Green Qween Program

Green Qween Program: Recycling Empties

We are a bootstrapped startup with a small team, so sustainable packaging alternatives turn out to be too expensive for us at the moment.

That being said, we are doing our bit (because we believe a small step > not doing anything), and are working on having more sustainable business practices.

One such effort is a recycling empties program “Green Qween”, in partnership with Stree Mukti Sanghatana’s (SMS’) programme—Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangh (PBVS). It is a registered organisation targeting women waste pickers of Mumbai.

More on their programme:

Waste handling in India is a caste and gender-based activity that forces women to work in unhygienic conditions with irregular and inadequate incomes. Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangh organised these women into self-help groups (SHGs) and later supported the formation of women cooperatives. The intervention teaches women to differentiate between the different kinds of waste and how to process them accordingly. Additionally, the women were provided with life skills such as health awareness, legal literacy, good parenting and leadership training along with counseling sessions to encourage them to ensure their safety while at work. Furthermore, skilling and vocational training initiatives are conducted for the group. Complimentary activities such as dispensaries, health camps and education initiatives are also conducted for the members and their children.

SMS-PBVS have also championed the dry and wet waste processing methodologies. Together they cater to over 250 MT (every month) of dry waste at 8 wards of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). They also operate in Thane and Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporations.

How does the Green Qween program work?

Step 1: Be a qween and dry and clean your empties (plastic or glass bottles).

Step 2: Place them in a packaging box. In case you’re sending glass, ensure you wrap it up with lots of paper shreds or newspaper. Remember to mark the box fragile.

Step 3: Courier the package to any of the following dry waste collection centres in Mumbai:

  • A ward
    Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangha
    Supervisor: Mrs. Rajshree Sonawane
    Phone: 9987416573 / 7977303658
    Address: Dry waste center,
    Suraksha garden, near Badhavar Park,
    Colaba, Churchgate
    Mumbai - 400005
    Location: https://goo.gl/maps/jdu7k7GuMVWFmwet5
  • F - North ward
    Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangha
    Supervisor: Mr. Ashok Marchande 
    Phone: 9594242003
    Address: Dry waste center,
    Sangam Nagar, Near Fire brigade office, MHADA colony, Antop hill
    Mumbai - 400037
    Location: https://goo.gl/maps/sHBb3fB76KF1Aiui6
  • M - West ward
    Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangha
    Supervisor: Mrs. Nisha Kamble 
    Phone: 7738648430
    Supervisor: Mr. Gautam Kharat 
    Phone: 8691961748
    Address: Dry waste center,
    Below Eastern Freeway,
    Mukund colony, Mysore colony,
    Mumbai - 400074
    Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Wu6akKA6w7DLfcHy9
  • N Ward
    Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangha
    Supervisor: Mrs, Shila Gholap
    Phone: 9004133020/8286321104
    Address: Dry waste center,
    Near Shikova Company,
    LBS Marg, Ghatkopar West,
    Mumbai - 400089
    Location: https://goo.gl/maps/spFFKf53c2gSiQHfA
  • S Ward
    Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangha
    Supervisor: Mrs. Sushila Jaiswar
    Phone: 9867459607
    Address: Dry waste center,
    Milind Nagar, Near K.C. Company, BMC Chawki,
    Ishwar Nagar, Bhandup (West)
    Mumbai - 400078
    Location: https://goo.gl/maps/68N5UjxaTuugwFuQ6
  • T ward
    Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangha
    Supervisor: Mr. Aniket Magre
    Phone: 9702984946
    Dry waste center,
    Near Palm Acres Society, under Baldharap Bridge,
    Gavanpada, Mulund (East)
    Mumbai - 400081
    Location: https://goo.gl/maps/B1sY8Wyy2aVnfz5BA