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  • Flex Massager
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  • Flex Massager
  • Flex Massager
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  • Flex Massager
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Flex Massager

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Sneaky, bendy, and extraordinary–Flex is a mighty companion that deserves to be by your bedside at all times. This intuitive curvy personal massager is super...

Sneaky, bendy, and extraordinary–Flex is a mighty companion that deserves to be by your bedside at all times. This intuitive curvy personal massager is super lightweight and offers multiple impressive modes that can get things going for you in no time. Flex body massager comes with a sturdy yet pliable handle that can be molded to cater to all your spots. The compact, slender head is the perfect fit for both internal and external stimulation, making it a perfect massager for beginners. Break into impromptu playtime by yourself or with boo, Flex massager knows how to work a room.

Flattened body for ultraconvenient fun

Flex massager has been specially designed with a curved, slender massage head that is flattened and streamlined for easy insertion. It can bend up to a 180° angle as per what (and how) you’re craving. Hence, Flex personal massager can cater to the play needs of both pros and newbie explorers.

More ways to rock than one

Why limit yourself to just a few experiences when you can feel an irresistible amount of joy and excitement? With 10 hair-raising modes catering to all your moods, get lost in the moment whether you choose to ride solo or bring in a partner.

Extraordinary moves designed for all bodies 

Flex’s sleek and simplistic design makes it a great pick for those who’re looking for quick Os minus the intimidation. This personal massager is well-suited for those looking for a playmate that can be sculpted as per desire to flexibly reach the sweetest spots. If you’re looking for a thicc companion that’s girthy enough to rock your world, you can check out our OG personal body massager.

100% Discretion

Shop judgment free, we’ve got you covered. All orders are 100% discreet, right from purchase to packing and shipping to delivery. Your Bank/CC Statements won't read 'That Sassy Thing', and you won’t find any product or brand name displayed on your package. 

Don’t fret, what’s on the inside is just for you. But, feel free to pass along the fun to your special someone!

Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★

    Top-tier experience!

    “The yellow color is so soothing, and love the way it bends. I like that the head is smaller and fits perfectly where it should!”

    K, Hyderabad
  • ★★★★★

    The smoothest ride I ever had 🔥

    “Hands down, one of the best massagers I’ve ever owned. It is perfection in every way. I like the internal ones and this checks all the boxes cause it’s super thin and easy to take in. It’s so discreet, my BF thought it’s a guasha tool🤣”

    A, New Delhi
  • ★★★★★

    So unique unlike any other out there😻

    “I don’t think I have had such a powerful O. The different settings were fun to explore.”

    S, Mumbai

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Candy is designed with body-safe, medical-grade silicone. It is free of any hazardous substances and is CE certified.

Candy is compact and literally fits your palm.

Candy body massager is meant for both external and internal use. For internal use, we recommend always using it with its finger grip.

Nope, this is much much more. It comes with 12 different speeds and rhythms. However, owing to the simple and sleek design, it is versatile to go from a great starter massager to a pro explorer’s companion. Candy is one mighty lover ;)

While Candy is designed to explore externally and internally, if you are looking for that one perfect massager that goes deep down, we recommend our bestselling OG Massager.

Water-based personal lubricants like DTF are compatible with the Candy body massager. Avoid using a silicone or oil-based lubricant as it can damage the product.

No, it’s pretty quiet and reaches a max volume of 50 dB. However, feel free to leave the fan on when in doubt!

We recommend washing Candywith mild soap and water after every use. You can pat it dry with a clean towel and store it in the discreet storage tin that comes along. Please keep it out of the way of direct sunlight. Store it in a cool and dry place. Don’t wash it with corrosive cleaners like acetone, alcohol, gasoline, etc.

It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the massager. For the first time, make sure you charge the Candy body massager before using it. One full charge will go a long way, and it’s recommended that you charge it after every few uses, so it can work its best and last longer.

We do not accept returns due to the nature of our products (they are for intimate use). We go above and beyond to ensure that our products reach you in pristine condition. However, in the unlikely event that you receive a damaged product, please email us photos of the damaged product at people@thatsassything.com within 48 hours and we will work towards finding a resolution (in some cases, we will send a complimentary product of the same value after due diligence from our Quality Control team).

Read More about Flex Massager

What is the Flex Body Massager?

The Flex internal female body massager is a beginner-friendly, sleek and flexible massager that bends however you like and caters to all your spots. It’s designed with body-safe medical-grade silicone. 

What are the key features of the Flex Body Massager?

This female body massager is waterproof and has 10 amazing speeds and pulse modes. It has a slender head and bendable body that’s perfect for both internal and external stimulation. Minimal noise (less than 50 DBS) ensures full discretion.

How to use the Flex Body Massager?

To use this internal massager, press and hold down the power button for ~3 seconds to switch on/off. Store in the pouch that comes with the product. Wash it with water and a mild soap before and after every use. Charge using the USB cable provided in the box. For internal and external use.

Why choose the Flex Internal Body Massager?

That Sassy Thing is committed to making safe, comfortable and fun massagers for women that will empower them to own their pleasure and rediscover self-love! This female massager is the ideal choice for beginners looking for a lightweight, discreet and intuitive internal personal massager to get started with.