• Why Sassy

The intimate wellness space under-represents the needs of huha-owners. It is rife with misinformation while lacking in transparency about the ingredients used and the effects they have. That’s why Aunt Sassy decided to brew her own line of all-natural products, free of all nasties and suitable for our sassy fronts, while adding fun to the hygiene regime. With our better-for-you ingredients, we got nothing to hide. We list them all out on our labels and website.

If you have received a shame-free, queer-affirmative education about your body-mind and its goings-on, then count yourself lucky. For most of us, this isn’t the case. That’s why Aunt Sassy is committed to creating and sharing resources so we can be confident and informed about our bodies without feeling any shame about its natural goings-on.

And when it comes to fexual (S is...Silent, you see?) wellness, it’s about time we looked under the hood and got literate (with a C). The market is currently dominated by products made for and by cis-men. This means that your go-to flavoured personal lubricant gels likely have added artificial flavours, sweeteners, fragrances, glycerin, petrochemicals, that are irritating you down there by throwing off your pH levels or causing itches, rashes, and infections.

Fexual hygiene is integral to the health and well-being of people of all genders. It’s 2022 and most products still position fex, (guess you catch our drift by now?) as a P-in-V conquest. Aunt Sassy is here to change that and heaven knows it’s about time! We want folks to enjoy ‘doing it’—with a partner or solo, while being on top, bottom and everywhere in between. We want you to take your pleasure in your hands and OWN IT! 

Stigmas about our (under)clothes, bodies, and body hair also adds to the misinformation. As a result, discussing intimate wellness can be confusing and awkward. By bringing you information that is fex-positive and queer-affirmative, we hope to dial down the stigma and empower you to take charge of your huha and your body.

This is just the beginning as we bring carefully designed products, keeping your huha’s best interest in mind. We believe in owning our bodies and fexuality in every way. And being Shameless about it! And with that vision, we have miles to go—excited to have you along with us on this journey!

Huha. Body hair. Thick thighs. Periods. Fex. Fex on periods. Pleasure. It’s alllll normal.