? I don’t know, it’s always been a kink of mine. I do it a lot when I’m on my own, but never really explored it with a partner until I met someone in May. She had like a collection of toys, and she sent me pictures of two of them I was rolling in my bed out of sheer curiosity and horniness, lol.

So, when we got together, she remembered me telling her about how I like being edged, so right when I was about to cum, like I was rock hard, she pulled out her toy lol. That was kinky as f***!”

#6 Got plugged in and there’s no going back!

Ronit | 26 | Queer

Marketing Manager, Ahmedabad

“I invested in this bootie plug sometime back and I’ve used it both for masturbation and with some of my partners. Each time I use it, its like a once in a lifetime experience, and I know that doesn’t even make sense, but iykyk.

It’s unlocked a whole new level of horny in me and now that I got plugged in and there’s no going back!”

men sex toys

To feel pleasure is truly such a lovely, freeing, and empowering experience, regardless of one’s gender, age, or sexuality. And to my delight, these 6 stories testified how even though opening up yourself, your body, your relationships, and even your mind to novel experimenting in the bedroom can be daunting, once you have that experience, it may bring you a few steps closer to embracing your sexual self, and explore newer avenues and possibilities! 


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