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  • The Fundamentals of Outercourse

    The Fundamentals of Outercourse

    I was in 8th grade and one of the days during recess my peers were losing it. There were chants of “he went for the second base with her”, and I was heavily confused. “Why is there a baseball reference...

  • Fearless Femme: Aditi Arora

    Fearless Femme: Aditi Arora

    “Empowering and transformational – two words I would definitely associate with Girl Up”, says Aditi Arora, the Country Manager for Girl Up, India. When asked about her journey so far with the United Nations Foundation-led campaign, she recalled how it...

  • Living the 'Intern Life' at TST

    Living the 'Intern Life' at TST

    I came across That Sassy Thing through word of mouth, and ordered their products soon after; opening the packaging and seeing representations of real humans with real bodies, hair, and rolls was such a breath of fresh air. It felt...

  • Breaking Up with Porn & Pop Culture's Obsession for Penetrative Sex

    Breaking Up with Porn & Pop Culture's Obsession for Penetrative Sex

    If I’d tell my 13-year old self that sex is more than just penetration, she’d laugh right at me. That’s understandable, given how the notion of ‘losing one’s virginity’ has been heavily perpetuated by a whopping majority of early American...

  • Diaries of Menopause

    Diaries of Menopause

    We often talk about how menstruation is a taboo topic in our part of the world. It is telling that menopause is hardly mentioned at all, even as part of sexual health and reproductive rights (SRHR) conversations. Most uterus-owners have...

  • Dating Fatigue Diaries from a Queer 30yo

    Dating Fatigue Diaries from a Queer 30yo

    Have you ever felt the pressure to keep dating through the apocalypse? Every time an intimate relationship ends, the ultimate test of having ‘moved on’ from them is to be able to date again. To fill that void that your...