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Here We Go Round the..Bush Oil

Here We Go Round the..Bush Oil

Nobody tells you what happens after your favorite celeb briefly shows off their glowing legs in those shaving ads. Most of us realize when we first shave or wax our bodies that the experience is far from it. And, remember roaming around supermarkets frantically looking for razors stacked somewhere in aisle 15? Now visualize putting in all your effort while shaving/waxing them glorious pubes! When was the last time you watched a mainstream ad teaching you the tricks of this trade? 

As people with vulva, we’ve always had a love-hate relationship with shaving and waxing. Love, because of how it makes us feel physically and emotionally. Hate is pretty self-explanatory every option we have is limiting in its way and society ingrained in us the ‘no body hair’ policy. Right from the moment puberty hits us, we begin to notice our hair growth in different parts of the body. Thanks to the incessant glorification of ‘shaved’, ‘smooth’, and ‘pink’ vulvas in a predominantly White porn representation, many have internalized this image and been affected by it. The Bollywood films and magazines where actresses can be seen not having even a single hair on their body, don’t help either to improve the situation. In an ideal world, shaving/waxing would be a matter of personal choice and not an outcome of conditioning. But the harsh reality is that we are made to hate our body hair ever since we get acquainted with it. 

The basis of shaving/waxing, be it for your arms, legs, or vulva, should be simple - if you want to, you should be able to. And, if you don’t then you should not be made to. When our entire lives we’ve stared at a screen flashing those soft, fair, and hairless arms, how can we love the hair on our own? Shaming people for choosing to keep their body hair, or vice versa is as insensitive as it can get. Speaking from a medical POV, there are many benefits of letting your hair grow, especially your pubes. Did you know that your pubic hair acts as a natural shield against scratches and cuts? Not only that, these tiny soldiers protect you from infections and help you have better orgasms (the nerve endings at the base of each pubic hair follicle can provide for some sensation when touched). Bottom line, shave it, wax it, trim it, or not do what makes YOU feel comfortable!

There are already plenty of woes around the subject of shaving/waxing. But it doesn’t stop there, does it? When you shave/wax your pubic area, skin irritation and redness are your best friends for the first few days. Add to the lists any cuts you might have had whilst shaving or those annoying ingrown hairs after waxing. Your coochie ends up being the battleground of discomfort and increased sensitivity. What do you do then? You might end up resorting to the usual coconut oil or mild baby oil. That explains how we have been underserved all these years. While men/penis owners had an assortment of aftershaves to their rescue, we were looking for temporary fixes to make our miseries go away. We were always asked to be hush-hush about the matters ‘down there’, but why does it have to be like that?

So, no one told you life was gonna be this way? *cue claps*

As a platform dedicated to all the vulva-owners out there, we understand how difficult it can be to imagine aftercare for your vulva and body, especially when your needs have been neglected or overestimated all this while. We truly believe that your huha deserves a routine of its own, just like your face! Nourishment isn’t just about the visible parts; your vulva deserves the same love & care. That Sassy Thing wants to nurture, naturallyand that’s the ideology we want our products to reflect. Hence came about Bush: our nutrient-dense, super light, multi-purpose oil that softens & soothes all skin and hair — on your legs, pubic, underarms, face, head (and everywhere in between). With its calming floral feels, it’s perfect for any & every skin type. The best part? We have handpicked ingredients that cater to all your needs! There is hemp oil with anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe any redness or bumps you might get post that wax sesh. To unclog pores and relieve skin irritation, Chamomile Oil comes to your rescue, helping your skin breathe. Finally, there is lavender oil that leaves your skin and hair feeling soft and supple; peppermint oil to balance both, mood & dryness and so much more goodness. No, it’s not a trade secret, all our ingredients are out in the open because we have nothing to hide! Confused about how to use? Just take 2-3 drops into the palms and rub onto your legs, pubic, tummy, underarms, face, head (anywhere and everywhere you have hair). 

All of this, with only one solid idea: Rock a bush or dare to go bare. You do you, boo!

Get your hands on our hemp-based body oil here.


About the author

Anuja Razdan

Anuja Razdan (she/her) is a student/mental & sexual health advocate based in Delhi-NCR, who is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Being a queer cis woman who is aspiring to practice as a psychotherapist in future, she hopes to essentiate a queer affirming, intersectional feminist, pleasure-positive and kink allied approach towards mental health—on a personal & professional level. All-in-all, she’s your quintessential dog lady with a blue typewriter, living three blocks away, probably writing about you.