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Gift Them Pleasure: The Bachelorette Edition

Gift Them Pleasure: The Bachelorette Edition

With the shaadi season comes the different traditions: some old, some new, and some downright naughty (our favorite). If you’re a bride who’s going to be tying the knot soon–congratulations, Aunt Sassy wishes you all the pleasure in the world! And if you're BFFs with the bride, Aunt Sassy knows you're bachelorette party in-charge and is here with limited edition gift boxes, so you can make these wishes a reality for your bride-to-be. Designed in collaboration with Priyanka Paul (also known by their moniker @artwhoring), and immediately recognizable with their signature yet fresh art style, these tastefully raunchy gift boxes are perfectly suited for your evening of debauchery and pampering, making for a dream gift for bachelorette. And if that hasn't got you convinced already, read on to know more about why your favourite fiancee deserves our limited edition gift boxes! 

Turning up the Heat 

Let’s be honest, the bachelorette party is probably one of the most awaited parts of getting hitched. There’s nothing like hosting a pre-wedding party in honour of your bestie and having an uninhibited celebration of all their desires. A dirty striptease, trading of your most intimate secrets, gorging on yummy adult themed dessert, have become some of the playful staples of a bachelorette party. Add one of our gift boxes which feature some of the best loved adult toys in India, and you’ve taken your night of indulgence to a whole new level! This gift for bachelorette could also be the perfect way to start a conversation with your besties about their own playtime adventures (spill the deets!)

The Gift that Keeps on Giving 

No matter the exact itinerary for your fun night with the bestie squad, the main theme is usually to honour the main character of the moment, and manifest all your energies towards prioritising their pleasure. And this is exactly what our highly rated, *deeply* satisfying (ifykwim) personal massagers do! Your hen party might not last as long as you’d love for it to, but our adult toys certainly will. They’ve been sensitively designed to tend to the huha and various erogenous spots, and bring on those toe curling O’s. What’s more, being stimulated has also been linked to increased confidence and emotional wellness, making our personal massagers a uniquely thoughtful gift for bachelorette ahead of your bestie’s big day. And while some may regard the bachelorette party as the betrothed one’s “last night of freedom”, we prefer to think of it as just a teaser for a whole journey to cum. (*wink wink*)

Keeping the Spark Alive

Aunt Sassy loves proving myths about pleasure wrong, including the ones that imply that marriage means playtime is going to default to boring. This isn’t true and a big factor that shapes intimacy is communication between partners–whether it be about spicing it up, making things more comfy, or exploring new ground. Adult toys can serve as aids to conversations about lovemaking and help your bestie and their partner level up their games in the bedroom. Of course, our personal body massagers are for more than partnered pleasure–they also amp up solo trips and can light things up, whether you're going to G-town on your own or with a lover. 

Celebrating Shamelessness 

By encouraging vulva-owners–who are otherwise expected to remain quiet–to express their fantasies and go a lil' wild, bachelorette parties can be rituals of empowerment. They can be a space for the bride-to-be, and the community of close companions in their life, to connect and toast to the badass that they are and all the ways they’ve rebelled and started a riot so far in their life. 

Mark their new journey with a pleasure revolution. Give them a TST gift box for bachelorette, which comes in three variants, with full body massagers and free intimate lubricants. They're now available for pre-order

Gift box 1: Blown Away Gift Box (LIT + DTF)

The Blown Away Gift Box carries our pocket sized, full body massager, LIT. Don’t let its cute size fool you, this one can make sparks fly with its rhythmic suction technology, designed to feed your kitty. 

Gift box 2: Spice It Up Gift Box (OG + DTF)

Doing more than lip service, the OG is a vibrator for women that can be used both externally and internally. With 10 different frequency modes, OG can tend to all your bestie’s moods and give them that extra attention that they need to up their playtime sessions. Pick the Spice it Up Gift Box and you’ve got a satisfied bride-to-be!

Gift box 3: Dream Date Gift Box (LIT + OG + DTF)

Get the best of both worlds with our Dream Date Gift Box! This one packs our two best body massagers and is going to make those big O’s your bestie has been dreaming of, cum to life. 

Each of our gift boxes also comes with an intimate lubricant, the DTF (the Dream Date Gift Box comes with two, because we really appreciate your choice), for some smooth loving. All natural, non-sticky and thicc, this water based lubricant is all about that TLC. 

All of this intimate goodness comes wrapped in beautiful illustrations by Priyanka Paul, who is an advocate of the personal body massagers themselves! With colourful elements to keep the festive spirits lifted, the design of the gift box adds to making it the sassy AF bachelorette care package for your bride-to-be. So while you rush to find the perfect destination for your bachelorette party, the outfits, and who you’re going to invite, Aunt Sassy’s got the gifting bit sorted out for you. And that leaves us with only one question–which gift box are you going to pick?

Note: Our gift boxes are now available for pre-order, shipping starts February 16. 


About the Author 

Anna (she/they) is a queer, neurodivergent and disabled psychologist and writer. They have always been curious about pleasure and conversations around it (and wanted to found a condom company when they were 12, because of Global North misinformed panic that the climate crisis is a consequence of overpopulation–they’ve learnt better now). They wish to contribute to a world where everyone can enjoy access to pleasure, safely and shamelessly.