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DTF: Personal Gel

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Make way for smoother loving with our all-natural, pH-balanced & unflavoured water-based lube. Enriched with the goodness of aloe vera, DTF is dermatologically tested safe,...
Make way for smoother loving with our all-natural, pH-balanced & unflavoured water-based lube. Enriched with the goodness of aloe vera, DTF is dermatologically tested safe, and a crowd favorite known to be gentle to the most delicate parts of your body. This personal gel comes inside an ergonomically effective pump bottle; helps you slips & side with ease for a mess-free, non-sticky experience.
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DTF is India’s trusted formula

India’s first lubricant designed to keep the intimate needs of your body and V in mind. All the ingredients are plant-based and listed on the back labels. 100% transparency, 100% body love.

Vegan | pH Balanced | No Parabens | No Silicone | No Glycerin | No Propylene Glycol | No Artificial Flavours | No Artificial Fragrances | No Artificial Colours | No Dyes

Best of both worlds

Since DTF feels exactly like natural bodily lubrication, it’s a great mate for all your bedroom adventures. Say no to boring old ways of doing it, and experiment to turn things up a notch. Make a night of it and play solo (self-partnered all the way) or with a partner – you do you!

How to use

Pump as much as you need to get things going. Slather away to feel a gentle cooling sensation that feels oh-so-good. Effortlessly slide into your happy place, whether you use your hands or massagers.

100% Discretion

Shop judgment free, we’ve got you covered. All orders are 100% discreet, right from purchase to packing and shipping to delivery. Your Bank/CC Statements won't read 'That Sassy Thing', and you won’t find any product or brand name displayed on your package. 

Don’t fret, what’s on the inside is just for you. But, feel free to pass along the fun to your special someone!

Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★

    OMG too good!

    “Used a lubricant for the first time & it made s*x soooo much better! Thanks for making such a fab product guys! 😊”

    J, Bangalore
  • ★★★★★


    “Hands down the best lubricant in India...I mean it. I have used many lubes but DTF did not feel sticky or gross - very natural feeling and no fruity smell. Loving it so much!”

    L, Jaipur
  • ★★★★★


    “First of all, THANK YOU!!! It's the best thing. I finally got to try it today and it worked like magic. It felt really good for both me and my partner and I was finally able to enjoy PIV and without having to experience a lot of pain! The texture was perfect, the bottle was so handy and it was so easy to apply and use! 💓”

    R, Noida

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The pH of our water-based lube is between 3.8 and 4.5 which makes it a perfect fit for a healthy vaginal pH of 4.0. DTF protects your huha from itches, irritation, UTIs, or vaginal infections.

DTF is dermatologically tested and safe by accredited labs. It is a water-based lube, making it safe to be used with all condoms & massagers. It is made with aloe, flax seeds, and tea tree extracts that naturally enhance vaginal lubrication, reduce dryness and help avoid yeast infections. DTF is also pH-balanced so no more nasty itches or irritation down there. It has no added artificial colours, flavours, fragrances, glycerin, or propylene glycol—basically, no ingredients that could cause itches, irritation, or yeast infections.

Lubrication makes your intimate experiences more comfortable and reduces friction for a smooth(er) ride. There’s no right or wrong amount when it comes to DTF (it’s all-natural and doesn’t feel artificial at all). Mostly three pumps should be fine but if you need more, don’t hesitate to make it rain. There are no rules here but what feels good for you!

DTF water-based lube is super massager-friendly and compatible with massagers and condoms. In fact, it’s recommended to go all out on lube while putting your fave Sassy massager to good use.

Slippery smooth with a glossy finish, DTF water-based lube feels like and mimics the natural lubrication of the V. It doesn’t have any fruity smell, is odorless, and is kind to the intimate area. On application, you’ll feel an appeasingly cooling sensation for the first few seconds (just how water feels on the skin) and its texture is thicc enough to play around with and light enough to be slathered minus the ‘artificial feel’

DTF is paraben-free, glycerin-free, and balances the pH. It does not contain any spermicides and is free from nasties. As a best practice, we recommend you consult your doctor for the same. You could even share the link to our product page with them (all ingredients have been enlisted).

Read More about DTF lubricant

What is DTF Lubricant Gel?

DTF lubricant gel is our all natural, pH balanced and unflavoured intimate lubricant designed to make intimacy friction-free and smooth. It is also unflavoured to avoid any UTIs or yeast infections. 

What are the ingredients of DTF Water Based Lube?

The natural DTF lubricant gel is plant-based, with no nasties. It is infused with Aloe Vera to prevent yeast infections, Tea Tree Leaf Extract to reduce dryness and itchiness, Lemon Extract to balance pH levels, and Flaxseed Extract to reduce inflammation and keep the skin moisturized and smooth.

How to Use This Personal Lubricant?

Pump the water based lubricant onto your palm or desired body part. Use it to enhance your solo as well as partnered sessions. Apply the lubricant gel on condoms and toys for a comfortable experience. Use as desired and reapply when needed.

What are the benefits of Water Based Lube?

DTF is an all natural water based lubricant that helps enhance your sessions in a mess free, non-sticky way. It is ideal for both condoms and toys. It comes in an ergonomically effective pump bottle.

Why buy Water Based Lubricant Gel from That Sassy Thing?

That Sassy Thing is committed to making intimacy safe, comfortable and mess-free in India. This water based lube is easy to use and free from artificial flavours and fragrances that interfere with your pH balance. Made with all natural, plant based ingredients, this personal lubricant will make your sessions ever so smooth!



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