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UP Pillow

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UP Pillow is a high-resilience foam-based love pillow designed to help you reach all the right spots while with your special someone. No more stacking...

UP Pillow is a high-resilience foam-based love pillow designed to help you reach all the right spots while with your special someone. No more stacking regular pillows, UP is the ultimate push-up for your "we" time to enhance the experience. Explore, experiment & elevate – this firm multiposition support pillow blends into your bedroom & holds you in place for all the fun times that lie ahead.

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Perfect partner for work & play

UP is a high-resilience foam-based pillow that stays firm without losing its shape. It seamlessly blends into your everyday life whether you use it to rest your laptop or elevate intimate experiences.

Switch up gears in the bedroom

UP Pillow has been specially designed to help you hold different positions for a longer time and make the experience enjoyable minus the discomfort. Unlike a regular pillow, it doesn't dip or lose its shape with your body weight.

Go-to support for partnered fun

UP Pillow has the perfect incline to angle your body and support it well while elevating intimacy with a partner by avoiding awkward posture and slippage when you need that support the most to up your body.

100% Discretion

Shop judgment free, we’ve got you covered. All orders are 100% discreet, right from purchase to packing and shipping to delivery. Your Bank/CC Statements won't read 'That Sassy Thing', and you won’t find any product or brand name displayed on your package. 

Don’t fret, what’s on the inside is just for you. But, feel free to pass along the fun to your special someone!

Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★

     Wonder Pillow 😉

    “Let’s just say wife and I tried many different things, thanks to this wonder pillow!”

    K, Delhi
  • ★★★★★

    Bestest gift for couples!

    “Husband gifted me this beautiful product and I can say our intimacy has never been dis fun 🥵”

    P, Mumbai
  • ★★★★★

    Many angles possible 😜

    “Literally didn’t know my body could do SO MUCH with the right angle haha.”

    S, Chennai

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UP Pillow is best used in the bedroom to enhance intimacy with a partner. UP is reliably firm and has a gentle incline that lifts your hips (or any other part of your body) to improve the visibility of the desired spot or area, allowing you to go deep enough to reach that elusive G-town. It can be used for a variety of positions, making up for physical disparities between the partners, such as in your weight, and height, or just adding a little nuance to everyday loving. Essentially UP pillow is a way to stay safe and cushioned while exploring.

Regular pillows and cushions dip under pressure, and do not provide enough cushioning against hard surfaces or may lose their shape in the long run. They might need to be folded for improved cushioning or be stored separately, to retain their shape. On the other hand, the UP Pillow is designed to remain stable and firm, owing to the high-resilience foam used. This makes it a sensible and safe choice for your explorations. Frequent use will not interfere with its shape, and it has multiple uses, depending on your daily routine. We have also designed UP keeping in mind your health and hygiene. The outer cover and inner lining can be removed and hand-washed (with cold water), so as to limit the transfer of any bodily fluids that it comes in contact with. The foam of the pillow itself should NEVER be washed or drenched, so keep away from all liquids.

UP spruces up even the most vanilla bedroom practices, making it amenable to mutual fun and comfort. UP your fun, together. Ever tried to do it while spooning? Are height or size differences getting in the way of your intimate experiences? Enter UP. We’ve curated a delightful little guide for you with all the happening positions you can explore.

After much testing and feedback from the community, we came to the following conclusions about the various pillow designs:

1. The ramp pillow can feel too hard, like a rock, which makes it uncomfortable in certain positions. It is often sharply inclined while doing little to heighten the lift. This can affect your posture and is generally uncomfortable. Frequent use may result in digestive issues, back pain, and poor posture. 

2. Wedge-shaped pillows often have sharp edges, affecting your comfort. Often, they also jut out like a sore thumb in your living spaces, given their sharp angles, clinical shape, and the material used to make them. 

3. Half-moon pillows are like bolsters sliced in half. While they might provide a lift, they are not necessarily comfortable for your lower back for extended use. 

4. Crescent-shaped pillows are often manufactured using buckwheat, which fails to provide sturdy and firm support.

Many of these pillows also lack a steady base, which may lead to them moving around or rolling over, thereby making them buckle under pressure. This may lead to injuries or prolonged pain due to uncomfortable positions. 

We took all of this and much more into consideration while deciding on the UP pillow. Right from the foam used inside the pillow to its shape, the fabric and texture, the color and presentation of the pillows, we gotchu covered for a fun, sensual experience, kept safe from prying eyes with our pillow for fun times.

Inflatable pillows are usually made of a rubbery material that allows them to expand when filled with air. However, this might cause slipping or unnecessary movements during the act, affecting its experience while compromising your comfort and safety. They might also be uncomfortable to lay on, as they won’t likely adapt to the shape and pressures of your body and its movements. This will aggravate the pain and stiffness in those parts of your body where you hold tension, such as the lower back and various joints. Besides, inflatable pillows might be a tad bit of a mood-killers. Imagine things getting steamy, and you asking for a time-out, so you can inflate the pillow, and who wants that? UP pillow is soft to the touch, cozy, and highly discreet. For curious on-lookers, it is a high-resilience foam-based pillow that is both supportive and relaxing, just like a self-care Sunday with your bestie! Moreover, its high-quality breathable cotton fabric allows you to keep it clean. With UP’s design, we aim to be empathetic and supportive and have thought through several use cases, bodies, and positions.

Remove the outer cover and wash it as and when required. The pillow itself should NEVER be washed. The outer cover and inner cloth lining can be washed by hand, using a mild detergent, such as Clean Qween. If using it with different people, then we recommend washing it before each use.



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