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FAQs: Same-day delivery

FAQs: Same-day delivery

1. Where is my order? / How do I track my order?

Hey, once the package is dispatched, you’ll receive a WhatsApp/SMS with the tracking details. Stay on the lookout for your order, it’ll be in your 👐 soon enough 😉. Go ahead, be glued to the screen👀🤳
P.S.: Don’t forget to offer the delivery personnel a glass of water since they just brought you joy.

2. I ordered at 11 AM, but I still haven’t gotten it.

We know it can be harddd to wait 😩, for all orders placed before 3 pm, we dispatch the orders within 3 hours. In case of a rare delay, our team would inform you on WhatsApp. Your pleasure will be with you soon 😌

3. What if I want to order after 3 PM?

Any time is right when you’re ordering from That Sassy Thing🤭. But, for same-day delivery service, it is a purely logistical requirement for the orders to be placed before 3 PM (Mondays - Fridays) so they can be dispatched and reach yo’ good 🙌 in time.
In case you order post 3 PM, the order will be dispatched and delivered the next day.

4. My order didn’t reach the same day.

We are so sorry for making you wait longerrrr, however there are always certain unanticipated logistical delays due to traffic, festive rush, weather conditions, etc., that go beyond our control and can cum in the way of you and your pleasure 😞. Our delivery partners always send the tracking details of your Sassy order via SMS so you can keep an 👀 out for the package. If you wish to get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help!
Contact us on WhatsApp: +918287042665.

5. My order is getting delayed.

Waiting can be harddd, and we geddit! 😅. You would have received an SMS from our delivery partner with the tracking link. Feel free to contact the delivery personnel once you open the link. Your pleasure will be with you soon😌

6.  I want to cancel my order.

And, say no to pleasure?😲 Your prepaid order cannot be canceled once dispatched since we hand over your Sassy package to hyperlocal delivery partners (Swiggy Genie, Borzo, etc.) who then bring it to you.

7. I missed the phone call from the delivery partner. What should I do now?

The mobile number with which the order has been placed, should be reachable at all times in order for the delivery partner to make a successful delivery. And our delivery partners do call up the customer multiple times. 

However, in case you are not reachable on the given mobile number and the package is returned to That Sassy Thing, you would need to prepay us INR 300 for every subsequent delivery attempt. You could Paytm us on +918595128762. 

No more delaying your pleasure, with same-day delivery in Delhi-NCR (Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad & Noida)!

Get LIT up! 

~ Love, sassy